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Monday, July 21, 2008

Coming To The Defense Of The 2nd Amendment

The Bristol Herald Courier, oddly enough:
New Wrinkle In D.C. Gun Ban

Last month, a divided U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Washington, D.C., gun ban – one of the strictest in the nation.

The court ruled that the Second Amendment gives Americans the right to own and keep firearms in their homes – even those who live in the District. The ruling was applauded by many in this region, where gun ownership is something of a proud tradition.

The ruling’s import doesn’t seem to have registered with Washington, D.C., leaders. Instead of accepting that the High Court had spoken, they’ve hastily crafted complex new regulations that place enormous burdens on law-abiding residents who wish to keep a weapon in their homes.

The Supreme Court ruling gave the District latitude to craft reasonable restrictions on gun ownership as long as city residents still retained the right to own and keep a firearm in their home for personal protection. The Court didn’t give permission to harass law-abiding citizens who are attempting to comply with the law.

These “emergency” regulations appear designed to thwart gun ownership rather than to facilitate safe and responsible ownership. It seems likely that the matter will return to the courts sooner rather than later, unless D.C. officials have an a-ha moment and realize they are not law unto themselves. (link)
Amen to that, bro ... er, sister.

Problem Solved

It appears that the war that has gone on over the placement of cell towers around the country may be ending. Because it's going to be difficult for those who get all worked up over them to actually be able to find them. Take a gaze upon this:

Yup. It's a cellular transmission tower. The story:

Cell-phone towers could look like trees
By Katherine Kalos, Richmond Times-Dispatch

A cell-phone tower doesn't have to be an ugly steel pole with antennas at the top. It can take the form of a tree, a bell tower, a silo, a steeple or just about any other tall structure you can imagine.

Towers that look like pine trees will go up in Brandermill and a site near Harrowgate Road in Chesterfield County, if a plan by Invisible Towers is accepted.

Company executives Van Thompson and Mark Faris held a meeting for Brandermill residents last week to show examples of their projects. Questions from the audience at Brandermill Church primarily concerned the possibility of health risks. The American Cancer Society, on its Web site, concludes that cell-phone towers are unlikely to cause cancer or any other health problems, based on published research. (link)

Ah, American ingenuity.

Now what will these people find to complain about?

Hey, There's a War Going On Out Here!

Barack Obama took his rock tour to Kabul, Afghanistan over the weekend and ... what's this? We're at war!
Obama pledges Afghan aid
The Associated Press

Kabul, Afghanistan -- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama pledged steadfast aid to Afghanistan in talks yesterday with its Western-backed leader and vowed to pursue the war on terror "with vigor" if elected, an Afghan official said.

"We need urgency because the threat from the Taliban and al-Qaida is growing and we must act; we need determination because it will take time to prevail," they said. "But with the right strategy and the resources to back it up, we will get the job done." (link)
So Obama is four-square behind eliminating - "urgently" - the terrorists in Afghanistan. That prompts the question:

Why has he been just as resolute for the last several years about leaving the field of battle in Iraq to those same terrorists?

This guy just gets me upset. And it's going to be a long day ...

Quote of the Day

Dr. Carl Bell, president and CEO of the Community Mental Health Council and Foundation Inc., Chicago, on why his city's gun buyback program doesn't reduce crime:

Because "the guns they buy back don't work in the first damn place."

(Source: Chicago Sun-Times, July 17, 2008)

Completely Out Of Touch

Can Congress be any more detached from the American people? We cry out for relief at the gas pumps. They intend to inflict more pain:
Lawmakers Could Consider Gas Tax Hike, After Gas Tax Holiday Fails
The Associated Press

Washington — The political vision of a summer gas tax holiday died a quick death in Congress, losing to a view that federal excise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel will have to go up if they go anywhere.

Despite calls from the presidential campaign trail for a Memorial Day-to-Labor Day tax freeze, lawmakers quickly concluded — with a prod from the construction industry — that having $9 billion less to spend on highways could create a pre-election specter of thousands of lost jobs.

Now, lawmakers quietly are talking about raising fuel taxes by a dime from the current 18.4 cents a gallon on gasoline and 24.3 cents on diesel fuel. (link)
Beyond belief.

And who's behind this effort? You don't even need to ask.