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Saturday, April 19, 2008

No Better Example

The press thinks a lot of itself. We all know that. But now the members thereof want the fact that they are more important than the rest of us codified. And, with Rick Boucher's help, they are going to get what they want.

Oh, and the Roanoke Times is all for the effort too.

Go figure.

And Speaking Of Those Who Think ...

... they are above the law, let's take a moment and look at Planned Parenthood:

Working against the good of the public
By Gerald McDermott, professor of religion at Roanoke College and Carol Swain, professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, writing in the Roanoke Times

Planned Parenthood enjoys a good reputation. Many Americans think it performs necessary services -- screening for sexually transmitted diseases, forestalling teen pregnancy and controlling family size. *

But there are some disturbing realities behind the scene. For example, Planned Parenthood's confidentiality principles (it promises not to tell anyone of a teenager's problems) conflict with laws in every state that require health care workers to report suspected sexual abuse or statutory rape to law enforcers. Not surprisingly, investigators are finding a national pattern of failure to report sex crimes against underage teens.

Americans may be surprised to learn that Planned Parenthood has plenty of money, and taxpayers are contributing a large part of it. In 2005-06 it took in nearly $1 billion and boasted a surplus of $55 million. More than one-third of its income, $305 million, came from government subsidies. Its president receives an annual compensation of almost $1 million.

Because Planned Parenthood is America's biggest chain of abortion clinics, it is unsettling to learn that of the six American women who have died after taking the abortion pill RU-486, four got the pill from a Planned Parenthood clinic. Yet Planned Parenthood affiliates often refuse to comply with FDA guidelines, permitting women to take the drug at home rather than at a clinic as the FDA advises. (link) (emphasis mine)

They kill wantonly. With your tax dollars. And want you to butt out of their business.

I say: Shut 'em down.

- - -

* That's a bit of a distortion of Planned Parenthood's real business model, don't you think?

Is This Attack Ad Over The Top?

You decide:

There is some likelihood that it's a spoof. I'll warn you.

Click on the triangle to activate.

Why I'm Not a Libertarian

As much as I'd like to be, I can't see myself becoming a libertarian. When I listen to them articulate their views, I often get this uncomfortable feeling that there's really no difference between a libertarian and an anarchist.

Read "Getting Over The Hump." Decide for yourself.

Karl Rove Takes On MSNBC ...

... and in the process, embarrasses lawyer and host Dan Abrams for having repeated lies about Rove made by a "Republican operative" that apparently no one - including the lawyer himself - ever checked out.

Read "Karl Rove Responds."

Want to know how the mainstream press demonizes conservatives unfairly? This provides the classic example.

Oil. A Renewable Energy Source?

This is interesting:
Is The Earth Producing MORE Oil?
By Arthur St. Amtoine, Motor Trend

In 1999, [Thomas Gold, Austrian-born astrophysicist] published "The Deep Hot Biosphere," a paper that postulated that coal and oil are produced not by the decomposition of fossils, but in fact are "abiogenic" -- the product of tectonic forces; i.e., deeply embedded hydrocarbons being brought up and through the earth's mantle and transformed into their present states by bacteria living in the earth's crust.

The majority of the world’s scientists scoff at Gold's theory, and "fossil fuel" remains the accepted descriptor of oil. Yet in recent years Russia has quietly become the world's top producer of oil, in part by drilling wells as deep as 40,000 feet -- far below the graveyards of T-Rex and his Mesozoic buddies.

Is it possible that Thomas Gold was right again, and that the earth is actually still producing oil? It's tantalizing to think so. (link)
Just when we thought we knew everything.

I'm Getting More Uncomfortable With This

I'm as much against child sexual abuse as anyone.

If it occurred.

But I'm also against the state busting up a family - even a very large family - simply because the neighbors don't like the way the members of that family live their lives.

There is definitely abuse going on here. But at who's hands?

False abuse claim investigated in Texas polygamist raid
By Keith Elkins, CBS 42

Officials say the Texas Rangers are pursuing Rozita Swinton of Colorado as a “person of interest” regarding telephone calls related to the polygamist compound in Eldorado, Texas.

Colorado Springs police confirmed that on Wednesday they arrested Swinton, 33, at her home.

Texas Child Protective Services says it launched a raid on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints compound earlier in April after receiving an alleged anonymous tip from a 16-year-old girl named "Sarah" who said she was being abused by her 49-year-old husband.

Earlier Friday a cult expert told the judge in the West Texas polygamous sect child custody hearing that the group's belief system is abusive.

Psychiatrist Bruce Perry testified that teen girls don't resist early marriages because they are trained to be obedient and compliant.

Perry took the stand in a hearing concerning 416 youngsters removed this month from a polygamist compound near Eldorado and placed with Texas Child Protective Services. (link)

Hell, my father raised me to be obedient and compliant. Should I have been taken away from my parents?

Is the government overreacting here? Perhaps. We certainly need to know more.