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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Kill All The Scientists ...

... and all the moronic newspaper reporters who get hoodwinked by them.

Tell me, why does it take a semi-disinterested blogger to refute the idiocy that comes out of the mouths of America's learned "scientists" and "professors"? Have newspaper reporters never heard of Google? Or do they simply prefer to print that which they want people to believe.

The moment I read this news article, I knew it was bullshit. Apparently the reporter - and the publisher - didn't. Welcome to the mainstream press:

Surge in fatal shark attacks blamed on global warming
By Richard Luscombe, The Observer

Two deaths in the waters off California and Mexico last week and a spate of shark-inflicted injuries to surfers off Florida's Atlantic coast have left beachgoers seeking an explanation for a sudden surge in the number of strikes.

In the first four months of this year, there were four fatal shark attacks worldwide, compared with one in the whole of 2007, according to the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville.

Some experts suggest that an abundance of seals has attracted high numbers of sharks, while others believe that overfishing has hit their food chain. 'I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but it's a convenient excuse,' [Dr George Burgess of Florida University] said.

Another contributory factor to the location of shark attacks could be global warming and rising sea temperatures. 'You'll find that some species will begin to appear in places they didn't in the past with some regularity,' he said. (link)
Thousands of people will read that and say, "Gosh. Shark attacks are way up this year. And the planet is warming. There must be a correlation."

Well, the stupid ones will think that anyway.

The more intelligent - and more skeptical - among us will seek the truth, the more plausible explanation for the apparent phenomenon. It does exist and is easily found. From just a few months previous:

Shark Attack Deaths Hit 20-Year Low
By Miranda Hitti, WebMD Medical News

Feb. 15, 2008 -- Unprovoked shark attacks killed one person worldwide in 2007, a 20-year low.

That's according to the International Shark Attack File, a project of the Florida Museum of National History at the University of Florida.

Last year's lone fatality occurred in New Caledonia in the South Pacific. The victim was a nurse who had been working as a contractor in New Caledonia. (link)

You'll note that the source for the statistic relied upon to make the claim that a rise in global temperatures caused (or "could" have caused ...) a rise in shark attack deaths in 2007 is the same source for the stat above - that shark attack deaths hit a twenty year low the year before.

So yeah. Fatalities are up. From last year. Stop the presses.

Please stop the presses.

The Best They Can Come Up With

John McCain, a liberal more than a conservative, has to be a tough nut for the New York Times to crack. Unlike Barack Obama, he has a lengthy legislative track record and a biography that has been pored over by opposition researchers for decades. He is an open book.

So the editorialists go at him with the only potentially effective weapon they have at their disposal - his age:
Missing Records

Senator John McCain is 71 years old, a survivor of an aggressive form of skin cancer. If elected, he would be the oldest man to become president.

These factors are not disqualifying, but they impose on Mr. McCain a larger duty than usual to provide detailed, timely disclosure about his health. So far, he has failed ... (link)
"These factors are not disqualifying, but ... "

It's fair to say that this is about as low as the Times editorialists could stoop. What next? Will they question Barack Obama about his father being black and the impact his gene makeup might have on his ability to deal with the tough issues? Will they ask Hillary if she's up to the task - her being a woman and all?

Is there a difference?

What scoundrels.

Well, They Can't Control The Real Ones, So ...

... now liberal do-gooders are going to try to control the toy guns out there.

Lord have mercy.

Putting Iraq In Perspective

Here's Bob Owens:

Cops May Get Assault Weapons in Chicagostan

Fifty-four shootings in two weekends. Shot-up bodies recovered in groups of three and five. Is this Ramadi? Basra? No.

Welcome to Chicago.

After a recent outbreak of gun-related violence, Mayor Richard Daley is now pushed into
supporting a plan by new Police Superintendent Jody Weis to arm 13,000 Chicago police officers with assault rifles. Depending on how many weapons are eventually deployed, this may develop into the largest militarization of police patrol officers in United States history. If the department arms 10,000 of their officers with M4s, the police will have 9,900 more assault rifles in Chicago than the U.S. Marines presently have in Fallujah, Iraq.

This effort to arm the police to the teeth stems from a misguided - and long-ago refuted - notion put forth by liberal politicians and big-city police chiefs (is there a difference?) that the cop on the street is outgunned by the bad guys (see the anecdote below about one Uzi showing up in New Jersey and another about one murder in Chicago itself - one - being associated with the use of an "assault weapon"). Truth is, the police have the manpower and the weaponry to control the streets. They just don't have the necessary support from their many bosses and the courts to bring criminals to bay.

But there is the larger point too. Next time you hear some Democrat talk about the ongoing lawlessness in Iraq and about how to stop it, offer this in reply: With the mess you and your kind have made of Chicago, we're to believe you know the first thing about bringing peace to the streets of Fallujah?

Bush Policy Vindicated!

I'm trying to find the headline in the mainstream press accounts of the defeat of the anti-war party in Britain - a resounding defeat in local elections - that attributes the Conservative Party's sweeping win to the Bush administration's efforts to destroy the Islamist movement around the world.

Seems we heard and read a lot of the opposite when the opposite result occurred in Britain. And Spain. And Germany. And Turkey.

I'll keep searching for that headline. I know it's out there ... somewhere ...

Wait a Minute

I thought Bill Clinton banned Uzis in this country in 1994. If that's the case, and if we believe that gun control laws actually control the lawless in our midst, how do we explain this?
Uzi Gunfire Rattles Streets Of Newark
Two Killed After Brawl Turns Into Submachine Gun Warfare


Newark (CBS) ― Two men fatally shot each other after they brawled in Newark on Saturday afternoon.

The incident began around 2 p.m., said Det. Todd McClendon, a Newark police spokesman.

Police did not confirm what sparked the brawl, but identified the victims as 16-year-old Bashir Davis and 28-year-old Jaronne Culver. They say there was a fight over turf, and may have involved a third man who fled in a car. One of the weapons used was an uzi, a type of submachine gun. (link)
Gun control laws are obviously not working. Particularly in gun control law-heavy New Jersey. Apparently we need more of them. Lots more laws. I'm thinking one a day ... that'll keep the lawless at bay ... guns out of the hands of bad people ... more laws ... more laws ...