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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stay Tuned

Pay close attention to exactly how the child genius is going to bring jobs to the area:

Obama to talk jobs in downtrodden rural Virginia

Talk is cheap (ask Obama). A plan would be a whole lot better.

Why Not Just Call Her The B Word?

This seems to me to be a bit excessive:
An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton
By Shanna Flowers, "In the Flow," Roanoke Times

Hillary, L-I-G -- Let it go.

In case you didn't get the memo, you lost. Your continued campaign to upstage Barack Obama, specifically with your jockeying at the Democratic convention validates my early thoughts about your presidential campaign:

This never was about the country, and the women with whom you claimed solidarity or the working-class people you stoked with racial undertones to get their votes. This is about you and Bill and your political legacy and sense of entitlement.

I gave you props for your belated concession speech. But you can't let well enough alone. You, Bill and possibly even Chelsea will monopolize podium time two of the four nights of the campaign. Outside, ... (link)
I'm trying to remember the last time that the winning side in a presidential primary held such animosity toward the loser(s). I come up blank.

Like that proverbial train wreck, this is interesting to watch.

Really? Who'da Guessed.

Bring business to Southwest Virginia and ... business comes to Southwest Virginia:
Intermodal facility may foster new development
By Jeff Sturgeon, Roanoke Times

The placement of an intermodal hub in Elliston has big potential to improve Southwest Virginia as a business location, state leaders and business people said Tuesday.

It will be at least 2010 before the new facilities for shifting freight containers between trucks and trains are ready, but already officials are confidently predicting a sizable boost in jobs and output for the region.

The project positions the region to "get its footing in the global economy," Pierce Homer, Virginia's secretary of transportation, said in announcing that public funding will be available for the Norfolk Southern Corp. project. (link)

A good idea worth supporting. We need the jobs.

Are These Guys This Stupid?

You're not going to believe this one:
Inverted optics: DNCC wraps Obama in upside-down flag
By Ed Morrissey

Maybe the DNCC has kept track of the polling this summer and figures the Democratic nominee is officially in distress. That’s the only explanation for a silly gaffe by the convention committee for the graphics on their credentials for those allowed to see Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at Invesco Field. The holographic image uses an American flag motif with the blue field at the bottom, with Obama’s head emerging from it in one of the two alternating images,

Yes — a flag blowing upside-down. (link)
Is it even possible?

These guys are dangerous.

Photo courtesy of Hot Air.

There Seems To Be No Question Now

McCain crushed Obama in that California debate over the weekend. Even the Democrats' favorite "Republican," David Gergen, thinks so:

Heading into the candidates’ appearances on Saturday night at Saddleback Church, the conventional wisdom in politics was Barack Obama should have a clear upper hand in any joint appearance with John McCain — one the young, eloquent, cool, charismatic dude who can charm birds from the trees, the other the meandering, sometimes bumbling, old fellow who can barely distinguish Sunnis from Shiias.

Well, kiss that myth goodbye.

McCain came roaring out of the gate from the first question and was a commanding figure throughout the night as he spoke directly and often movingly about his past and the country’s future. By contrast, Obama was often searching for words and while far more thoughtful, was also less emotionally connective with his audience.

"Is The Tide Turning?," AC360.com, August 19, 2008

I See My Vote Counted

All you guys out there, raise your hand if you disagree with this scientific finding:
Petite, leggy women with big busts are the most sexually attractive, study reveals
London Daily Mail

Females such as Scarlett Johansson, Raquel Welch and Marilyn Monroe with short slender bodies, large busts and slim limbs have the ideal body shape, according to research.

Dr William Brown, of Brunel University, which carried out the study, said: 'We found that shorter, slimmer females with long slender limbs and larger breasts are more attractive.' (link)
I shudder to think what the research cost.