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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Obama Leaves Behind Ill Will

Well, the Prince of Peace may have wowed the panties off of some of the locals when he put in a brief appearance down in Bristol on Thursday, but, at the same time, it seems that he also managed to rile up some other folks down that way. This won't endear Barack Obama to the good people of the Tri-Cities:
Obama Campaign Snubbed Bristol, Va., Leaders For Visit Prep
By David McGee, Staff Writer, Bristol Herald Courier

Bristol, Va. – Long before Barack Obama arrives in Bristol today, his advance team stepped on the toes of some city officials.The city, which is hosting the town hall meeting inside Virginia High School and providing police, fire and emergency medical personnel to staff it, has largely been left out of the loop on planning the hastily arranged event, City Manager Bill Dennison said

“There are any number of things we could have done to assist with this,” Dennison said. “But they [campaign advance team] did not see fit to request our assistance or inform anyone – other than [VHS principal] Ina Danko. Most of what I know about this, I learned from the news media.”

Dennison said he began hearing rumors about the visit Tuesday morning, but was never contacted by anyone from the campaign.

The city would have rearranged its bus schedules to help the elderly and handicapped have better access to the event or offered other assistance, Dennison said.

In a Wednesday afternoon phone interview, Dennison said he hadn’t been notified that Long Crescent – the street in front of the gym entrance – would be closed during the event.

The city manager said he has complained to the Secret Service, who contacted police Chief Bill Price to have the department assist with security. “We would have done it. But to have a third party calling to use our officers on overtime was a mistake,” Dennison said. “I told the Secret Service that the chain of command starts at the top. (link)
Sounds like Junior still doesn't know what he's doing. Seems nothing has changed.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

It gets really difficult to understand what exactly goes through the minds of Barack Obama supporters these days. Take Roanoke Times columnist Shanna Flowers for example. What in God's name was rattling around in that brainpan of hers when she wrote this on Friday?

Obama can reach all walks of life

The crowd -- black, white, young, old, professional, blue collar -- reflected Obama, a man who transcends race. Thursday inside Virginia High School, there were no racial, socioeconomic or gender divisions, just people united in their hope for a new day in Washington.

It can't be dismissed that the man derided as elitist kicked off his general election campaign to standing ovations deep in Southwest Virginia, a coal-mining region in Appalachia.

The town hall-style meeting was a testament to Obama's ability to bring people together. They came from all over the region -- and all walks of life. (link)
1) "Obama can reach all walks of life."

"Can" but Hasn't. Truth be known, he hasn't even been able to reach out to a majority of Democrats in nine of his last fifteen Democratic primaries, losing to Hillary in all nine.

2) "The crowd ... reflected Obama, a man who transcends race."

In fact, he's a man who wears his race on his sleeve. And the polls show that his supporters are reflective of his lack of transcendence. See "White women cold toward Obama."

3) "Thursday inside Virginia High School, there were no racial, socioeconomic or gender divisions, just people united ..."

Perhaps. But, if so, that would mean the crowd was an aberration. See "Obama defeat amplifies race, rural problems." See also "Obama's appeal to working-class whites faltering, polls show." See also "Obama's Next Task: Heal Rift With Female Voters."

4) "It can't be dismissed that the man derided as elitist ..."

See "Obama angers midwest voters with guns and religion remark." Nothing to be derided about that, eh, Shanna?

5) "... kicked off his general election campaign to standing ovations deep in Southwest Virginia, a coal-mining region in Appalachia."

In fact, Obama kicked off his campaign in Bristol which, unless he waved his staff and, invoking the heavens, moved it, is not in Appalachia. But it does have its share of smelly poor people, so close enough.

6) "The town hall-style meeting was a testament to Obama's ability to bring people together."

As long as they come together but pay no attention to his hate-spewing preacher up at the pulpit.

Other than that, these three paragraphs were spot-on, Shanna. You go, girl.

A Rose By Any Other Name, Todd ...

According to the Rev. Todd Thomason, his church, the Baptist Temple Church in Alexandria, is failing because of its name. So he wants to change it. He wants to take out the word "Baptist." It conjures bad karma. He's searching for something more "progressive." Like Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show. Or something.

Oh, did I fail to mention that part of the story? Not only has the Rev Todd decided to change the name but he has also made his little clubhouse "the most progressive church in the city."

And Christians have moved elsewhere.

And the Rev Todd thinks his problem is with the name of the church.

Shrinking Flock Examines Its Identity
By Brigid Schulte, Washington Post Staff Writer

The Rev. Todd Thomason looked out at the nearly empty pews of his congregation at Baptist Temple Church last Sunday. He had preached long and hard about Abraham leaving all that he knew and setting out into an unknown future on nothing more than faith in God. He was hoping that, after the service, what was left of his flock would have the courage to do the same.

After 100 years, Baptist Temple, he feared, was dying. In its heyday in the 1950s, more than 900 members crammed into the sanctuary of the pretty white church in Alexandria that was built for 500. Now he was lucky to get 30. Perhaps the problem, he began to think, was the name itself.

"We're probably the most progressive church in the city, but 'Baptist Temple' sounds weird, like it's charismatic and conservative," Thomason said. (link)
People are going to think his house of worship is a church or something. Can't be havin' that. So he's going to keep the product and change the name, so as to enhance the image of the franchise.

Hey, don't scoff. It worked for Philip Morris. Right?

Despite The Preponderance of Evidence ...

... the Washington Post still calls on Congress to pass global warming legislation. Can't these guys separate out facts from computer model speculation?

Where Guns Are Banned, Peace Flourishes.

Man Stabs Shoppers In Tokyo Street, 7 Reported Dead

Obama, Orator Extraordinaire

Coming To A Bedroom Near You

In the United Kingdom, where the political correctness crowd took control long ago, people are being arrested for saying things that others find offensive. "Hate speech" we've come to call it. The kind of heavy-handed government intrusion into our minds that George Orwell warned us about 60 years ago:
Great Britain’s Free Speech Breakdown
By John Stephenson, pajamasmedia.com

Even in the United States, despite the opinion of some, free speech is not absolute. Some restrictions have to be created in order to protect the safety and certain rights of others. However, in the United States there is no right not to be offended.

Freedom of speech doesn’t seem to be as clear cut in the U.K. The Guardian informs us of an unnamed fifteen-year-old that was served a summons from the City of London for using the word “cult” on a sign to describe the Church of Scientology during a peaceful demonstration protesting the controversial religion. There has been an understandable outrage throughout the world over this incident but the police were not outside the bounds of doing their job of enforcing the law. It is also important to note that their Human Rights Act Article Ten granting freedom of expression is much more specific in allowing restrictions for various reasons than our own Constitution.

The ridiculous element of this entire controversy is the very law they were enforcing. After “strongly advising” him to remove his sign, the law cited to the boy before handing him a court summons and removing his sign was section five of the Public Order Act 1986. This law restricts free speech if it offends someone and it opens the door wide for the “slippery slope” theory.

This law is disturbing in countless ways and reminds too many people of Orwell’s 1984. (link)
"Section five of the Public Order Act." George Orwell, who himself was British, would indeed be nodding his head in anguished understanding.

Coming To A Bedroom Near You II

Canadians have learned well from their British brethren:

B.C. hate provision should be excised
The Globe and Mail

British Columbia's Human Rights Tribunal, which this week has been hearing a complaint against Maclean's magazine, when it rules on whether a book excerpt in the magazine by the polemical and satirical writer Mark Steyn was Islamophobic, ought to conclude that the "discriminatory publication" section of the B.C. Human Rights Code violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is most unlikely do so.

That section forbids any publication that is likely to expose a person or group of persons to hatred or contempt, because of race, religion and other categories. This is too wide. (link)

"The 'discriminatory publication' section of the [British Columbia] Human Rights Code." The western world crumbles.