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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fishing Is About Family

The good-looking guy you see above is a Fuhrman.

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Why We Maintain The Death Penalty In Virginia

Human Waste

Photo courtesy of Matt Gentry, The Roanoke Times

Who'da Guessed?

Special session may come to nothing

Who Knows?

Relying on our now-mind-boggling network of bike trails and hiking paths to lure tourists to the area has - after thirty years of effort - fallen flat on its face.

But maybe Pulaski County has the right idea:
Pulaski County plan urges liquor law changes
By Kevin Litten, The Roanoke Times

A strategy being unveiled this week in Pulaski County is stoking hopes that drawing more tourists could resuscitate a faltering regional economy.

The county, which in recent years has dealt with manufacturing job losses and what many describe as a negative image, is trying to develop incentives that might attract new businesses to the area. If the county can implement a strategy to rally public and private resources around tourism-driven marketing campaigns, officials said they hope the economy could begin a rebound.

One component of the tourism strategy is to take liquor-by-the-drink countywide. (link)
I don't know. Will people drive down here from up north to partake of Old Grand Dad at the local pub? Consider me a tad skeptical.

But if an unintended consequence develops in which the people of Pulaski County are better able to drown their sorrows in the devil's brew, who's to pooh pooh out of hand the notion of making liquor more readily available? Certainly not me.

A toast: This one's for you, fellas. Good luck in your "tourism" endeavors.

What a Loon

The man who made headlines the other day by calling for public show trials - patterned after those perfected in the Soviet Union, circa 1930, one can surmise - of American oil executives "for high crimes against humanity and nature," for "actively spreading doubt about global warming," is also turning his wrath on fossil fuels.

Well, no. That's not accurate. He accepts the fact that one fossil fuel - oil - is here to stay and there's nothing to be done about it. James Hansen just wants us to eliminate the use of coal. Within the next 22 years. To be replaced by ... drumroll ... solar, wind, and "other renewable energy."

See "Burned Up About the Other Fossil Fuel."

Solar. Wind. Other ...


The End Of The Story

If only she hadn't attracted national attention to herself by "finding" a noose tied to her office doorknob:

Columbia Professor in Noose Case Is Fired on Plagiarism Charges

Not being very bright probably played a role as well.

Obama To Bring CHANGE

Or not.

To those of you who think Barack Obama is going to take us beyond the race issue, think again.

Race in the Sunlight

Every day. For the next eight years. A discussion about skin color and its implications.

For the love of God.

CHANGE YOU CAN ... Oh, Never Mind

Obama Camp Closely Linked With Ethanol

Ah, Capitalism

When it was learned that it requires a hazmat suit to properly dispose of those curlicue lightbulbs that your government is now going to require - at the point of a gun - that you use as a replacement for the incandescent kind that actually gave off light, Home Depot has stepped up and is going to take on the hazardous duty of disposing of them for you:
Home Depot Offers Recycling for Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
By Stephanie Rosenbloom, The New York Times

Some big retailers are promoting compact fluorescent light bulbs as a way to save energy. But improper disposal of the bulbs creates a hazard, because they contain small amounts of mercury.

Recycling them is about to get easier. Home Depot, the nation’s second-largest retailer, will announce on Tuesday that it will take back old compact fluorescents in all 1,973 of its stores in the United States, creating the nation’s most widespread recycling program for the bulbs. (link)
It's not known how many employees Home Depot executives expect to lose to mercury poisoning each year, but favorable press is worth a certain amount of attrition. Besides hourly employees are a dime a dozen these days.

No pain, no gain, as they say.

And That's The End Of That

The U.N. to the rescue:

Security Council Urges Zimbabwe to Halt Violence

Zimbabwe won't.

Beware The PUMAs

I don't know how widespread this movement is, or how deeply the feelings run, but it's worth noting that Barack Obama's reprehensible and increasingly frequent use of the race card has already had its negative - and lingering - effects:
Why Clinton voters say they won't support Obama
By Rebecca Traister, Salon.com

To be fair, it's not just women. There are plenty of Clinton supporters of every demographic description who are still ticked. But yes, it's true that the Clinton base skewed female, and that women over 30 are the most vocal of the malcontents. Some of them are calling themselves "PUMAs" (as in "Party Unity My Ass"), an acronym that makes them sound, appropriately enough, like cougars in a very bad mood. Who are these women, and why are they such buzzkills?

[F]or some, there is lingering sting -- about the paucity of women in Obama's top advisory team during the campaign, about the way they feel the Obama campaign stained Clinton's supporters -- and Clinton and her husband too -- as racists, about the patronizing "You're likable enough" comment during a January debate.

They are mad at their party and its leaders because they feel this race has opened up a door, allowing people to rag on white women -- as irrelevant and buffoonish, as ambitious and preening, as old school and boring and nagging and hectoring -- in a way that demonstrates that women have a questionable place in liberalism and progressivism. Since when is the party supposedly interested in social justice not interested in the advancement of women to the highest office? (link)
Obama's team has moved on to now attacking McCain's supporters for using his racial background against him - some day in the future. It's worth noting that the ploy, though effective, comes at a cost. He's leaving a lot of pent-up anger in his wake.

You Coulda Bet Money This Was Coming

First Obama has a pre-presidential seal. Then he doesn't.

Just can't shake those training wheels, can he?

Obama On Christianity

Who knows, maybe Obama wasn't listening all those many years that he sat in the pews in Jeremiah Wright's church. James Dobson makes a good case for the proposition that, when it comes to his religion, Barack Obama is clueless:

Dobson accuses Obama of 'distorting' Bible
By Eric Gorski, The Associated Press

Colorado Springs, Colo. (AP) — As Barack Obama broadens his outreach to evangelical voters, one of the movement's biggest names, James Dobson, accuses the likely Democratic presidential nominee of distorting the Bible and pushing a "fruitcake interpretation" of the Constitution.

"I think he's deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own worldview, his own confused theology," Dobson said.

"... He is dragging biblical understanding through the gutter."

Dobson reserved some of his harshest criticism for Obama's argument that the religiously motivated must frame debates over issues like abortion not just in their own religion's terms but in arguments accessible to all people.

He said Obama, who supports abortion rights, is trying to govern by the "lowest common denominator of morality," labeling it "a fruitcake interpretation of the Constitution."

"Am I required in a democracy to conform my efforts in the political arena to his bloody notion of what is right with regard to the lives of tiny babies?" Dobson said. "What he's trying to say here is unless everybody agrees, we have no right to fight for what we believe." (link)

It's never wise to expect politicians to have any kind of moral compass. But it's worth pointing out when a particular politician wears his faith on his sleeve and lectures to us on the lessons to be learned from the Bible.

What exactly Obama's faith is made of is a mystery to Dobson. And to many of us.