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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Best Looking ATV's In Bland County

Who needs slaves when you have six-year-olds?

Actually, I paid Kaid and Jayla for their hard work. A Scooby Do movie and a bowl of popcorn. Just call me Mr. Magnanimous.

Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel

9th District Congressman Rick Boucher was on hand in Independence the other day for the unveiling of a spectacular new pamphlet.


I read it twice. That's what it says:
Grayson unveils visitors' guide
By Ben Bomberger, Galax Gazette

Independence — Grayson took a step forward in trying to attract more tourism to the county by unveiling its 2008 Visitor’s Guide on July 14.

Congressman Rick Boucher was on hand to unveil the guide. “We are here today to unveil a key milestone for Grayson County in the area of tourism.”

The process began in April 2006 when former Board of Supervisors Chairman Ralph Tuggle and Boucher announced a significant economic development initiative for Grayson — the creation of a citizens task force appointed by the board to explore ways in which the quality of life in Grayson could be enhanced through broadband telecommunications and the enhancement of the tourism economy.

Boucher said later that year he and Tuggle received recommendations from the task force, which suggested the county develop a resource to enhance the tourism economy and promote economic development. (link)
A "key milestone for Grayson County." A pamphlet.

A "significant economic development initiative." A committee.

Meanwhile, 4.3% of the county's residents have packed their bags and left since April, 2000 for areas of the country where pamphlets and task forces are less important than jobs. A county in which 14.3% of the citizenry lives in poverty. A county in which the median household income is 45% below the state average.*

A key milestone for Grayson County. For the love of God.

* Source.

All SW Virginia Will Benefit From Her Decision

Andrea Hopkins has decided to quit her job and become a doctor.

They Just Won't Listen

Well, actually they just won't read.

Folks at the Richmond Times-Dispatch are shocked that Virginia Tech racist - and professor - Nikki Giovanni is a coarse human being:
Insulting History

Last year members of the Virginia Tech community took solace from the words of professor and poet Nikki Giovanni. Her stirring remarks during a convocation in the wake of Seung-Hui Cho's massacre -- "We are better than we think and not quite what we want to be. We are the Hokies. We will prevail . . . ." -- comforted the sick at heart.

It was a great pity, therefore, that Giovanni felt compelled to lace her reading at the Library of Virginia's panel discussion on the commemoration of Virginia's Civil Rights memorial with drops of acid.

To call commentator Armstrong Williams a "pitiful little dumb bunny" was beneath her, and the event. But to call Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a "poster boy for the lawn jockeys" was obscene. It was a racist insult worthy of David Duke that, particularly in the context in which she delivered it, amounted to spitting in the face of history. It is hard to believe someone with the soul of a poet could spurt such puerile venom.
Hard to believe? Only if you've not been paying attention. Only if you've not been reading this weblog.

Nikki Giovanni - poetess - is first and foremost a hatemonger. The "news" people over at the TD would have done well to have known that.


Personally, I'd prefer that Wythe County Sheriff Doug King, a man who I admire greatly, would just give these guys a break and turn them loose. They are, in fact, doing the world a big favor:

Wythe County authorities make major drug arrests
By Mike Gangloff, The Roanoke Times

Authorities in Wythe County announced Friday the roundup of a crack cocaine distribution ring described as the largest seen in Wytheville in a decade.

"To my knowledge it's the biggest since 1998, as far as quantity is concerned," Wythe County Sheriff Doug King said.

King said the case began when routine undercover drug buys by investigators from three law enforcement agencies -- the Wythe County Sheriff's Office, the Wytheville Police Department and Virginia State Police -- started revealing a pattern. (link)
I'm kidding of course about the sheriff giving these scumbags a break. He should do the taxpayers a favor and take the ... alleged ... drug dealers out back and shoot them.

Oh, and there should be a trial to determine their guilt or innocence - before or after.

But what concerns me even more are the morons in Wythe County - none of whom, based upon my last journey down I-81, can be very wealthy - who think it necessary or appropriate to try their best to take their few precious dollars and fry their brains on crack cocaine, making them wards of the state before they reach maturity - or old enough to procreate. I say, give 'em some arsenic along with that crack and get it over quickly. The world would be better for it.

Better still if it's done before they reproduce.

Okay, I feel better.

How About 'Lying Two-Faced Liberal' Then?

A bit of legerdemain delivered in an editorial in this morning's Washington Post:

"The Republican portrayal of [former Governor Mark] Warner as a tax-loving liberal is fiction."

Maybe he didn't love 'em. But he sure lied about 'em. The horse's ass mouth:

For those of you who might have missed it, let's review once again the empty promise made by the non-tax-loving former governor: "The fact is I will not raise taxes."
He raised taxes.
The Washington Post could care less.

Is This Coordinated?

Boy, is Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn a popular guy. He gets big write-ups in both the New York Times and the Washington Post this morning. But unlike the sycophantic drivel that the two papers spew with regard to "hope" and "change" and all that, these two articles focus on Coburn's standing in the way of "progress." And all that that implies.

Anything curious about the two headlines that go along with the hit pieces?

Senate's 'Dr. No' Spurs Showdown Over Spending

Democrats Try to Break Grip of the Senate’s Dr. No

Yeah, I checked. They were written by two different reporters.

"Dr. No," as you might guess, is a Republican. The only man standing (in either party) in the way of fiscal ruin. Thus the attention.

Someday maybe we'll read about Mr. Yes.

And Mr. Yes.

And Mr. Yes.

And ...

Liberal Ideology Has Consequences

All the lofty prattle in this state about the potential mistreatment of illegal aliens in our midst at the hands of a harsh government - be it federal, state, or local - and about the xenophobic results that will surely obtain from such actions eventually leads those who get sucked into such a mindset to do what the mayor of San Francisco did - provide the illegals with sanctuary.

But beware. That bleeding-heart liberalism will eventually reap the whirlwind. Just ask the mayor of San Francisco:

San Francisco's sanctuary nightmare
Washington Times editorial

There's an old saying that "a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality." Over the past month that kind of political re-thinking may have started in California, where citizens who routinely vote for liberal, pro-open-borders ideologues at the federal, state and local levels have come face to face with the real-world consequences of such decisions:

Specifically, they are learning about San Francisco's policy of shielding illegal-alien juvenile thugs from deportation, which may have resulted in a triple murder that occurred last month in the city. In some ways, the furor over San Francisco's sanctuary policies is reminiscent of the wave of opposition that forced then-New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer to kill his own proposal to give driver's licenses to illegals last fall.

Today, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome - a liberal Democrat who bragged about the city's sanctuary policies until just a few months ago - says he has rescinded them. But it may be too late to salvage Mr. Newsome's expected run for governor in 2010.

In the Bay Area, the case that sparked the outrage was the June 22 killing of San Francisco resident Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, who were murdered on their way home from a family picnic. Police say Tony Bologna made a fatal mistake: temporarily blocking a car driven by Edwin Ramos, a 21-year-old illegal alien and a member of MS-13, a Salvadoran criminal gang, from making a left turn. Ramos allegedly pulled a gun and shot Tony, Matthew and Michael Bologna to death. He plead not guilty last week to three counts of first-degree murder in the case.

The Bologna murders have sparked widespread outrage as information has pored out about San Francisco's sanctuary policies and how Ramos, despite his illegal status and numerous run-ins with the law prior to the slayings, was never deported.

[T]he crux of the problem has long been San Francisco's routine flouting of federal immigration law. (link)

You support the resistance movement in Prince William County, Virginia? You think illegal aliens deserve the right to be in this state, this country? You're willing to take whatever actions are necessary to have those 12,000,000 lawbreakers who wander our streets set free? Look to San Francisco. And reflect on the fact that granting immunity from the law - even to the extent of letting illegals reside in our communities with impunity - means granting immunity from the law.

Either we are a nation of laws or we are a nation of Edwin Ramoses. Decide.

A Wonderful Plan

When I read in the Washington Times this morning that the chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia has come up with a plan for "Solving Virginia's traffic problem," I became interested.

His solution? Republicans should "listen" and then do what Democrats say and increase taxes and fees.

Fresh, new ideas like that will certainly win over the hearts and minds ...

A Wonderful Plan II

When I read in the Washington Times this morning that Delegate Brian Moran, Democrat, 46th District has come up with a plan for solving the problems with "Virginia Transportation," I became interested.

His solution? Republicans should listen and then do what Democrats say and increase taxes and fees.

Fresh, new ideas like that will certainly win over the hearts and minds ...

The Media's Effort Pays Off

Gallup Daily: Obama 49%, McCain 40%

Ignore This Guy At Your Peril

Peter Huber:
A number of influential people in Russia, China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam say the planet is now entering a 30-year cooling period, the second half of a normal cycle driven by cyclical changes in the sun's output and currents in the Pacific Ocean. Their theory leaves true believers in carbon catastrophe livid.

To judge by actions, not words, the carbon-warming view hasn't come close to persuading a political majority even in nations considered far more environmentally enlightened than China and India. Europe's coal consumption is rising, not falling, and the Continent won't come close to meeting the Kyoto targets for carbon reduction. Australia is selling coal to all comers.

On the far side of the environmental curtain China already mines and burns more coal than any other country. Together, China and India control more than one-fifth of the planet's vast coal reserves. [T]he two countries may fire up a new coal plant as often as once a week for the next 25 years, adding about twice as much coal-fired generating capacity as the U.S. has today.

Persian Gulf states are planning significant coal imports, because coal generates much cheaper electricity than oil or gas.
"The Carbon Curtain," August 8, 2008 edition, Forbes.

Oh, They're Against This Too

While Democrats fiddlefart around with wind, solar, and voodoo power, a wealth of potential energy lies just beneath the surface, right here in southern Virginia:

Virginia Is Sitting on the Energy Mother Lode
By Max Schulz, writing in the Wall Street Journal

Amid the rolling hills and verdant pastures of south central Virginia an unlikely new front in the battle over nuclear energy is opening up. How it is decided will tell us a lot about whether this country is willing to get serious about addressing its energy needs.

In Pittsylvania County, just north of the North Carolina border, the largest undeveloped uranium deposit in the United States -- and the seventh largest in the world, according to industry monitor UX Consulting -- sits on land owned by neighbors Henry Bowen and Walter Coles. Large uranium deposits close to the surface are virtually unknown in the U.S. east of the Mississippi River. (link)
The Virginia legislature in its last session toyed with the idea of lifting the ban on uranium mining here in the state, but there was no serious impetus to get it done, so the move quickly died.

Here's what we're up against: An ignorant and cowardly legislative body and an equally ignorant populace. To wit:

Jack Dunavant, head of the Southside Concerned Citizens in nearby Halifax County, is another outspoken critic. He paints a picture of environmental apocalypse. "There will be a dead zone within a 30 mile radius of the mine," he says with a courtly drawl. "Nothing will grow. Animals will die. The radiation genetically alters tissue. Animals will not be able to reproduce. We'll see malformed fetuses."

Yet it is not as if we have no experience with uranium mining, which is in fact relatively harmless. Handled properly, the yellowcake that is extracted is no more hazardous than regular household chemicals (and unlike coal, it won't smolder and combust).
"Nothing will grow. Animals will die." You gotta chuckle at the idiocy.

The facts really make no difference in this discussion. Fools like this Dunavant character will wail about malformed babies (reminiscent of Meryl Streep's heartwrenching - and completely unfounded - warnings about the chemical alar in apples doing the same) and proponents will run for the hills.

My guess is, $4.00 a gallon gas won't change anyone's mind, but temperatures in the home next winter hovering around 38° might get peoples' attention.

Until then, expect more blather about solar and wind and french fry oil.

Kinda makes one want to burst into tears.