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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I want to offer my sincere apology - on behalf of EMBARQ - for not having posted to this weblog earlier today. You see, I had no DSL service tihs morning. Thus no internet access.

Until this morning I had two active phone lines coming into my home office. I had used one for the fax and a business number and the other served my home phone number and the computer. I decided to roll everything over into one line.

And I thought I'd get Embarq's assistance in making it happen. I did, but, as it turned out, long after I'd left for work.

So, for those of you who were eagerly anticipating this morning's blather ... sorry.

Ever Heard Of This Flick?

"Battle For Haditha?"


Well, neither has anyone else, it appears. Like all the other two dozen anti-war/anti-Iraq/anti-American movies made in since 9/11, this one is destined for the trash heap.

From Bruce Kessler at Democracy Project:
British cinema verite director Nick Broomfield’s film “Battle For Haditha” is joining the rest of the wannabe Iraq-exploitation movie failures at reaching audiences with anything resembling truth or interest.

Flacks for the film or anti-Iraq war causes treat the film as a docudrama, or even a sequel to Battle For Algiers(!), and current Hollywood denizens interviewed by Variety trot out excuses for the crop of Iraq war bashing films’ box-office non-appeal as due to war weariness.

The liberal British film award panel for the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards decided to eliminate “Battle for Haditha” because of the inconvenient truth that it is a lie that the Haditha Marines were guilty of an atrocity.
Look fellas. This isn't rocket science. Produce movies that the American people would be interested in seeing and the seats at the box office will populate. Try making our brave soldiers the good guys. Try depicting the war the way it is actually being fought in terms of good vs. evil. Right vs. wrong. The civilized world vs. those who would have us revert to 9th century mores. Bring to us our heroes.

Or keep losing money and making yourselves look foolish. It's up to you.

Bill Clinton Caught In a Lie?

Is it Wednesday already?

You're not going to believe this. Well, actually, I'm sure you'll have no trouble believing it. It's typical Bill Clinton:

This joker wore out his welcome - and his credibility - long ago.

Click on the triangle to activate.

Stick A Fork In It

Like the ozone depletion scare before it, like the rainforest decimation scare before it, like the acid rain frenzy before it ... nuclear winter ... the population bomb ... bird flu ... the China syndrome ...

... global warming hysteria seems to now be on the wane as well. From Steven F. Hayward, Human Events:
More than 30 years ago political scientist Anthony Downs discerned what he called the “issue-attention cycle,” a five-stage process by which the public and especially the news media grow alarmed over an issue, agitate for action, generate piles of scary headlines, and then begin to draw back as we come to recognize that the problem has been exaggerated or misconceived, and the price tag for action comes in. While Downs thought that the issue-attention cycle for the environment would last longer than most issues, it appears the mother-of-all-environmental scares -- global warming --
is following his model and is going to begin to fade like other environmental alarms of the past such as the population bomb and the “we’re running out of everything” scares.''

The irony in this year’s political stampede stems from the fact that intense focus on environmental concerns (especially the United States) over the past decade has caused a significant diminution of environmental problems. It’s hard to scare people any more.
Irony perhaps. But politicians across this planet were prepared to destroy our way of life in order to defeat this non-enemy. There's nothing ironic about that.

Be that as it may, the scaremongers will now move on to another subject of interest.

As a way of offering a suggestion, that problem with genetically modified foods still lurks out there, waiting to decimate the world as we know it ...