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Friday, April 25, 2008

They Aren't Serious

The Bristol Herald-Courier editorial team is upset that Congressman Rick Boucher (D-Washington D.C.) steered precious tax dollars that could have been spent on desperately needed road and bridge repair to monumentally wasteful "transportation" projects like that horseback riding trail - now a network of trails, for God's sake - in Scott County and to some country music venue in Galax.

Well, no. On closer perusal, we find that the editorialists simply want another tax increase to fund road and bridge repairs.

Boucher and his antics are't mentioned.

Probably for a good reason.

It's difficult to communicate anything when the staff has its collective head buried up the man's ass. On a regular basis.

More On Pulaski's Claim To Infamy

As reported days ago, women in Radford and Pulaski County are in crisis. Their life expectancy, if this study is to be believed, has been reduced by a bewildering five years in recent decades. Roanoke Times reporter Donna Alvis-Banks hasn't found an explanation for the finding but not for want of effort. She's on the case:
Officials look at women's life spans

Christiansburg -- Are women in Pulaski County and Radford just fatter than other women?

Lazier? Do they smoke like chimneys? Have more stress than the average American female?

Leaders of the New River Health District were still puzzling Thursday over a national study published Tuesday by researchers who found that women's life expectancy dropped from 1983 to 1999 in nearly 1,000 counties across America. The scientists from Harvard University, the University of California and the University of Washington noted that Pulaski County and Radford, which were combined for the study, showed one of the most dramatic decreases with women there believed to have shaved five years off their lives, presumably because of an increase in chronic diseases related to smoking, obesity and high blood pressure.

Dr. Jody Hershey, district health director for Radford, Montgomery, Floyd, Giles and Pulaski counties, said the issue isn't new. But whether Pulaski County and Radford are worse than other areas of Southwest Virginia is something Hershey and his colleagues aren't buying yet.

By pointing to preventable diseases as a cause for decreased life expectancy, the study released Tuesday pretty much confirmed what doctors have been saying for years. People should eat right, quit smoking and exercise.

But Hershey knows it's not as simple as that. (link)
Simple or not, this needs to be looked into. And fixed.

Welcome To Bizarro World

Otherwise known as Roanoke, Virginia.

Read this story carefully and tell me that you are less perplexed by the whole thing than I am:

Woman loses fight over Old Southwest window
By Mike Allen, Roanoke Times

A Roanoke woman who lives in Old Southwest ran afoul of the city's Architectural Review Board when she replaced a front window with French doors to help her mother, who uses a wheelchair, to have easy access to the porch.

Thursday, Paula Anselmo lost her fight in Roanoke Circuit Court, as Judge William Broadhurst found her guilty of violating a zoning ordinance and fined her $200.

Though the judge suspended the fine, Anselmo's risk doesn't end there. Assistant Roanoke Commonwealth's Attorney Bill Braxton said that so long as the French doors remain in place, she can be charged again until she puts back the window that she had removed.

Anselmo's attorney, Neal Johnson, noted that the vinyl window Anselmo removed was in itself out of compliance with historic district zoning guidelines, and that the construction work revealed there had once been a door there in the first place. "That makes it all sort of silly," he said. (link)
I understand that cities have historic district guidelines that restrict home remodeling and upgrade in order to preserve the "historical integrity" of the area. But this woman has been fined for replacing a window that was in violation of the Old Southwest historic district's rules with a door that is in violation of the Old Southwest historic district's rules. And she had the audacity to put a door where a door once stood.

This is one of many reasons I live among the cows. I'm not sure my blood pressure could deal with the ... bureaucrat rage.

- - -

I think if I were running the city of Roanoke, I'd be more concerned about public safety. Read Rhett Fleitz on Roanoke's "Proposed Budget Cuts" here.

- - -

The Times's editorial team is concerned about public safety as well. Or a lack thereof. But the concern doesn't rest on cuts in firefighter ranks. Or on the declining life expectancy in Pulaski County. They fret over a potential threat to public safety resulting from that mythical gun show loophole. The one that hasn't produced one documented incident relating to public safety in the history of the commonwealth.

Talk about majoring in the minors ...

Stuck On Stupid

One could have bet the ranch that this would have been the politicians' response to the crime wave that has put fear in the hearts of all the residents of the Windy City:

City misfires
on gun violence

By Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune

When a rash of gun murders takes place, it makes sense for the police to do one of two things: renew tactics that have been effective in the past at curbing homicides, or embrace ideas that have not been tried before. But those options don't appeal to Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis. What he proposes instead is a crackdown on assault weapons.

I'm tempted to say this is the moral equivalent of a placebo—a sugar pill that is irrelevant to the malady at hand. But that would be unfair. Placebos, after all, sometimes have a positive effect. Assault weapons bans, not so much.

If there are too many guns in Chicago, it's not because of any statutory oversight. The city has long outlawed the sale and possession of handguns. It also forbids assault weapons. If prohibition were the answer, no one would be asking the question. (link)
(emphasis mine)
How this mindless bureaucrat plans to "crack down" on that which has been absolutely prohibited in the city for a decade - the mythical "assault weapon" - is beyond the understanding of any normal human being. Perhaps he's going to take a cue from the movie Animal House and ask the legislature to pass Double Secret Prohibition.

Oh, and this point needs to be driven home - for the 10,000th time:

"There are just too many weapons here," he declared at a Sunday news conference. "Why in the world do we allow citizens to own assault rifles?"

Actually, in Chicago, "we" don't allow citizens to own assault rifles.

And its bark is worse than its bite. As of March 31, there had been 87 homicides in the city. When I asked the Chicago Police Department how many of the murders are known to have involved assault rifles, the answer came back: One.

And when Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis finds that one assault weapon that remains at large in his city, you can bet he'll throw the book at the owner.


If ever.

Meanwhile, the elderly cower behind locked doors, the wanton slaughter of innocent civilians continues unabated, and the gangs own the streets.

For the love of God.

Out Of Her League

Nancy Pelosi should stick to making anti-American pronouncements. And leave Bible verses to those who believe in God. And who know their Bible:
Biblical Scholars Challenge Pelosi's 'Scripture' Quote
By Pete Winn, CNSNews.com Senior Staff Writer

(CNSNews.com) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is fond of quoting a particular passage of Scripture. The quote, however, does not appear in the Bible and is "fictional," according to biblical scholars.

In her April 22 Earth Day news release, Pelosi said, "The Bible tells us in the Old Testament, 'To minister to the needs of God's creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.' On this Earth Day, and every day, let us pledge to our children, and our children's children, that they will have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and the opportunity to experience the wonders of nature."

" ... [S]cholars agree that nothing remotely resembling it can be found in any version of the Scriptures - Old Testament or New Testament. (link)
Those are scholars of the Christian Bible, of course. Pelosi, what with her propensity to side with the Islamists on issues of international import - always - may be quoting from her personal Osama bin Ladin autographed copy of the Q'uran for all they know.

The GOP Has Its Dupes As Well

So you wonder how it's possible that Barack Obama attended one particular church for twenty years, listening to sermons delivered by Reverend Jeremiah Wright week after week, without ever knowing what the anti-American, anti-white hatemonger was really all about?

As preposterous as the scenario seems, there is good reason to believe that such things could really happen.

Case in point, this bozo, a Republican candidate for Congress in Indiana, who either slept through all his history classes or who, like Obama, has jaw-dropping judgment problems and may be lying through his teeth:
Worst Campaign Idea Ever?
Hoosier congressional candidate speaks at birthday party for Hitler, in Chicago
By Jason Miller, The News-Dispatch

Crown Point, Ind. - If fans of Hitler held a party, and a candidate for federal office attended, would anybody notice?

Apparently, yes.

U.S. Congressional candidate Tony Zirkle is facing criticism from one of his primary opponents, and a host of people on the Internet, for speaking at an event over the weekend that celebrated Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Zirkle confirmed to The News-Dispatch on Monday he spoke Sunday in Chicago at a meeting of the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party, whose symbol is a swastika.

When asked if he was a Nazi or sympathized with Nazis or white supremacists, Zirkle replied he didn't know enough about the group to either favor it or oppose it. (
Sound familiar? He didn't know that Nazis were - and are - wretched people who sought (and probably still seek) the destruction of whole races of human beings? Is that even possible? When he attended this meeting party rally, did he even wonder who it was glaring at him from that huge portrait looming behind him?

Obama: I didn't hear Reverend Wright ever say anything vile or hate-filled. Every Sunday. For twenty years.

Beanbrain: I didn't know Hitler was a bad dude.

For the love of God.

Image courtesy of the Michigan City News-Dispatch.

An Attempt To Elevate The Blog Content

Let's drag this weblog up out of the mud for a moment.

Am I the only person who thinks that a great injustice has been committed with the voting having eliminated the most talented contestant from American Idol?

Could it be that the liberals among us have been right all along? That the American people are too stupid to be allowed to make decisions for themselves?

Just asking.

And You'll Not Screw With It

As I've written many times over the years, we have the best, most effective health care delivery system ever known to humankind. Without question, the best on the planet today. And, to Hillary's everlasting consternation, most Americans know it:
Majority of Americans Satisfied With Their Healthcare Plans
by Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup.com

Princeton, NJ -- Despite ever-increasing healthcare costs and widespread dissatisfaction with the U.S. healthcare system, a majority of Americans remain satisfied with what they pay for their own healthcare, the quality of the healthcare they receive, and their healthcare coverage.

Gallup's annual Healthcare survey, conducted Nov. 11-14, finds 57% of Americans saying they are satisfied with the total cost they pay for their healthcare, while 39% are dissatisfied. These percentages have been quite stable in recent years, after a slight dip in reported satisfaction between 2001 (64%) and 2002 (58%).

Americans may express a desire for changing the U.S. healthcare system but a perhaps surprisingly large number are content with the health insurance and health coverage they currently have. (link)
As a majority of Americans also realize, as the government tinkers more and more with the system, the more it becomes unwieldy, ineffective, and expensive.

Americans may have real problems with their health care delivery system, but they are smart enough to realize that any alternative to the present set of circumstances will only make matters worse.

The Media Come Around

The more we learn about the battle that took place in Basra between the Iraqi army and Muqtada al Sadr's Mahdi army, the more we find out that a crushing government victory was obtained - and that the media completely missed it.

But it goes well beyond that, as a reporter for the Times of London suggests:

What a difference a month makes . . .
Richard Beeston, Foreign Editor

When Nouri al-Maliki launched his surprise attack against the main Shia militia in Basra, the operation appeared to be a disastrous miscalculation pitting inexperienced Iraqi soldiers against well-armed and battle-hardened street-fighters of the Mahdi Army.

Scores of soldiers defected from their ranks. Iraqi armoured vehicles were ambushed and destroyed by jubilant militiamen. An American general and several hundred US paratroopers had to race down to Iraq’s southern capital to rescue the operation with British forces offering air cover and logistical help.

One month on and Iraq’s leader can justifiably claim to have scored a stunning victory, probably the first of its kind by the post-Saddam Iraqi army. The most notorious areas of Basra are now under government control, the Mahdi Army of Moqtadr al-Sadr has been roundly defeated and the long suffering people of Basra are celebrating freedoms they did not enjoy during the four years of British military rule in the city. (link)

The Iraqi army did what the British military couldn't. Now that's progress.