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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Carroll County Getting It In The Shorts

Area factories have closed right and left.

Property reassessments have - on average - gone up 40%.

And county supervisors are proposing an increase of 59.5¢ per $100 of assessed valuation to boot.

The perfect storm?

If selling prices of existing homes has cratered there as it has across the country.

I don't think I'd want to be one of those supervisors about now.

Kaine Delivers Speech To 4-Year Olds ...

... at John B. Cary Elementary School in an attempt to find an audience that doesn't already distrust everything he says and does.

No word on whether he was successful or not.

Those Who Are For Us & Those Who Ain't

It's good to know who in Congress is actually trying to ease the gas price crisis. And who is just perpetuating the problem. For the record:

Offshore drilling proposal is defeated again
By Billy House, Media General News Service

Washington -- A congressional proponent of more oil drilling off the Atlantic and Gulf coasts promised to continue his fight yesterday, after being dealt yet another defeat.

A House panel voted 9 to 6 in a party-line vote against lifting the 27-year-old offshore drilling moratorium.

The amendment by Rep. John E. Peterson, R-Pa., would have opened drilling off Florida's Gulf Coast and off the coasts of North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina in now-protected areas 50 to 200 miles offshore.

His measure also would have opened the Pacific coast to oil drilling. (link)
Voting to keep gas prices sky high - Virginia's Democratic Representative James Moran.

Voting to bring supplies in line with demand and reduce gas prices at the pump - Virgil Goode, Virginia Republican. (source)

We Suffer From Ecologist Pollution

Ecologist Says Power Plant Will Pollute More Of Mountain Empire

These people frighten me

"We have come to the painful conclusion that Iraq is a lost cause."
-- Roanoke Times, May 6, 2007

"Mission Accomplished ..."
-- Roanoke Times, June 12, 2008

Toilet Fixed. Space Shuttle Heads Home.

Mission still a mystery.

What Is Going On Here?

I will admit that I've embarrassed myself more than once on the baseball field (and once when my son was playing football), losing my temper and making a general fool of myself, but my getting into shouting matches with opposing players and threatening to take on everyone in the opposing stands doesn't hold a candle to this bit of unsportsmanlike conduct:

The accompanying story can be found here.

Can high school children adults be arrested for this?

Click on triangle to activate.

Just Doesn't Feel Right

Christopher Columbus

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

The Heroes of Vietnam

Obama Admits Smoking Cigarettes in Last Few Months
ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: Senator Barack Obama told reporters in St. Louis today that he has fallen off the wagon and smoked cigarettes in the last few months.
The presumptive Democratic nominee has been open about his smoking past: Once a heavy smoker, he publicly gave up the habit, per his wife’s request, to run for president. (link)
The man can't master his inner demons. And he wants us to believe he can run the country.
Consider me underwhelmed.

Earth To Congress

Drill Here.

... Drill Now.

...... Pay Less.

......... Sign The Petition.

In America

The land with the worst health care delivery system in the world:

Life Expectancy Pushes Past 78 Years; Death Rate Falls for 11 of 15 Top Causes of Death

That ain't no accident, folks.

Now do you really want to let Obama and his ilk mess with things?

Politics At Its Ugliest

In this instance, being spewed by John Kerry, a man who has himself never neen accused of being confused:

Kerry: McCain confused, 'unbelievably out of touch'
By Ben Smith, The Politico

John Kerry, who's served in the past as Obama's heavy-hitter on national security, expressed incredulity at McCain's remark this morning that the timing of troops return is "not too important."

"It is unbelievably out of touch and inconsistent with the needs of Americans and particularly the families of troops who are over there. To them it’s the most important thing in the world when they come home," he said. "It’s a policy for staying in Iraq."

Kerry and Obama aide Susan Rice also both said McCain is "confused" -- a line some in McCain's camp will surely take as a shot at the candidate's age.

Kerry called the suggestion it had something to do with age "unfair and a ridiculous." (link)

What a slimeball.

- - -

As it turns out, Kerry steps in it again. Who'da guessed?