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Thursday, June 19, 2008

In Defiance Of The Truth

The Charleston Gazette blunders its way through history:

Mud: 'Fight the smears'

Remember when dishonest Swift Boat ads implied that Vietnam War hero John Kerry actually was disloyal to America, helping to defeat the Democratic presidential nominee?

[jf: You mean the ads that reran film footage of Kerry disloyally attacking American troops then fighting for their lives in Vietnam?]

Remember when notorious Willie Horton ads implied that Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis was soft on black rapists, helping to defeat the Democratic presidential nominee?

[jf: You mean the the controversy that was actually instigated by Al Gore?]

The flood of lies has grown so deep that Obama's campaign created a special Web site - fightthesmears.com - to repudiate them. The site was launched after right-wing commentator Rush Limbaugh and colleagues reported that Michelle Obama sneered at "whitey" in a talk from the pulpit of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ. (link)

[jf: You mean the right-wing smear that was originated by a left-wing Hillary supporter?

So wrong. So often. Unbelievable.

Earth To Environmentalists:

Coal ash is benign.

Fear of the unknown. Tsk. Tsk.

The American Way

A tragedy occurs.
Dozens murdered.
Assign a dollar value to the incident.

Surprise. Surprise.

Is there anyone out there who is shocked by this news?

Road funding measure stalled
By Gary Emerling, The Washington Times

Less than a week before legislators meet in a special session to fund transportation projects, progress on how to raise the money crawls like traffic on a Northern Virginia interstate.

"I expect the session will last about four hours," said Delegate David B. Albo, Fairfax Republican. "Right now, no one's willing to compromise, and you can't get anything done if you don't compromise."

The General Assembly will meet for a scheduled two-week session beginning Monday and consider Gov. Tim Kaine's proposal to raise $1 billion in taxes to help maintain roads throughout the state, increase investments in rail transit and ease congestion in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. (link)

Hey, here's a unique suggestion. Why don't we let those who have more money than the state of Virginia will ever have on hand pay for our road construction?

Taxpayer-supported Virginia Tech sits on more than half a billion dollars in endowment assets. *

* Correction made at 1930 hours, June 19.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

It seems we're finally getting serious about our problem with a lack of oil production. Two decades late, but better late than never:

Bush Calls for End to Ban on Offshore Oil Drilling
By Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times

Washington — President Bush urged Congress on Wednesday to end a federal ban on offshore oil drilling and open a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration, asserting that those steps and others would lower gasoline prices and “strengthen our national security.”

President Bush also urged Congress to approve the extraction of oil from shale on federal lands, something he said can be done far more economically now than a few years ago, and to speed the approval process for building new refineries. (link)
And the Democrat response? They're calling for a government takeover of the oil refineries. Like the nitwits would have the first clue as to what to do with them once they controlled them. "Market forces? What are markets?"

Oh, and they're working feverishly to drive George W. Bush out of office before he leaves voluntarily. Oil crisis be damned.

Hopeless. Just hopeless.

And where is John McCain? Although he's still sticking to his not-serious ban on drilling in ANWR, he's at least now "urging " the country to build 45 new nuclear plants.

How 'bout Obama? Mr. Change holds to his 1970's worldview. Stuck ... on ... stupid ...

Mark Warner? "What crisis?" This, Mark, isn't an energy plan. It's media masturbation.

Go For It, Man

Take some of those ill-gotten gains away from the fat bastard:
Haditha Marine prepares to sue Murtha over smear
Congressman had accused soldiers of killing 'in cold blood'
World Net Daily

With most of the eight Marines charged in the Haditha, Iraq, incident now exonerated, the highest-ranking officer among the accused is considering a lawsuit against Democratic Rep. John Murtha, who fueled the case by declaring the men cold-blooded killers.

In an interview with nationally syndicated radio talk host Michael Savage, the lead attorney for Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani said he and his client will look into suing Murtha and the Time magazine reporter, Tim McGuirk, who first published the accusations by Iraqi insurgents.

But the attorney, Brian Rooney, said nothing will happen immediately because he wants Chessani, described as a devout Christian and the father of six homeschooled children, completely "out of the woods" legally before any action is taken. The government, through Lt. Col. S.M. Sullivan, today filed a notice that it would appeal the case to the next judicial level. (link)
I had heard an interview with this attorney (I think) once several months ago. He's the type of mouthpiece you want on your side. I hope he makes Murtha squeal.

'Drill Here. Drill Now.'

While liberal media types pooh pooh the notion that increased oil exploration and eventual production will ease the oil crisis, and, bewilderingly, hold out hope at the same time - for thirty years and counting - that solar and wind energy will really amount to something/anything some day - this Republican candidate for the United States Senate knows what needs to be done:
Weaning Americans Off of Oil Will Not Help Virginia Working Families Struggling To Keep Up

Alexandria – Former Gov. Jim Gilmore, a candidate for the Virginia U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. John Warner, issued a statement today responding to Mark Warner’s proposed solutions for the on-going national energy crisis: “Mark Warner is saying the same things that everyone else in Washington has said for the last 20 years. That is how we got where we are. “We need to drill here and drill now.
"Drill here. Drill now." Music to our ears.

It's about time.

- - -

Mark Warner's slogan? "Crack down on market speculators, apply pressure on oil-producing nations and take steps to expand the nation's energy resource portfolio."


Only In Hollywood

Remember how shocked John Kerry and his supporters were when, on election night, it turned out that a majority of voters actually chose his opponent?

Here we go again. Hollywood mega-producer Jeffrey Katzenberg on Barack Obama's inevitable victory:

"Obama is the greatest. Nothing this great has happened to us in a long time. The only thing we have to worry about is what we'll have to wear to the inauguration."

How disappointed he's going to be ...

It Must Be Thursday

Once a week we can expect some blithering idiot to announce the most preposterous of global warming theories. This week's offering:

Today's Quakes Deadlier Than In Past
CBS News

(AP) New research compiled by Australian scientist Dr. Tom Chalko shows that global seismic activity on Earth is now five times more energetic than it was just 20 years ago.

The research proves that destructive ability of earthquakes on Earth increases alarmingly fast and that this trend is set to continue, unless the problem of "global warming" is comprehensively and urgently addressed.

The analysis of more than 386,000 earthquakes between 1973 and 2007 recorded on the US Geological Survey database proved that the global annual energy of earthquakes on Earth began increasing very fast since 1990. (link)

And six months from now it will be announced by an actual scientist that this goofball goosed the numbers and skewed his data to reach the (foregone) conclusion that he did.

End of goofy theory.

Global warming alarmists. These people are now the laughingstock of the modern world.