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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Any Bets?

The Roanoke Times is to be applauded this morning for calling on Virginia's congressional delegation to resist handing a pile of our hard-earned income over to Virginia Tech simply because Virginia Tech has requested the dough. A lot of dough. For the goofiest of projects. And a despicably wasteful one at that.

The Times:

Don't give this bacon to Virginia Tech

In our more optimistic moments, we like to hope federal officials objectively decide how to get the most bang for taxpayers' bucks, that they award contracts and grants based on who can best build a bridge, conduct some research or supply troops overseas.

Such flights of fancy soon pass as we remember that senators and representatives prefer earmarks and pork.

We could rail, yet again, against a dysfunctional system designed more to win elections than responsibly manage the nation's finances, but what's the point?

No, today we simply urge Virginia's congressional delegation to try holding the line just once, on a single earmark.

Virginia Tech seeks a $1 million handout for research into ways to prevent violence in public places such as college campuses, shopping malls and stadiums. The school would collaborate with Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia on the research. Gov. Tim Kaine's office backs the request.

[M]aybe Tech's researchers are the most qualified in the nation. Maybe having had a shooting on campus gives them special insights shared by few institutions.

Then again, maybe not. That's why officials usually award these sorts of research grants through a competitive application process.

Tech could make its strongest case for the money; other research institutions could make theirs. (link)

A waste of ink, fellas. But a noble thought. Here's reality:

Rick Boucher (and Bob Goodlatte) will proudly sign over the money to VT in the form of an earmark, Boucher will brag about it, nothing will come of the expenditure, the people of Southwest Virginia will continue to struggle under the burden of high taxes, and Virginia Tech will continue to amass wealth. Half a billion dollars and growing in endowments alone.

Oh, and the congresspersons involved will get reelected.

Anyone want to bet?

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* "Research into ways to prevent violence in public places." For the love of God.

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** Here's what's really going on. The boneheads who run Virginia Tech dreamt up that silly Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention in the aftermath of the Seung hui-cho massacre there and now need to justify its existence. Thus the above.

Tim Kaine Shows His True Colors

Walton won't be put to death

Jessie Kendrick, Elizabeth Kendrick, and Archie Moore were not available for comment.

Why The Virginia GOP Cleaned House

This is shameful beyond words. And totally expected:

2 former GOP lawmakers back Warner for Senate
By Bob Lewis, The Associated Press

Richmond - Two Republicans who last year lead state government's budget-writing committees on Monday endorsed Mark Warner, a Democrat, for Senate.

Former Delegate Vincent F. Callahan and former state Sen. John H. Chichester, both Northern Virginia, said they're backing Mr. Warner because of how he handled a state budget crisis six years ago.

They said the Republican nominee, former Gov. James S. Gilmore III, led the state into a fiscal crisis by presenting rosy economic forecasts as Virginia slid into a recession in 2001.

Mr. Callahan and Mr. Chichester praised Mr. Warner, who was Mr. Gilmore's successor as governor, for his handling of the budget shortfall that eventually grew to nearly $6 billion.

Mr. Gilmore has challenged that version of events, saying Mr. Warner, with the acquiescence of some Republican legislators, concocted a "myth" by embellishing the shortfall to aid passage of $1.4 billion tax increase in 2004. (link)

Gilmore will get no help from the mainstream press in setting the record straight. The members thereof were totally complicit in Warner's scheme to create a crisis for which his solution - a massive tax increase - was to make him the hero of the left. A tax increase that, as it turned out, was completely unwarranted and resulted in a huge budget surplus in Richmond.

But to the point, many of us here in the blogosphere railed against the likes of Chichester and Callahan - RINOs in the worst sense of the term - for their willingness to go along with the Democrats here in the commonwealth and remake Virginia in the likeness of New York.

Chichester in particular left Richmond a disgruntled man in 2007, embittered because Virginians had had enough of his profligate ways. And enough of him. The Republican Party - and Virginia - are the better for it. His judas goat efforts to support the man who lied to us about his intentions as governor are just par for the course.

These People Are Truly Dangerous

It's one thing for mixed-up Hollywood types to starve themselves to make a statement about our way of life - Meat is Murder! and all that. But it's another to starve an innocent child for that or any other reason. The sad tale:
Vegan girl, 12, 'has spine of 80-year-old'
By Mark Macaskill, Times of London

A girl of 12 brought up by her parents on a strict vegan diet has been admitted to hospital with a degenerative bone condition said to have left her with the spine of an 80-year-old.

Doctors are under pressure to report the couple, from Glasgow, to police and social workers amid concerns her health and welfare may have been neglected in pursuit of their beliefs.

The youngster, fed on a strict meat- and dairy-free diet from birth, is being treated at the city’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children. She is said to have a severe form of rickets and to have suffered a number of fractured bones. The condition is caused by a lack of vitamin D, which is needed to absorb calcium and is found in liver, oily fish and dairy produce.

Veganism is becoming increasingly popular due to concerns about animal welfare. There are 250,000 adherents in the UK and the Vegan Society publishes a guide, Feeding Your Vegan Infant With Confidence.

Professor Tom Sanders, head of nutrition and dietetics at King’s College London, warned that while most vegan parents give their children vitamin and mineral supplements, there was a core of hardliners putting their children’s health at risk.

He said: “Some of them think we’re still monkeys that can live on fruit and nuts.” (link)
Prison is too good for these people.

You Mean They Don't Already Do This?

3 Net Providers Will Block Sites With Child Sex

Who'da Thunk It?

A strange thing happened when Americans stood up and demanded tougher laws for habitual criminals - "three strikes and you're out" - as well as laws allowing the law-abiding among us to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their personal property - known as CCW laws. Prisons filled up to impressive proportions and ...
Violent Crime Down, FBI Says
By Carrie Johnson, Washington Post Staff Writer

Violent crime appears to have declined nationwide in 2007 for the first time in three years, with major cities showing the most significant drops, according to a preliminary FBI report released yesterday.

Bureau officials said the number of violent crimes reported -- offenses including homicide, robbery and assault -- dipped by 1.4 percent across the United States last year compared with 2006.

Property crime was also down, with the number of offenses falling 2.1 percent, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report. Arsons, which are tracked separately, fell by 7 percent. (link)
We rock.