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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Tourism Silliness

The Kingsport Times News reported yesterday that the city is devoting funds to "a variety of tourism related projects" intended to revitalize the area (see "Kingsport funding projects to boost tourism"). What's interesting about this bit of news is in the fact that among the several initiatives proposed is this gem: "creating public wedding venues."

A Las Vegas kind of thing, one can only suppose.

What caught my attention was a comment in response to the news that the city of Kingsport is going to shell out $80,000 to fund a study to bring tourists to town. That comment from a Times News reader (scroll down):

Honestly, whether it is 40K or 80K, this is a huge waste of money. I can't for the life of me see how any rational human would think this is worth spending 80 dollars on, much less 80 thousand. Studying the feasibility of making Kingsport a wedding destination? Really? Maybe the people on the Visitor Enhancement Program committee have been watching too many reruns of My Big Redneck Wedding. Regardless, I hope that the BMA line-items this out of the budget, as this wedding deal is just silly.

Maybe I'm not alone in finding all this nonsense about tourism being laughable.
Or contemptible.
Or deceitful.
Or dismaying.
Or all of the above.

Photo courtesy of the Nevada Commision On Tourism.

I Just Want To Cry

High gas prices are going to be good for the local tourist economy.


Yeah. The crushing prices will keep all the local tourists from traveling outside the area, trapping their wealth here in Southwest Virginia.

The next sound you hear will be the groan I'll let out as I proceed to saw through my wrists with a dull pocket knife.


Tazewell officials hope high gas prices will drive tourists to local attractions
By Charles Owens, Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Tazewell, Va. — Tazewell County officials are hoping that high gas prices will help to drive more tourists to regional attractions.

Tourism is a growing industry for Tazewell County, having already generated more than $38,890,075 in revenue last year, Margie Douglass, the county’s Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator, said.

“I feel sure that we are going to see more people vacationing closer to home, and taking advantage of the museums and trails we have,” Douglass said. “The tourism season is getting geared up at this point. We will start seeing more people coming to the visitors center.”

With gas prices still soaring, Douglass said many visitors will be looking for regional one-day attractions. (link)

For the love of God, can this person be serious? She expects local Tazewell residents - 25% of whom are on some sort of government relief - 10% of which now live up north after having left the area for lack of work - 15% of whom are elderly and on fixed incomes - 16% of which live below the poverty line - to bring prosperity to her county? Is that what this tourism business is really all about?

Does that mean that the local Dog n' Suds is now a tourism mecca? The laundromat? The pay phone over by the post office?

Good grief. Someone please make it stop.

- - -

That's not a typo, by the way. Tazewell County brought in more than $38,890,075 in revenue last year from tourism, according to this person whose very existence depends on that number being huge. The fact that it's absolutely preposterous matters not.

Good Stuff

The Roanoke Times would do well to sign this guest columnist to a permanent gig. He writes well.

Though I'm not sure why he'd want to lower himself.

Great piece, dude.

A Telling Response

A college administrator expresses in a Toledo newspaper her opinion that homosexuals cannot be considered civil rights victims because they choose their lifestyle (knowingly or otherwise). As one has come to expect from academe these days, where fascists are in charge and allow no deviation from the party line, the administrator is summarily suspended for expressing her opinion.

In the United States of America:

University suspends staffer over view of homosexuality

The University of Toledo suspended an administrator for stating in a guest column in a local newspaper that choosing homosexual behavior is not the same as being black or handicapped.

Associate Vice President of Human Resources Crystal Dixon wrote in response to a newspaper editor's column criticizing a lack of equality for homosexuals that, "I take great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are 'civil rights victims.' Here's why. I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a black woman.'"

Her piece in the Toledo Free Press quickly got her a suspension from officials at the University of Toledo, who condemned her beliefs, according to a report in the newspaper. (link)

Toledo Free Press Editor in Chief Michael S. Miller responded with this bit of delusion:

"The university operates in an atmosphere of idea exchange, and while I recognize the institution's desire to distance itself from her, this is a basic free speech issue and I am disappointed she has been punished for expressing her views."
The university operates in an atmosphere of idea exchange? On what planet is this guy living?

- - -

5:05 am: Ironically enough, I'm watching a rerun of last night's "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News as I continue to make history with this weblog this morning. O'Reilly is upset that Syracuse University isn't firing a black professor at that institution who (apparently) spews vile hate-filled rhetoric at ... O'Reilly ... and conservatives in general on a regular basis.

I guess that fascist tendency raises its ugly head at both ends of the political spectrum.

Bumbling Through History

For those of you who were alive in the 90's and, unlike Bill Clinton, weren't distracted by large-bosomed women wanting to play hide-the-cigar all the time, see if you can spot what's wrong with this bit of "history" as recounted by our friends over at the Charleston Gazette:

Eleven years ago, most of the civilized world joined in signing the Kyoto Protocol to curb "greenhouse gas" pollution suspected of spurring ominous global warming. So far, 173 countries have ratified it, incorporating it into their national laws.

But America is a glaring exception. The Bush administration, backed by Congress members from coal states, stymied U.S. participation in the worldwide crusade against air pollution. President Bush was scorned in Europe and elsewhere for snubbing this conscientious effort by the global community of nations.

To counteract Washington's foot-dragging, Seattle's mayor proposed that U.S. cities individually embrace ... (
Let's see. Eleven years ago. 1997. Who was president in 1997?

It sure wasn't George Bush, you twit.

You got the scenario right though. The president did in fact let the Kyoto Protocols lapse without a vote in Congress for (or against) ratification. But the key fact is wrong. Here's the truth (as recognized by the world outside the McDonald's Playland known as the Charleston Gazette editorial boardroom. A quote from our sitting vice president in that year - 1997:

"We will not submit [the Kyoto Protocol] for ratification ..."

That's right. It was Bill Clinton and his sidekick Al Gore who killed Kyoto. GW Bush was still governor at the time.

For those of you who might not believe such a thing is possible (Al Gore killing off the Kyoto global warming treaty?), here's the video from which I pulled that quote:

If only these people had been paying attention in grade school ...
- - -
Oh, and one more thing. Congress did vote on Kyoto. In that same year. But not on ratification. It sent President Clinton a resolution that expressed the "sense of the Senate." Former New York Mayor Ed Koch to the New York Times Book Review:
On July 25, 1997, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, along with 93 other senators (with five senators not voting and none voting in opposition) adopted a resolution stating that ‘the United States should not be a signatory to any protocol to, or other agreement regarding, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992, at negotiations in Kyoto.’ Shouldn’t someone who has held the office of vice president of the United States and who has sought the presidency disclose the facts, even when reviewing a book? The reason that Gore’s name is not found with the 95 others is that as vice president presiding over the Senate, he could not cast a vote unless there was a tie. On the Kyoto vote the result was 95 to 0 against the treaty.
For the record, every Democrat in the Senate (that voted) voted against taking up Al Gore's global warming treaty. Every one.
As for Koch's comment about Gore subterfuge, based on the editorial cited above, it seems that non-disclosure of facts is a common tactic with this bunch.
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Six Months In The Slammer!

I've known idiots like this who don't know their place in polite society. I hope this one does hard time:
Southwest: Airline passenger refuses to hang up cell phone during flight
By Terry Maxon and Suzanne Marta, The Dallas Morning News

Dallas police met a Southwest Airlines plane at Dallas Love Field on Monday after flight staff reported that a passenger refused to stop using his mobile phone during the flight.

Joe David Jones, 50, was cited for disorderly conduct, Dallas police said.

The incident occurred during a Southwest flight from Austin to Dallas. “After multiple requests, the flight attendants were not successful in getting the passenger to get off the phone,” said Southwest spokeswoman Brandy King.

According to a Dallas police report, flight attendants had asked Mr. Jones to turn off his cell phone and he responded with, "Kiss my ---." When asked again, he stated, "Kiss my ---. Not happening," the report said.

He remained on the phone for about 20 minutes. The pilot radioed the incident to the Love Field tower and Dallas police were notified. Officers met Mr. Jones at the gate and he continued to "exhibit disorderly conduct," police said. (link)
What a moron.