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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Get Used To It

Times are tough for you? Stick around. Barack Obama has big plans for your life savings.

Those Who Man The Walls ...

... despite the best/worst efforts of the Democratic Party and the mainstream press to impugn their accomplishments, belittle their patrioic fervor, and demoralize them into submission, continue to make this country a safer place, where our children and grandchildren need not fear the terrorists who have vowed to slaughter every one of them - us - in America's streets.

A huge gathering (1,215 strong) of soldiers, sailors, and airmen reenlisted yesterday in Baghdad.

Here's the video. You're invited to be proud.

You have to admire Americans who make the conscious determination to never relent, never falter, never surrender, and who do it selflessly, with nothing asked of us in return except a few yards of dirt after they've expended their "last full measure."

God must watch over these treasures. He must.

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The Times of London has taken notice of Barack Obama's sudden conversion to conservatism. And seems less than enthralled:

Barack Obama's policy switches are giving the Left whiplash
By Gerard Baker

Change, it turns out, wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Having campaigned for the past year as the agent of transformation, the man who would lead an historic shift in America's political direction, Barack Obama is discovering that there is quite a lot he likes about the way things are.

Since securing the Democratic nomination a few weeks ago, the only change coming from the Illinois senator has been in what he seems to stand for. (link)

"The only change coming from the Illinois senator has been in what he seems to stand for." A devastating line fit to be framed and mounted on the wall.

Rock Solid

On his tombstone should be written, "He never wavered." And Jesse Helms was admired - and vilified - for it.

A champion of the conservative movement, one who always towered above his spineless opposition, dead at age 86.

He was probably fighting to make this country a better place to the moment he took his last breath.

There'll be few like him.

God Would Not Want It This Way

But I'll bet even He understands:

Netherlands bans Iranian students from nuclear studies

The Netherlands will ban Iranian students from studying nuclear technology, a source of tension between Iran and world powers, at its universities, the government said Friday.

"It is forbidden... to grant Iranian nationals access to special training or teaching that could contribute to nuclear proliferation activities in Iran and the development of systems for transmitting nuclear arms," the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Friday's measure adds to a Dutch decree adopting international sanctions against Iran that were put in place last year.

It bans Iranians notably from the nuclear reactor in Borssele in the southeastern Netherlands, and from a test reactor at the Delft University of Technology. (link)

Harsh to be sure. And totally unfair.

But maybe these students will go back home - where they're really needed - and affect the kind of change that will make the world a safer place by ousting the madmen who run their country, and then think about joining the civilized world community.

Here's to the Dutch. You guys rock.

Ah, Those Must Have Been The Days

An unarguable truth. No entertainer alive today can hold a candle to these two.

Louie Armstrong and Danny Kaye performing together. (1958?)

Simply marvelous.

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