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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Can It Get Any Worse?

As Carl Kilo has made alarmingly clear in recent years, the oxycodone problem is widespread here in Southwest Virginia and has probably surpassed epidemic proportions. But did anyone expect it to reach into areas like this?
Postmaster in Southwest Va. faces federal drug charges
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Glade Spring -- A coordinated law enforcement sting operation has led to federal drug charges against a local United States postmaster, and charges are pending against other people, authorities said yesterday.

Janet Davenport, a Glade Spring resident and the postmaster of St. Paul in Wise County, was charged last week with conspiracy to distribute oxycodone, according to federal court documents. She is free on an unsecured $10,000 bond. (link)
For the love of God.

* Though it's not made clear in the article, Janet Davenport is innocent until proven guilty.

Why Journalism Has No Credibility

This from a Roanoke Times editorial this morning:

"An independent, unnamed interrogation expert tipped off The New York Times recently to the origins of coercive methods the military taught, and in a few cases used on prisoners, post-9/11 at Guantanamo."*

From On High:

"An unnamed source tells me this is all a hoax perpetrated by the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Michelle Obama."

Do you really want to go down that road?

* My emphasis.

Why Doesn't He Use It To Fix The Roads?

Governor Kaine uses town halls to dole out money

Can Nuclear Be Far Behind?

ANWR suddenly doesn't look as pristine as it did a few months ago. This according to the American people.

The latest public opinion poll from the Pew Research Center on America's energy priorities:
Amid record gas prices, public support for greater energy exploration is spiking. Compared with just a few months ago, many more Americans are giving higher priority to more energy exploration, rather than more conservation. An increasing proportion also says that developing new sources of energy - rather than protecting the environment - is the more important national priority.

The latest nationwide survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted June 18-29 among 2,004 adults, also finds that half of Americans now support drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, up from 42% in February.

The public's changing energy priorities are most evident in the growing percentage that views increased energy exploration - including mining and drilling, as well as the construction of new power plants - as a more important priority for energy policy than increased conservation and regulation. Nearly half (47%) now rates energy exploration as the more important priority, up from 35% in February. The proportion saying it is more important to increase energy conservation and regulation has declined by 10 points (from 55% to 45%). (link)
Americans aren't stupid. They are now looking at the possibility of $5.00 gasoline by the end of the year, while Democratic politicians - and Hollywood elites - continue to talk about windmills and solar power as being viable alternatives. The same alternatives they've been talking about for four decades and counting. Americans lost interest long ago and are now more concerned about the real world.

We have an energy crisis. We need more oil. And coal. And nuclear energy. Now.

The American people demand it.

The Pew poll results:

Data and chart courtesy of the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press
Click on the image to enlarge.

News Only An Historian Could Love

This is kinda cool:
Handcuffs used on Garfield's killer found
The Associated Press

Handcuffs used to restrain the man who assassinated President James A. Garfield were found last week when workers were cleaning out a closet at D.C. police headquarters.

It was on July 2, 1881, that Charles J. Guiteau shot Garfield at a train station downtown and was almost immediately grabbed by D.C. police Pvt. Patrick Kearney.

"I had thought these things were lost forever," said Sgt. Nick Breul, department historian.

L]ast week, workers uncovered a box full of metal knuckles, old handcuffs and pen guns used to fire .22-caliber bullets. One of the handcuffs had a tag identifying them as those used to restrain Guiteau, Garfield's disturbed killer. (link)
History. Collecting dust in a closet. Until discovered by accident.

The stuff dreams are made of.

Limbaugh Laughs All The Way To The Bank

Haven't you gotten the news? Conservatism is dead. And the body count includes the carcass of the most successful talk radio host in world history. This from an expert on the subject - a liberal magazine editor:
CNBC Contributor Blasts Limbaugh Deal: 'What Are These People Smoking?'
By Jeff Poor, Business & Media Institute

It’s time to short-sell Clear Channel Communications stock if you follow the analysis by CNBC contributor and Vanity Fair contributing editor Michael Wolff. He criticized a record deal that locks Rush Limbaugh in with the radio company through the next eight years.

Wolff mocked Clear Channel’s ... decision to sign Limbaugh to the long-term agreement on CNBC’s June 2 “Street Signs.”

“I think it’s a monster error,” Wolff said. “I know – I’m sitting here saying, ‘What are these people smoking?’ You know, the truth is that Rush Limbaugh has been – he’s ridden the rise of conservatism for 25 years and I don’t, maybe nobody quite, quite has been following the news, but that’s coming to an end.”

“It’s going to be over and Rush Limbaugh in a relatively short period of time is going to look like a really kind of out-of-it kind of oddity,” Wolff said. “And I can not for the life of me imagine how someone could have made this deal.” (link)
A clueless East Coast liberal has his opinion. Arbitron has the rest of America's. Is Rush worth $400 million? Every blessed cent.

This Is How Liberals Will 'Celebrate' The 4th

Hating the land in which they're forced to reside:

A not-so-glorious Fourth
Chris Satullo, The Philadelphia Enquirer

Put the fireworks in storage.

Cancel the parade.

Tuck the soaring speeches in a drawer for another time.

This year, America doesn't deserve to celebrate its birthday. This Fourth of July should be a day of quiet and atonement.

For we have sinned.

We have failed to pay attention. We've settled for lame excuses. We've spit on the memory of those who did that brave, brave thing in Philadelphia 232 years ago.

The America those men founded should never torture a prisoner.

The America they founded should never imprison people for years without charge or hearing.

The America they founded should never ship prisoners to foreign lands, knowing their new jailers might torture them.

Abu Ghraib. Guantanamo. CIA secret prisons. "Rendition" of prisoners to foreign torture chambers. (link)
I could try to convince this worm that Abu Ghraib was an isolated incident that took place years ago, that every prisoner at Guantanamo had been given a hearing before a military court, that there had never been any credible evidence that CIA "secret" prisons even exist, that releasing prisoners to foreign lands is better than releasing them on the streets of Omaha, and that the "torture chambers" that hate-filled anti-Americans like him enjoy wallowing in involved a total of three terrorists - three - several years ago.*

But it would do no good. If this Satullo were to be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that all this was a fantasy, though he wouldn't be convinced if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed came to his bedside and told him so, he'd dream up another list of reasons to hate the country he lives in.

And I have no interest in convincing him anyway. His kind had their day long ago. America - and I - have moved on. We have serious work to do.

But this does make for a good Fourth. I'll be flying my flag early and it'll be flying high and proud. This is truly a great country that allows the likes of Chris Satullo to whine freely - without fear of "secret" imprisonment or torture or retribution. It is for him that I'll be celebrating.

Here's to Mr. Satullo. Here's to freedom.

* Many of us aren't convinced that waterboarding is torture.

Webb Is Just Another Lowlife Pol

So Senator Webb thinks the military is off-limits when it comes to politics? Since when?

Jon Henke takes us on a stroll through recent history:
[L]et's examine whether Jim Webb really believes that McCain needs to "get the politics out of the military [and] have our political arguments in other areas." Here's a review of Webb's own record.

• In his own 2006 Senate campaign, Jim Webb touted the importance of military experience...

"[W]hat you’re seeing here is, is a split between the theorists, who have controlled so much of the policy in this administration, theorists who have never been on a battlefield, who have never put a uniform on, and who are looking at this thing in a totally different way from people who have had to, to worry about their troops and themselves possibly coming under enemy hands."

• And
again ...

I know what it’s like to be on the ground. I know what it’s like to fight a war like this..."

• In 2004, Jim Webb criticized "those around Bush, many of whom came of age during Vietnam and almost none of whom served..."

• In 2000, during McCain's Presidential campaign, Jim Webb wrote an article about John McCain's military service and its relevance in the campaign.

• In 1998, Jim Webb gave a speech in which he questioned the "new notion: that military service during time of war is not a pre-requisite for moral authority..." He disagreed, calling lack of military service a "problem".

"I ... subscribe to a different view, in effect the reverse of that syllogism, because when it comes to leadership ... the logic is indeed the reverse: the hotter the fire, the tougher the steel, and the more reliable the leader. It has also created a vacuum of true understanding in the highest places. Today, for the first time since the United States became a major world power, none of the principals in the national security arena .. have served in the military. This problem might recede ... but it is unlikely to go away." (emphasis in the original)
And Webb tells McCain to keep talk of his military background out of the campaign. Once again Webb proves himself to be beyond reprehensible.

You Go, Girl

Ann Althouse on Senator James Webb's call for John McCain to "calm down" and to quit bringing up his military record:

Calm down? The only point of saying that is to piss off McCain. There's nothing more irritating than being told to calm down. And McCain hadn't flamed up over Clark. Get the politics out of the military? It's Clark and Webb who are injecting all the politics into the military right now. Webb is pissing me off. I don't know how McCain can resist taking the bait. Do the Obama people have someone who can be even more annoying than Webb on this subject? They seem to be wheeling out the military men one after the other. Clark didn't do the trick, so up comes Webb. Can they top Webb? (emphasis in the original)
"Webb is pissing me off."

By the way, Ann Althouse is an Obama supporter.

Suppose he really wants the wingnuts within his organization (Webb and Clark being two shining examples) taking him down this path?