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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Real Eye Opener

I have to tell you, I've not paid much attention to the career of Delegate Bob Marshall, or to his run for the office of governor of our fair state. There's no way in heck he's going to beat Jim Gilmore for the Republican nomination, so why bother.

But I was reading Carl Kilo's weblog post on Marshall receiving the endorsement of the Sierra Club yesterday and now the man has my attention. We have a host of Democrats in this state who dance to that environmental extremist organization's tune, do we need to promote Republicans who do as well?

But that's not all. Just as enlightening are some of the comments left on Carl's site regarding the man-who-would-be-governor.

"Larry in Haysi" says:

"We damn sure dont need his anti-coal behind in Washington."

"Alpha Miner":

"I read Marshall's Anti Gun bills and he will not get my support no matter what the GOA thinks. No knives in parks? Pleeeeeze."

Assuming any of this is true (it should be noted that Mr. Marshall responded to some of the allegations and denied them), Marshall may very well be anti-coal, anti-gun, and pro-Sierra Club. The only hot-button issues not addressed are abortion and taxes. I shudder to think where he stands on these matters.

I guess it would be worth everyone's while to get to know this man. He may be our next governor ... if he gets loads of support from up north. He's certainly going to need it.

May He Stay There

Governor Kaine is starting his Fleece The Taxpayer Tour this morning where his call for higher taxes will get the least negative reaction - in northern Virginia, where people say they're not paying enough in taxes:

Kaine begins promotional roads show
By Bob Lewis, AP Political Writer

Woodbridge, Va. (AP) -- It's a tough sell: nearly $1 billion a year in new taxes and fees for transportation while fuel prices are soaring past the means of many family budgets.

But Gov. Timothy M. Kaine began a series of town hall-style meetings Tuesday in Woodbridge to rouse public support for the new tax package he unveiled Monday.

If he succeeds, the Democratic governor has leverage with a Republican House of Delegates hostile to his proposal for funding road maintenance statewide and new projects in Hampton Roads and northern Virginia, the state's most populous and congested regions.

"People understand that we need to do something about transportation. They're dying for a legislature with the guts to take action, they really are," Kaine said in an Associated Press interview during the drive to Woodbridge.

The difficult times, however, make his job difficult if not impossible. (
Here's the secret that Tim Kaine doesn't want you to know:

The commonwealth of Virginia has always had the necessary cash to pay for road repairs and improvements, but the state has devoted the funds to other less important causes. The chart below exposes the fact that the coffers have burst with ever-increasing revenue in recent years - doubling in just ten years - while Kaine (along with his partner-in-crime, Mark Warner) have pled poverty:

"When the budget is reviewed on an annual basis, ... our state budget has actually doubled in ten years—from $17.1 billion in 1997 to $34.2 billion in 2006."

Hear this: These guys have plenty of cash on hand. Don't give them any more. Make them live within their means. And make them reallocate existing revenue.

Otherwise, they'll be back for more in a few short months. And more ... and more ... and more...

Chart courtesy of The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy

We're Right Back Where We Started

Governor Kaine is hell-bent on raising your taxes and the Republican members of the House of Delegates are telling him to forget it. 2006 all over again:
Kaine, GOP clash over transit solution for Virginia
By Jim Nolan and Jeff E. Schapiro, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writers

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine yesterday raised the specter of aging bridges, traffic-clogged hurricane evacuation routes and the financial impact of gridlock to make his case for $1 billion in new taxes and fees for transportation.

And 20 minutes later, anti-tax Republicans who control the House of Delegates suggested the plan was all but dead on arrival. They said they have only to decide how to kill it -- "whether we send it into a conference or if we just go home," said House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith, R-Salem.

"I don't think you're going to see the governor's plan succeed or anything close to it," Griffith said. (link)
Griffith and his followers are battle-hardened now. Expect a quick end to Kaine's gambit.

Then maybe they can all get serious about redirecting existing revenue to our transportation needs.

The Worst Of All Worlds

When it comes to America's critical energy needs, we have absolutely no one running for president who is prepared to move the country forward. All the candidates are adopting retrogressive campaign platforms – at best – and plans for mean-spirited vengeance against “Big Oil” at worst.

The D.C. Examiner agrees with my bleak assessment:

U.S. needs more oil drilling, not higher energy taxes

Washington - In a high-profile speech on the environment Monday, John McCain still foolishly defended the congressional ban on energy exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. As wrongheaded as McCain is on ANWR, however, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are even more misguided. Both favor a new windfall profits tax on oil companies that would do horrendous damage to America’s energy present and future.

Prices are going through the roof because global production is not keeping up with demand and none of the candidates are prepared to do anything about it. (link)
What an awful, awful situation.


This news will give the liberal media heartburn. Despite their best efforts to make Americans loathe the military, our best and brightest are stepping forward and answering their nation's call in overwhelming numbers:
Marine Corps meets 142 percent of recruiting goal
By Pauline Jelinek, Associated Press Writer

The Marine Corps far surpassed its recruiting goal last month and could eventually be more than a year ahead of schedule in its plan to grow the force to 202,000 members.

All military services met or exceeded their monthly recruiting goals in April, with the Marine Corps signing 142 percent of the number it was looking for, the Pentagon said.

The Army signed 101 percent of its goal, recruiting 5,681 against a goal of 5,650. The Navy and Air Force met their goals — 2,905 sailors and 2,435 airmen.

The Marine Corps enlisted 2,233 recruits against a goal of 1,577.

"The Marine Corps, if they continue to achieve the kind of success they have had, could meet their growth figures more than a year early," Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman told Pentagon reporters. That would mean by around the end of 2009. (link)

I am so proud of you guys.

Don't Laugh

These people are out there.

From CNN and CareerBuilder come the top ten horror stories involving job interviewees:

• Candidate answered cell phone and asked the interviewer to leave her own office because it was a "private" conversation.

• Applicant told the interviewer he wouldn't be able to stay with the job long because he thought he might get an inheritance if his uncle died - and his uncle wasn't "looking too good."

• The job seeker asked the interviewer for a ride home after the interview.

• The applicant smelled his armpits on the way to the interview room.

• Candidate said she could not provide a writing sample because all of her writing had been for the CIA and it was "classified."

• Candidate told the interviewer he was fired for beating up his last boss.

• When the applicant was offered food before the interview, he declined saying he didn't want to line his stomach with grease before going out drinking.

• An applicant said she was a "people person" not a "numbers person" -- in her interview for an accounting position.

• During a phone interview the candidate flushed the toilet while talking to hiring manager.

• The applicant took out a hair brush and brushed her hair. (link)
I think I've met every one of these individuals. And had some of them working for me in the past, to my everlasting regret.