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Thursday, May 22, 2008

We Can Thank President Bush

The man can be criticized fairly for some of his domestic initiatives and for the mistakes he's made, but President Bush has handled the war on terror superbly. And the efforts - his and our military's - are paying off:

B.C. researchers find decline in global terrorism, question previous data
The Canadian Press

Vancouver — A group of researchers from Simon Fraser University says global terrorism is on the decline, despite previous data and public perceptions that suggest otherwise.

The university's Human Security Report Project says fatalities from terrorist attacks around the world have, in fact, decreased by 40 per cent since 2001.

Researcher Andrew Mack says previous data showing increases in terrorism have included civilian deaths in Iraq.

But he says such deaths in civil wars have traditionally been treated as war crimes, not terrorism, and it makes sense to remove them from the data entirely.

Mack says even in Iraq recently there has been a sharp decline in attacks after several years of increased violence.

He says part of the reason is that global support for Islamic terrorist groups, such as al-Qaida has declined. (link)

The fact that a pile of terrorists have gone on (to frolic with their virgins) in paradise cannot be discounted either. And those that haven't been blown to kingdom-come are hiding in a cave somewhere with Osama bin Ladin.

Here's to you, Mr. President. Job well done.

Büchern in die Flammen

Public school administrators are supposed to pretend that the most widely read book in history doesn't exist. And certainly isn't to be part of any high school curriculum.

The USA - 2008.

Somehow it seems portentous that the following news story appears on the 75th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's infamous book burning:
Religion course at school disputed
By Cody Lowe, The Roanoke Times

The Craig County School Board is facing yet another challenge in what has been a tumultuous spring.

The Virginia affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union has asked for more information about a Bible curriculum approved during a May 6 board meeting.

The ACLU believes the class is similar to one it successfully challenged in Texas last year.

The board approved the Bible course with four affirmative votes and one abstention. (link)
As it turns out, the school board dropped the idea of adding this course to the curriculum (the members thereof aren't stupid, obviously). But an outsider might be scratching his head in amazement that children here in "the land of the free" are forbidden to study the teachings that shaped the entire western world in their public school classrooms.

Totally bizarre.

On Robert Byrd's State Of Mind

There will be much made of this speech that Robert Byrd gave yesterday from his desk in the Senate chambers. Watch it and judge for yourself.

It's painful to watch.

Click on the triangle to activate.

Kudos To Virgil Goode

One of the few conservative Republicans remaining in Congress.

President Bush on Tuesday vetoed that shameful farm bill that promises to confiscate billions of taxpayers' hard-earned income dollars and slip the booty to fabulously wealthy mega-farmers.

Congress, as expected, quickly overrode his veto. Their powerful friends are too important to let the American people get in their way.

Much has been made of the collapse of the GOP in recent years. One needs no further evidence that that has occurred than to look at this graphic relating the the override vote:


That's right. More Republicans voted for this disgraceful give-away than voted against it.

We expect this kind of slime from the Democrats - and Rick Boucher (D-Southwest Virginia) did as expected - but not from ... oh, never mind.

Bob Goodlatte (R-Roanoke) voted with the Democrats.

But by God, Virgil Goode (R-Southside) sided with the hard-working people of the United States of America.

Here's to Virgil Goode.

You will all want to remember this come election day.

- - -

For those of you who have not been following this, Brian M. Riedl, writing for the Heritage Foundation, gives us the "Top 10 Reasons to Veto the Farm Bill."

Reason #1: The total cost of the massive farm bill is not known.

Reason #2: The farm bill will cost households at least $1,805 in higher taxes.

Reason #3: The farm bill will cost households $2,572 in inflated food prices.

Reason #4: The farm bill will provide subsidies to an already steady and thriving industry.

Reason #5: The farm bill targets its subsidies to the richest farms and agribusinesses.

Reason #6: The farm bill promotes further consolidation of farms.

Reason #7: The farm bill censors information regarding the recipients of subsidies. [what?!]

Reason #8: The farm bill perpetuates outdated and unnecessary policies.

Reason #9: The farm bill is based on self-defeating policies that do not make economic sense.

Reason #10: The farm bill will reduce agriculture exports and lead to a trade war.

Again, Rick Boucher and Bob Goodlatte, despite all this, voted for the bill. Absolutely disgraceful.

We've Been Scratching Our Heads Too

Senator James Webb, the darling of the mainstream press, leaves so many people so often perplexed when he opens his mouth and odd utterances spill out. Us lesser mortals have come to expect the man to be weird. And to express the strangest notions:
Webb: White Appalachians voting against Obama because of affirmative action
By Allahpundit, Hot Air

Affirmative action for blacks, you mean? No, he seems to think Appalachians are okay with that. It’s affirmative action for all the other groups that have got them on the defensive. I honestly have no idea what to make of this. On the one hand, it feels like he’s offering a bitter/clingy read on poor rural white Democrats; on the other, it sounds like he thinks affirmative action’s gone too far himself. Or maybe not far enough. Follow the link and you’ll see why this smells like him reading a pet theory into exit poll data that doesn’t necessarily support it, all in the service of avoiding having to take sides between two groups he’s part of: The Obama camp, which is failing to win white rural voters, and the Scots-Irish, who are failing to climb aboard the Hopenchange Express.
You can see Webb's comments here, but I guarantee you they will make no sense.

But then that's what we've come to expect from the man.

Conservatives Strike Back

Unfortunately, it requires that they strike against a White House that was supposed to be on their side.

Michelle Malkin:
You go, girl: Alaska GOP Gov. will sue Bush administration over polar bear listing

Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin is taking on the Bush administration’s eco-pandering decision to put polar bears on the threatened species list. Via Reuters comes news that Alaska will file suit to block the move. With staunch, sane, principled conservatives like Gov. Palin and Sen. James Inhofe taking a stand, there’s hope – however dwindling – for the GOP yet. Keep hope alive ...

"The Republican governor has argued that the ice-dependent polar bear, the first mammal granted Endangered Species Act listing because of global warming, does not need additional protections.

'We believe that the listing was unwarranted and that it’s unprecedented to list a currently healthy population based on uncertain climate models,' said Alaska Assistant Attorney General Steven Daugherty."

GOP presidential candidate John McCain supported the listing ... (link)
Is it any wonder that the Republican Party seems adrift?

Anyway, here's to the Alaska governor. Why couldn't she be running for president?

The Dems Will Certainly Go For It

From the Drudge Report:


Why not? She's as qualified as Barack Obama. Perhaps more so. Little Chelsea at least has a lot of White House experience under her belt already.