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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There'll Not Be Another Chance Like This

If local Republicans ever had the opportunity handed to them to unseat longtime sitting Congressman Rick Boucher, that opportunity is soon to present itself. And it'll have little to do with the man's uneventful two decades in Washington, or even to the qualifications of his opponent.

It's going to be all about coattails, baby.

As the Associated Press makes clear:

GOP stakes claim to Appalachia in November election
In the heart of Appalachia, some Republicans are rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation of Barack Obama winning the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.
By The Associated Press

In the heart of Appalachia, some Republicans are rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation of Barack Obama winning the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Trounced by rival Hillary Rodham Clinton in primaries this month in West Virginia and Kentucky, Obama also faces trouble in the Appalachian counties of key Electoral College states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, these Republicans say.

The Appalachian region extends from New York state to Mississippi, including largely rural and white parts of 13 states. After Clinton defeated Obama by huge margins in West Virginia and Kentucky, some political analysts began questioning whether the Illinois senator has an "Appalachian problem." (link)

No question about it. Obama is going to lose Appalachia by major double digits, as he did in the Democratic primaries in Kentucky and West Virginia recently. Whether it be because of gun control, inexperience, racism! - pick your topic - the landslide is in the works.

And those Democrats here in Southwest Virginia who have the misfortune in November of being down-ticket should be shaking in their boots.

That assumes, of course, that there'll be REPUBLICANS running against them. No small matter in itself. See my next post (below).

Amen, Brutha

A Republican speaking painful truths to his wayward - and oblivious - brethren:

Unfortunately, too many in our party are not yet ready to return to the path of limited government. Instead, we are being told our message must be deficient because, after all, we should be winning in certain areas just by being Republicans. Yet being a Republican isn't good enough anymore. Voters are tired of buying a GOP package and finding a big-government liberal agenda inside. What we need is not new advertising, but truth in advertising.

Becoming Republicans again will require us to come to grips with what has ailed our party – namely, the triumph of big-government Republicanism and failed experiments like the K Street Project and "compassionate conservatism." If the goal of the K Street Project was to earmark and fund raise our way to a filibuster-proof "governing" majority, the goal of "compassionate conservatism" was to spend our way to a governing majority.

The fruit of these efforts is not the hoped-for Republican governing majority, but the real prospect of a filibuster-proof Democrat majority in 2009.

Senator Tom Coburn, "Republicans Are In Denial," The Wall Street Journal, May 27, 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk

Despite the fact that the Europeans, The Americans, the U.N., and the IAEA have all been "talking" to the heads of state in Iran about that country's efforts to develop nuclear weapons - for years now - Barack Obama wants to talk to them some more. That's his groundbreaking approach to solving the Iran problem.

Talk is exactly what the Iranians wish to do as well. At the same time, it affords them the opportunity to do this:
Iran nuclear arms research "serious concern": IAEA
By Karin Strohecker, Reuters

Vienna (Reuters) - Iran's alleged research into nuclear warheads remains a matter of serious concern and Tehran should provide more information on its missile-related activities, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Monday.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also said, in its latest report on Iran, that Tehran was holding back information on high-explosives testing relating to its nuclear program.

It said Tehran had 3,500 uranium enrichment centrifuges working at its Natanz nuclear facility, slightly more than earlier this year, and a few more advanced centrifuges were also being tested.

The IAEA has been pressing Tehran for answers to Western intelligence allegations that Iran has covertly studied how to design atomic bombs. Iran has dismissed the intelligence as baseless, forged or irrelevant. (link)
Nothing short of a surgical strike will stop these madmen from developing the weapons that they fully intend to use on the Israelis - and us.

And Obama wants to talk. The Ayatollahs must be smiling.

The Heavy Hand Of Washington

Bend over. Congress, led by our own senior senator, is about to let you have it.

Trouble is, according to the Wall Street Journal, the august members thereof are prepared to act to save us from "global warming" without knowing what the hell they're doing. Shocking:
Climate Reality Bites

The global warming debate arrives in the Senate next week, and it's about time. Finally, the Members will have to vote on something real, as opposed to their buck-passing to courts and regulators, and their easy trashing of President Bush.

The vehicle is a bill that principal sponsors Joe Lieberman and John Warner are calling "landmark legislation." They're too modest. Warner-Lieberman would impose the most extensive government reorganization of the American economy since the 1930s.

The upshot is that trillions in assets and millions of jobs would be at the mercy of Congress and the bureaucracy, all for greenhouse gas reductions that would have a meaningless impact on global carbon emissions if China and India don't participate. And only somewhat less meaningless if they do.

Thankfully, the American system makes it hard for colossal tax and regulatory burdens to foxtrot into law without scrutiny. So we hope our politicians will take responsibility for the global-warming policies they say they favor. Or even begin to understand what they say they favor. For a bill as grandly ambitious as Warner-Lieberman, very few staff, much less Senators, even know what's in it. (link)
These old men are about to alter our lives in a very profound way and they haven't the first clue as to what they're doing.

For the love of God.

A Crying Shame

Efforts are being made by the governor of the state of Pennsylvania to pass new gun laws in order to - as he sees it - control the rampant and growing crime problem there - particularly in the state's largest city. Philadelphia's mayor, one Michael Nutter, just to one-up the governor, actually took the radical step of signing five new gun ordinances despite the fact that he was advised that each was in violation of state law. In signing them, he said, "We are going to make ourselves independent of the violence that's been taking place in this city for far too long."

The local criminals must have gotten a chuckle out of that one.

These three criminals in particular. All cop-killers:

A Tale of Three Criminal Records
By Sebastian, Snowflakes In Hell

The clarion call has been sounded, both by the politicians in Philadelphia, and by the Philadelphia media, that the only way we’re going to prevent cop killings on our streets is to pass more gun laws. The Philadelphia media has spent precious few resources concentrating on the three pieces of human debris that were responsible for the shooting death of Sergeant Liczbinski. I have managed to obtain complete criminal records for all three of the murderers.

Howard Cain was the trigger man in the Liczbinski murder. You can see his fifteen page criminal record here.

On weapons charges alone, he could have done 12 years in prison, in which case he would not have been on the streets to kill a police officer.

You can find Levon Warner’s criminal record here. His is only six pages. Previously, the Philadelphia DA’s office thrice declined to prosecute Warner for gun law violations. The Philadelphia judicial system chose not to try him for six other violations of Pennsylvania’s gun laws.

And last, but certainly not least, Eric Floyd. Again, hopefully this time, he’ll actually face weapons charges, in addition to the murder charges. But again, in 1994, he was arrested for robbery, and the prosecutors declined to prosecute him for carrying firearms illegally in two counts. Also in 1994, the courts declined to try him for two counts of carrying firearms illegally.

The rap sheets of these scumbags total twenty six pages, and contains all manner of things that should have kept them off the streets for good. I think it’s time we had a serious discussion here in Pennsylvania about how absolutely and utterly broken the City of Philadelphia’s criminal justice system is, and talk frankly about things we can do to fix it. Gun control obviously is not a solution, since the system is currently not using the laws already in the books in prosecutions. (link)

Passing new laws is easy. Effectively enforcing them isn't. Pennsylvania's politicians take the easy route. And innocent people - including a police officer - die.

Shame on all of them.

No. Choose Another Day.

This appeared yesterday - Memorial Day - in the rabidly liberal - and ever-clueless (is that a redundancy?) - Charleston Gazette:
Remember: Memorial Day thoughts

Today is the special time when Americans honor departed relatives and service members killed in wars. Along with the tributes, there's a quiet awareness that all lives are temporary.

Therefore, Memorial Day is a good occasion for everyone to vow to live fully, while there's still time. (link)
The true significance of the occasion escapes them. Par for the course.

Quote of the Day

From John Hinderaker:
Barack Obama must be the most gaffe-prone politician in memory. Today, he delivered a Memorial Day speech in New Mexico. After greeting the local Democratic Party dignitaries, he began:

"On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes -- and I see many of them in the audience here today -- our sense of patriotism is particularly strong."

Memorial Day honors those who have died in our nation's military service. Is it possible that Obama does not know this? Sometimes the things that come out of his mouth defy understanding.
"Memorial Day: A Contrast," Powerline, May 26, 2008

Catholics Lay Down The Law

I get so perturbed by America's mainstream churches these days. It's as if their only purpose is to provide a setting for social gatherings and group hugs, with little or no thought given to doctrine or to rules to which the flock should adhere.

The Catholic Church, on the other hand, seems to be finding its way again, after being lost in the wilderness - so to speak - for lo these four decades.

As wayward members are finding out:
A Vice President for Abortion
By Robert D. Novak, writing in Townhall.com

Washington, D.C. -- Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, whose Roman Catholic archdiocese covers northeast Kansas, on May 9 called on Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to stop taking Communion until she disowns her support for the "serious moral evil" of abortion. That put the church in conflict with a rising star of the Democratic Party, often described as a "moderate" and perhaps the leading prospect to become Barack Obama's vice presidential running mate.

Naumann also took Sebelius to task for her veto April 21 of a bill, passed two to one by both houses of the Kansas Legislature, which would strengthen the state's ban on late-term abortions by authorizing private lawsuits against providers. That followed by a year her veto of a bill requiring explicit medical reasons for a late abortion, which was preceded by vetoing other abortion legislation in 2006, 2005 and 2003. (link)
Sebelius came back with the standard Democrat response: "I am personally opposed to abortion, but ..."

The archbishop replied, "Won't work this time, sis. Mend your wicked ways or stay out of our church." Or words to that effect.

I'm beginning to like these guys.

Another State Pleading Poverty

This one run by a "Republican."
State's payroll soars under Schwarzenegger
By Erin McCormick, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer

The state of California's payroll is skyrocketing, even as its budget deficit has grown to billions of dollars in recent months.

In Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's first four years, the total bill for state workers' salaries jumped by 37 percent, compared with a 5 percent increase in the preceding four years under then-Gov. Gray Davis, a Chronicle analysis of state payroll records shows.

One month before Schwarzenegger took office in November 2003, just eight state employees earned more than $200,000 a year working in the core state government, which excludes universities and the Legislature. In April of this year, there were nearly a thousand, according to records.

And the number of state employees making six-figure salaries has more than doubled since 2003, to nearly 15,000. Meanwhile, the number of state workers has grown by 26,000 under Schwarzenegger after being cut by Davis, who was recalled from office in the midst of a severe budget crisis. (link)
If that isn't bad enough, there are a number of calls for tax increases - in a heavily overtaxed state - to pay for this waste.

If I were a Californian, I'd be packing my bags.