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Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Wake-up Call

For those who want us to migrate to government-run health care, consider:
Maryland loses track of state ID cards
By Tom LoBianco, The Washington Times

Annapolis — Maryland has lost track of an unknown number of identification cards granting bearers unrestricted access to secure government buildings and courthouses across the state, officials said yesterday.

The ID cards, issued to state employees, lobbyists, contractors and others, have also been issued without appropriate efforts to verify the identities of the applicants, according to a report by the Office of Legislative Audits. (link)
These are the same people who will be performing your open-heart surgery, so you know.

We Get a Triple Whammy

Here's something to cheer about:
Gas May Finally Cost Too Much
By Christopher Palmeri, BusinessWeek

Traffic levels are trending downward nationwide. Preliminary figures from the Federal Highway Administration show it falling 1.4% last year. Now, with nationwide gasoline prices having passed the inflation-adjusted record of $3.40 a gallon set back in 1981, the U.S. Energy Information Administration is predicting that gasoline consumption will actually fall 0.3% this year. That would be the first annual decline since 1991. Others believe the falloff in consumption is steeper than the government's numbers show. (link)
High five, everyone! Consumption is on the wane! The environment is saved!

Of course, that means fuel tax revenue is going to decline here in Virginia ...

And it means that all those northern tourists who were going to be traveling to Southwest Virginia to take in the ambience created by our boulders, weeds, and abandoned hovels won't be ...

And it means that the poorest among us will be hoofing it from Tazewell County to their minimum wage call center jobs in Lebanon ...

Still, it's good for the environment. So savor the moment.

It may be your last.

Why They Can't Be Trusted. Reason No. 2,597.

Now that the environmentalists among us have brought on a global food crisis, it's worth reflecting on words spoken by the man who made it all happen:

"I was also proud to stand up for the ethanol tax exemption when it was under attack in the Congress — at one point, supplying a tie-breaking vote in the Senate to save it. The more we can make this home-grown fuel a successful, widely-used product, the better-off our farmers and our environment will be."

-- Vice-President Al Gore at the Third Annual Farm Journal Conference, December 1, 1998 (source)

And a pristine environment it is, Al. A bit smelly as a result of all the rotting bodies of third world peasants who starved to death because all our corn, wheat, and rice crops were consumed by your bio-fueled Gulfstream V instead of providing the great unwashed with the most basic of sustenance stinking up the environment, but an idyllic landscape it is you've created.

You should be very proud.

- - -

Then again, maybe this was his plan all along.

Dumb & Dumber

It looks like the citizens of San Francisco are going to have an impressive breadth of choices when they go to the polls. A radical anti-American Democrat will be opposing a radi ...

Uh, never mind.

It's actually going to be two loons of like mind:

Anti-war Cindy Sheehan files to take on Pelosi
John Wildermuth, San Franscisco Chronicle Staff Writer

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan wants to snatch House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's congressional seat from her in November, but first she's going to need the help - and signatures - of 10,198 friends and supporters.

Sheehan was at San Francisco City Hall on Friday to take out papers for her independent run for Congress, but ... (link)

You're On Your Own

All you Republicans out there running for office in November had better get used to the idea that you'll be getting no help from the man who heads up the ticket. In fact, he'll be running in spite of you and will toss you over the side if you get in his way. Just ask the good people of North Carolina, who have now been told that there's no place for their views in HIS PARTY:
McCain says N.C. Republicans out of touch over ad

Washington (Reuters) - Republican U.S. presidential candidate John McCain accused North Carolina's Republican Party of being "out of touch with reality" over its refusal to pull an advertisement criticizing Democrat Barack Obama.

"They're not listening to me because they're out of touch with reality and the Republican Party. We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan and this kind of campaigning is unacceptable," McCain told NBC's "Today" Show. (link)
This is just the beginning. It will only get worse.

Why That North Carolina Ad Matters

As Don Surber points out:
Add Dr. Hatem Elhady to the list of Democratic Sen. Barack Obama’s weird friends.

In the 1990s, the liberal mantra was “Sex is private.”

In the 21st century, it’s a new mantra: “That’s guilt by association.”

Thus Obama cannot be faulted for hanging out with slumlord/indicted sleazebag Tony Rezko.

Thus Obama cannot be faulted for hanging out with the pastor of hate, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Thus Obama cannot be faulted for hanging out with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.

Thus Obama cannot be faulted for hanging out with terrorist fund-raiser Dr. Hatem El-Hady (yes, Hatem is his first name).

You know what? I think the North Carolina Republican party is correct to raise questions about who the heck Obama hangs out with. Their ad and statement are here.
To learn more about this El-Hady character and his relationship to the Obamas, go here.

We are all racists and McCarthyites, of course, for asking these questions about that person who may be our next commander-in-chief and leader of the free world. Obama - and Hillary for that matter - would just as soon we paid attention only to what they say today and vote accordingly.

Oh, and shut up. We're annoying them.