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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Guess She Can't Speak The Truth

Is it off limits to bring up the fact that Barack Obama, since the Jeremiah Wright affair exploded, has been garnering 90% of the black vote in state Democratic primaries? No? Is it wrong, then, for Hillary to tout the fact that she is doing much better among white Democratic voters than is Obama?

According to the Roanoke Times, she should be ashamed for stating the obvious:
Taking the low road on race

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sunk to a new low in an interview with USA Today. She was trying to claim that she had a "broader base to build a winning coalition on" if she were the nominee. What she meant by that soon became clear. "Sen. Obama's support among working, hardworking Americans, white Americans, is weakening again."

Perhaps fatigue caused Clinton to suggest that only white Americans are hardworking, and that Sen. Barack Obama is losing support among white voters, when polls clearly show he is not. (link)
Surely these guys can find a bigger nit to pick than this. Perhaps Hillary didn't get all her adjectives in the order that pleases these guys, but to suggest that she meant to say that white people are harder working than black people is, in itself, a bit racist, if you ask me. Only a racist could find offense in such an innocuous phrase.

But I'm guessing there was another motive in play here, having nothing to do with Hillary and everything to do with Mr. Hope & Sunshine.

On The Lighter Side

I've seen better impersonations of President Bush but this kid is at least creative:

Good stuff.

These People Are Dangerous

Did someone make Michael Bloomberg king while I was sleeping? This is unbelievable:

Gag on 2nd Amendment Is City’s Aim in Guns Suit
By Joseph Goldstein, Staff Reporter of the New York Sun

Lawyers for Mayor Bloomberg are asking a judge to ban any reference to the Second Amendment during the upcoming trial of a gun shop owner who was sued by the city. While trials are often tightly choreographed, with lawyers routinely instructed to not tell certain facts to a jury, a gag order on a section of the Constitution would be an oddity.

The trial, set to begin May 27, involves a Georgia gun shop, Adventure Outdoors, which the city alleges is responsible for a disproportionate number of the firearms recovered from criminals in New York City. The gun store’s owner, Jay Wallace, says his store abides by Georgia and federal regulations and takes steps to avoid selling firearms to gun traffickers. Mr. Wallace’s store is one of 27 out-of-state gun shops sued by New York City, and the first to go to trial.

City lawyers, in a motion filed Tuesday, asked the judge, Jack Weinstein of U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, to preclude the store’s lawyers from arguing that the suit infringed on any Second Amendment rights belonging to the gun store or its customers. In the motion, the lawyer for the city, Eric Proshansky, is also seeking a ban on “any references” to the amendment. (link)

In response, Lawrence Keane, the general counsel to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said:

"Apparently Mayor Bloomberg has a problem with both the First and the Second amendments."

And the others as well, if truth be known.

Michael Bloomberg is a dangerous, dangerous man.

Such Deep Thinkers

Does this paper have kids writing its editorials? This is almost childlike in its twisted presentation:
Hidden guns in national parks?
Charleston Gazette editorial

Only about 1 percent of Americans actually carry loaded pistols concealed in their pockets - but this tiny armed minority wields enormous political power. Across America, conservative politicians cower before the right-to-bear-arms lobby, defeating every attempt to protect Americans from pistol murder.

Now it's happening again. As one of its final actions before leaving office, the Bush administration - which obeys the gun lobby faithfully - wants to quash a 1930s rule that prevents visitors from packing hidden pistols in national parks.

If you camp with your children in a woodland retreat, would you want campers in nearby tents to have concealed guns? (link)
My my my. This from West Virginia's largest - if not most prestigious - newspaper.

1) Do these jokers really believe that Congress cowers in fear of 1% of the American electorate? How about the other 91% who believe in the Constitutional guarantee of our right to keep and bear arms? Might they be exerting some influence?

2) The way Hillary and Obama have been running from their records and past pronouncements, I'd say it was liberal politicians who are cowering in fear, not conservatives.

3) "Pistol murder"? How in the hell do you murder a pistol?

4) If these people would put down their faxes that were sent over by Sarah Brady and read their own newspaper on occasion, they'd realize that it isn't the Bush administration that is pushing legislation to allow firearm use (concealed and otherwise) in national parks; it's a bipartisan coalition of representatives executing the will of the people. Bush is a bystander.

5) "Would you want campers in nearby tents to have concealed guns?" You bet. I'd feel much safer knowing that I'm not alone in wanting to protect my loved ones from the depredations of bad men. Oh, and they are arming themselves now anyway, fellas. Because an overriding law prevails. It's called the law of survival.

If you live a life of fear - as you seem to - my suggestion would be to stay in your apartment there in Charleston with your door locked and blinds drawn. There are armed citizens out there. Millions of them. A frightening thought, no doubt.

'Marines don't leave their own behind'

Though it may take some time, and the help of Radford University students, to bring their brothers in from a long-ago battlefield:
Group to search for remains of Marines
By Rex Bowman, The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Radford -- The bodies of nearly two dozen U.S. Marines have been missing on Guadalcanal for nearly 66 years. A group of Radford University students now hopes to find them and bring them home.

"It's a humanitarian mission," said anthropology professor Donna Boyd, one of the professors who plan to take seven students to the Solomon Islands in July to search for the remains of the ill-fated group of Marines known as the Goettge patrol.

The students, accompanied by three professors, plan to use ground-penetrating radar in hopes of pinpointing the site where Japanese soldiers buried the Marines in 1942 during World War II. Previous efforts to find the men's graves have been unsuccessful.

The 25-man Goettge patrol, named after the Marine intelligence officer in charge, Lt. Col. Frank Goettge, set out in a boat on Aug. 12, 1942, toward an area west of the Matanikau River, where they believed a group of demoralized Japanese soldiers might be willing to surrender. Not long after landing on the beach, though, they were pinned down by enemy fire. Over the course of the night and into the morning, most were killed. In the end, only three survived: they swam more than 4 miles back to an American camp.

The slain Marines are presumed to have been buried in a trench near the spot where they fought. An MIA-recovery group, which has collected documents and located what it thinks is the most likely burial site, asked Radford anthropology professor Cliff Boyd to take the next step and find the remains of the Marines. Boyd co-founded the university's Forensic Science Institute along with his wife, professor Donna Boyd. (link)
We wish them Godspeed and good hunting.

Not a Clue

Does Barack Obama and his staff have any idea on a daily basis what the Democratic candidate actually stands for?

LGF exposes the hollow reality of the man in "Obama Changes His 'Unconditional' Position."

It seems that Susan E. Rice, a foreign policy adviser to the Democratic candidate, emphatically denied the other day that her boss would sit down with the human scum that are calling the shots in Iran without conditions, saying:

"... nobody said he would initiate contacts at the presidential level; that requires due preparation and advance work."

Problem is, Obama said he would do just that. On tape no less. At one of the debates no less. See "Democratic Debate Transcript, CNN/YouTube - Council on Foreign Relations."

And if that weren't proof enough, there's the man's campaign web site:

"Diplomacy: Obama is the only major candidate who supports tough, direct presidential diplomacy with Iran without preconditions. Now is the time to pressure Iran directly ..."

Suppose the guy is embarrassed yet?

In Jimmy Carter's View ...

Presidents Should Not Be Liars

They should simply be bumbling good-for-nothings who helplessly and fecklessly allow the rise of Islamism in Iran, long lines at the gas pumps, double-digit interest rates, a stagnant economy, and the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan to occur.

This Is News?

I've come to the conclusion that newspaper editors have standard headlines that they pull out and reuse at the end of every presidential term. This particular one has been on the front page of every paper for as long as I can remember:

"____ odds for Mideast peace wane." They just fill in the blank:

Eisenhower's odds for Mideast peace wane

Reagan's odds for Mideast peace wane

Clinton's odds for Mideast peace wane

Bush's odds for Mideast peace wane

Truth is, there is no such thing as Mideast peace, now or ever.