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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Quote of the Day

In a Bill Rosen talk radio show exchange between a caller and the Democratic governor of Colorado, Bill Ritter:

Rosen: “Why don’t you think you’d be a good choice [to be Obama's running mate]?”

Ritter: “Well, just because, I think there are a lot of things that he has to take into consideration. I’ve been governor for 18 months. My experience before that was as a district attorney. I loved being a district attorney…but I don’t think that’s what Barack Obama’s looking for in a vice president. I’ve been governor for 18 months. It’s been a great experience. But it’s just 18 months…Obama has to think about experience…levels of experience…”

Caller Richard from Windsor: “Governor, you said 18 months’ experience wasn’t enough experience as governor to be the vice president. Would you want to contrast that with the 143 days’ experience Obama as senator before he decided he had enough experience to be president.”

Ritter: [uhhhhhhhhh ...].


Vote For Obama

Please. And make racism go away.

Otherwise we'll be dealing with insufferable nonsense like this until the end of time:

Southern Discomfort
A journey through a troubled region.

By Christopher Dickey, Newsweek

For as long as I've been alive the old Confederacy has been a land without closure, where history keeps coming at you day after day, year after year, decade after decade, as if the past were the present, too, and the future forever.

Now this part of the country, where I have my deepest roots, feels raw again, its political emotions more exposed than they've been in decades. George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama have unsettled the South: the first with a reckless war and a weakened economy, the second with the color of his skin, the foreignness of his name, the lofty liberalism of his language. Suddenly the palliative prosperity that salved old, deep wounds no longer seems adequate to the task.

And that's the dark side of the hope: it's reminding people of their doubts about a white power structure that some think has never really atoned for its sins. * (link)

As evidence that Southerners are all racist bigots - again (still?) - this lunatic cites a conversation he had in Chattanooga with a 12-year-old kid. A 12-year-old kid.

So we're all still a bunch of racists. And the Confederacy plays a profound role in our daily lives. And the half-white Obama, who is constantly referred to as a black guy by the (northern) mainstream press, had better not venture into the Deep South lest he be lynched - or some such.

So says some guy who lives in Europe.

For the love of God.

* So much for apologies.

Not a Clue

A bit of advice: Barack Obama should stick to speeches about hope and audacity and such crap and not involve himself in substantive issues. Otherwise he comes across as having no idea what he's talking about.

Case in point:

July 7, 2008: “I do not believe that we should use the strategic oil reserves at this point."

Less than one month later: Obama calls for tapping into strategic oil reserves

- - -

* Ya gotta love the mainstream press. Here's how the New York Daily News terms Obama's bald-faced reversal of position:

Barack Obama refines his stance on Strategic Petroleum Reserve

For the love of God.

This Doesn't Boost Confidence

I remember getting on board an Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight a number of years ago (the plane was one of those Brazilian Embraer turboprops), found my assigned seat, plopped down for the journey to a destination not remembered, and found my armrest to be missing.

No. That's not quite right. The entire arm of the seat I was in was gone.

Now I'm sure the airplane mechanics for ASA would argue - rightly - that a missing seat arm has no effect on a plane's aerodynamics or its mechanical functioning.

Those of us who ride in the things, though, are - just as rightly - prompted at such times to wonder if the airline takes as good a care of the engines and wings as they do of the armrests. It's a natural response.

I was reminded of that circumstance when I read this:
Row of seats on United Airlines flight collapses forcing emergency landing at Sea-Tac
By Sonia Krishnan, Seattle Times staff reporter

A United Airlines flight bound for San Francisco from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Sunday evening was forced to make an emergency landing after a row of seats gave way during takeoff and slid into the row behind it, injuring one passenger.

United flight 1139 took off as scheduled at 5:20 p.m., said Robin Urbanski, spokeswoman for the airlines. But minutes later, a bolt holding down three occupied seats in Row 3 loosened and the seats slid backward into the three passengers in Row 4. The pilot turned the plane around and returned to the airport. (link)
That's not a confidence builder, fellas. Today it's the seats in Row 4; tomorrow engine number 4?

Come on.

Let Me Be Precise

Dan R. asks in a comment to a blog post below what the big deal is about Barack Obama decrying the burning of fossil fuels that are contributing to "global warming" and at the same time bopping around the planet in a tricked-out Boeing 757 that burns fossil fuels like there's no tomorrow (pun intended).

It would be like the newspaper editor who weeps for the destruction of the planet's pristine forestlands. When those newspapers are made of something other than pristine forest, the whimpering might come across as being a bit more credible.

More 'Smoke' & Mirrors

More hypocrisy on the "global warming" front:

Branson’s bogus eco-drive
By Stephen Price, The Sunday Business Post

The Virgin boss’s much trumpeted pledge of €1.9bn [jf: $3.7 billion] to tackle global warming is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

In September 2006, Virgin boss Richard Branson pledged €1.9 billion towards tackling global warming. For the next ten years, he announced, the profits from his aviation and rail businesses would go towards combating the biggest, most complex problem that mankind has ever faced.

The promise earned Branson headlines around the world. Media outlets carried photos of him, Bill Clinton and Al Gore at ...

However, a look at the not-very-small print revealed that this amazing gesture would not be a matter of taking the profits from Branson’s polluting industries and using them to protect vast tracts of the Amazon.

In fact, the money would go to a new division of the Virgin conglomerate, called Virgin Fuel. Branson was simply gearing himself up to make more money. But as always, the PR spin was that he’d be doing the rest of us a favour in the process.

While Branson has done little to save the planet and a hell of a lot to pollute it, he can arrange for you to look down upon it. This week he unveiled an aircraft for flying tourists into space. Virgin Galactic (yes, space can be branded too) has built a four-engine, twin-fuselage jet that will carrya spaceship with six passengers up to 50,000 feet to release it for sub-orbital flight. (link)

It amazes me that Richard Branson is hailed as being both an environmentalist and a (fossil fuel wasting) pioneer of space exploration. A gullible press accepts both without seeing any incongruity. The rest of us - normal people - look upon his antics and see him for the snake oil salesman that he is.

Who Can Argue With This?

Until the U.S. opens its offshore waters to oil drilling, it will be seen as the world’s worst energy hypocrite.

And speaking of the Democratic Party ...