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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Energy Emergency?

Americans plead for an energy policy that will bring more resources to market (and stabilize prices). In response, Governor Kaine comes forth with an energy policy ...

... that is aimed at controlling global warming?

Kaine proposes Southern strategy
The Associated Press

White Sulphur Springs, W.Va. -- Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine proposed Monday that Southern states develop a regional approach to creating an energy and climate change policy.

"The issue of energy and how we will we provide power for homes, businesses, transportation has gone from a back-burner issue to a front-burner issue -- thank goodness," Kaine told a meeting of the Southern Governors' Association at The Greenbrier resort.

"There is no doubt that the science shows that climate change is happening," he said.

The South generates more energy than any other region in the country -- and produces more pollution, according to statistics cited by Kaine. (link)
An energy policy that focuses on pollution in an age of energy shortages the likes of which humankind has never witnessed before.

For the love of God.

Our governor, still stuck on stupid.

Tortured Language

Sometimes headline writers can use such twisted terminology, you don't even want to know what the accompanying article is all about (and you fear for the author's sanity). Case(s) in point, these really weird headlines appear in this morning's Roanoke Times:

No early decision doesn't change UVa's incoming class much

Efforts to help youths increase

"No early decision doesn't much ..." what?

"Efforts to help youths increase" their what?

What in God's name is that?

Finally, They Start Reporting

Hey, it turns out that John Edwards was having an affair at the very time that his wife was struggling with cancer! Who knew?

Embarrassingly for them, the man, having confessed that a portion of a tabloid narrative about his infidelity is true, a story that the dinosaur media had refused to investigate, has given the green light to the mainstream press to actually investigate the rumors that have made the rounds for months. The first of many follow-up news items, this comes this morning from the Washington Post:

Edwards Took Mistress on 2006 Presidential Announcement Tour

The flood gates now open.

Too late, fellas. Too late.

Wonderful Words Writ

This from George Will is priceless:
On ABC's "This Week," [Bill] Richardson, auditioning to be Barack Obama's running mate, disqualified himself. Clinging to the Obama campaign's talking points like a drunk to a lamppost, Richardson said that this crisis proves the wisdom of Obama's zest for diplomacy and that America should get the U.N. Security Council "to pass a strong resolution getting the Russians to show some restraint." Apparently Richardson was ambassador to the United Nations for 19 months without noticing that Russia has a Security Council veto.
Thought-provoking. Funny. Biting. Devastating.

Great stuff.

So Which Is It?

The boys over at the Washington Post seem confused. In an editorial appearing this morning (see "Snake Oil"), they make the following two declarations with regard to oil exploration and drilling:

1. "We agree that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, with its varied and sensitive ecosystems, should be preserved. In the quest for new sources of energy, there are trade-offs. That pristine area must remain off-limits."

But with regard to those who say drilling is "environmentally dangerous," they aver:

2. "[N]o form of energy is perfect or without trade-offs. Besides, if it is acceptable to drill in the Caspian Sea and in developing countries such as Nigeria where environmental concerns are equally important, it's hard to explain why the United States should rule out drilling off its own coasts."

So which is it?

To use their words, if it is acceptable to drill in the Caspian Sea, why isn't it acceptable to drill in ANWR?

Be consistent, fellas. You're hurting me.

*Emphasis in quotes mine.


You may remember how Bill and Hillary Clinton were big supporters of the public school system (and its tied-at-the-hip teachers unions) in this country back in the early 90's, but not to the point where they'd allow their young child to come near one. They sent little Chelsea to an exclusive private school, where she wouldn't have to rub elbows with black kids and other mere mortals.

Their attitude seems to be pervasive among Democrat shining lights. This bit of news comes to us via Investor's Business Daily:

When Barack Obama collected the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers, he told the teachers that support for alternatives to the education monopoly amounted to "tired rhetoric about vouchers and school choice."

He recently told an interviewer that he opposes school choice because "although it might benefit some kids at the top, what you're going to do is leave a lot of kids at the bottom."

Not being left behind are Obama's daughters, who attend the private University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. There, tuition ranges from $15,528 for kindergarten to $20,445 for high school. When asked about it during last year's YouTube debate, Sen. Obama responded that it was "the best option" for his children. They had a choice Obama would deny others.

Barack Obama, because he has great wealth, exercises an option that he intends to prohibit other parents from utilizing.

Typical. So typical.

Not True

On this, the New York Times and I disagree:

"There is no imaginable excuse for Russia’s invasion of Georgia."

Actually, there is a compelling reason for Vladimir Putin's invasion of his weaker and semi-defenseless neighbor to the south. Whether we in the West accept it or not is another matter.

The invasion will certainly cower the Europeans (and Barack Obama) into dropping the effort to provide Georgia with NATO membership. (NATO was set up, as you know, to provide common defense against the Soviet Union). There's no way the French and Germans are prepared to defend even themselves these days, much less a little-known Asian country that serves them no purpose.

That may not be a good "excuse" for the bloodshed that's taking place, but it is certainly a good "reason" for the Russians Soviets to have launched their preemptive assault.

For the record ...

So You Wanted To Raise Tax Revenue

Poor fools. They'll never grasp the ingenuity of the average American:
Cigarette Tax Burnout
The Wall Street Journal

Politicians in Annapolis are scratching their heads wondering what happened to all those chain smokers who were supposed to help balance Maryland's budget. Last year the legislature doubled the cigarette tax to $2 a pack to pay for expanded health-care coverage. Eight months later, cigarette sales have plunged 25% and the state is in fiscal distress again.

A few pols are pretending to be happy that 30 million fewer cigarette packs have been bought in the state so far this year. Residents of Maryland's Washington suburbs can shop in nearby Virginia, where the tax is only 30 cents a pack, and save at least $15 per carton. (link)
Take a drive into the eastern shore of Maryland out of Virginia and you'll see, just before you cross the state line, huge billboards announcing the fact that smokes are about to get a whole lot more expensive as you enter the land of Democrat taxation. Couple the phenomenon that's associated with that with the booming commerce being conducted on the internet - tax free. And with friends/relatives buying cigarettes while out-of-state for their put-upon Maryland relatives/associates. The new tax is, in large measure, being ignored.

I've been waiting for the entrepreneur to come out with a new product - shredded tobacco by the 10 pound or 50 pound container, marketed as pillow stuffing or garden mulch, with each package having a bold disclaimer prominently positioned:

"Although the enclosed product is free from impurities and is guaranteed to be harmless if ingested, it is not recommended that this fine Kentucky burley tobacco be smoked or chewed."

Who could blame the manufacturer if the labeling is misread and the product misused?

Anyway, to the point - the do-gooders in Maryland wanted to raise another sin tax. The "sinners" have decided that enough is enough. They've found ways to beat the heavy hand of government.

Here's to 'em.

As The Global Warming Disease Worsens ...

... the hysteria gets ever more crazed. This is so ridiculous, it borders on being silly:
On a planet 4C* hotter, all we can prepare for is extinction
By Oliver Tickell, The Guardian

We need to get prepared for four degrees of global warming, Bob Watson told the Guardian last week. At first sight this looks like wise counsel from the climate science adviser to Defra. But the idea that we could adapt to a 4C rise is absurd and dangerous. Global warming on this scale would be a catastrophe that would mean, in the immortal words that Chief Seattle probably never spoke, "the end of living and the beginning of survival" for humankind. Or perhaps the beginning of our extinction.

The collapse of the polar ice caps would become inevitable, bringing long-term ... Billions would undoubtedly die. (link)
So we're doomed to extinction? Well, somehow, no. Despite the inevitable disaster looming, this fella says we can still legislate our way out of the problem:

"The answer? Scrap national allocations and place a single global cap on greenhouse gas emissions."

But why try if we're all doomed? These guys need to think this through. Emphasis on the word think.

* The author is European, so the reference is either to 4 degrees Celsius or Centigrade.