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Monday, June 02, 2008

Reagan Knew How It Was Done

News flash: Barack Obama will be lucky to get a handful of votes in the coalfields come November. As the recent West Virginia Democratic primary revealed, his support in the area is virtually nonexistent. Yet, despite that reality, we read this in the morning papers:
United Mine Workers endorse (sic) Obama
The Associated Press

Washington -- The United Mine Workers of America endorsed Barack Obama for president Wednesday despite his recent defeats in primaries in coal-producing states where many of the union's members vote.

The endorsement continues organized labor's swing over to the Democratic front-runner as the primaries wrap up. Obama lost heavily to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Tuesday's Kentucky primary and last week's West Virginia primary.

"Senator Obama shares the values of UMWA members and our families. He understands and will fight for the needs our members have today and the hopes our members have for a secure future for themselves and their families,'' union president Cecil E. Roberts said. (link)
I wonder if Mr. Roberts actually believes this line of bullshit.

Barack Obama has nothing on common with those who toil in the mines. Nothing. And the miners know it. Thus the landslide victory for the most hated woman in politics (no small clue to local attitudes in itself) in the primaries.

Ronald Reagan knew way back when that he would not receive any union endorsements when he ran for president. But he didn't want them. And he knew that he didn't need them. He wanted - and got - overwhelming support, though, from union rank-and-file. What counts.

The rest is history. Just ask former President Mondale.

Obama Secures Klan Leader's Endorsement

He may not get a single vote in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia, but Barack Obama has the support of America's most famous living KKK member:

Byrd Endorses Obama

But does Obama have to accept it, that's the question.

A Good Headline

In this morning's Richmond Times-Dispatch:

News carrier delivers own son on Chesterfield roadway

Someone has a creative mind.

And This One Not So Good

From the Bristol Herald-Courier:

Exploding Gas Prices Has Folks Changing Driving Habits

Has they?

Do They Really Want To Make This a Campaign Issue?

Going from Hope & Audacity to an attack on John McCain's greatest strength - his ability to defend the country - seems to be the kind of strategic shift only a doofus would make. But lo and behold:
General: McCain weak on security
Backs Obama in campaign
By Rowan Scarborough, The Washington Times

The most senior retired military officer to back the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama, says the first-term U.S. senator will not give Sen. John McCain, a decorated war hero, a pass on the issue of national security in the fall campaign.

"It doesn't take very long to uncover national security issues that McCain is weak on," retired Air Force Gen. Merrill McPeak told The Washington Times.

"For McCain to think he has a monopoly on virtue in the national security issue is going to be shown a pretty flimsy idea very quickly," he said of the probable Republican nominee.

A McCain staffer said the candidate "welcomes" the upcoming debate on military matters and accused Gen. McPeak of ignoring progress in Iraq. (
It's worth remembering that it was this McPeak character who got President Kerry elected, using the same strategy.

Keep it up, fellas. McCain welcomes the help, I'm sure.

There Is a Pattern Here

"Judge a man by the company he keeps."

Rev. Pfleger: "America is the Greatest Sin Against God"
By Jake Tapper, ABC News

In another excerpt from Rev. Michael Pfleger's sermon last Sunday, May 25, from the pulpit of Sen. Barack Obama's now former church, Trinity United Church of Christ on the South side of Chicago, the longtime Obama associate condemns America for racism in fairly harsh terms.

"Racism is still America's greatest addiction," Pfleger says. "I also believe that America is the greatest sin against God."

Obama, of course, resigned from Trinity on Friday, saying he didn't want to be held accountable for every word spoken from the pulpit at the church, and he didn't want the church to continue to have the media disrupting its worship. The last straw may have been Pfleger's mocking of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, from the pulpit in this same sermon.

But Obama's relationship with Pfleger -- who is the priest at a different, Catholic, church -- spans decades. (link)

Jeremiah Wright. William Ayres. Michael Pfleger. Traveling in this circle, is it any wonder that Obama's wife never found a reason to be proud of her country?

Even The French?

How long do you suppose Barack Obama is going to cling to his left-wing mantra?

This from Kathryn Jean Lopez:
Even the French Get It

Why doesn't Obama?

"Baghdad (AFP) — French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said on Sunday that the security situation in Iraq was improving and reaffirmed France's willingness to help rebuild the war-ravaged country.

'I have the feeling that things are better. Statistics show a drop in security incidents,' Kouchner told AFP after a working lunch with his Iraqi counterpart Hoshyar Zebari on the last day of his two-day visit to Iraq.

There is 'an improvement in the situation in Iraq,' he said. (
Someone should tell the clueless Democratic nominee.