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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kaine To Annex Eastern Shore Of MD!

How else to explain our governor's response to a question posed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this morning. From the show's transcript (provided by Real Clear Politics):

Of course, the question now is how the choice of Joe Biden will play across the country. Joining us are the governors of two key swing states, Tim Kaine of Virginia, who looked for a while like he was going to be the running mate, and our host here in Colorado, Governor Bill Ritter.

And, governors, welcome to "Fox News Sunday."

KAINE: Great to be with you, Chris.

RITTER: Thanks, Chris.

WALLACE: Governor Kaine, we'll get to your near-miss in a moment, but first let's talk Virginia -- 13 electoral votes, hasn't gone for a Democrat since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. But the polls right now say Virginia is dead even. What, if anything, can Joe Biden do for you in Virginia?

KAINE: Well, first, Joe comes from a state, Delaware, that borders Virginia. The eastern shore part of Virginia and Delaware are not only bordering but very, very similar. And I think there's a lot in common, and Joe understands that.

Virginia's a very military state, so one in ... [my emphasis]
I'll let others decide if Delaware and Virginia are all that much alike. But at what point does Delaware border the commonwealth? Does Kaine even know where "The First State" is? Granted, it's tiny but still, isn't there another state separating us from them? What is Maryland? Chopped liver?

There can be only one explanation for his otherwise bewildering response: Kaine plans on launching an invasion of Maryland, Putin style!

Alas, poor Tim. If only there had been publicly-funded pre-K education when he was young, he may have a better grasp of U.S. geography today.

Click on image to enlarge.

WaPo Comes Out In Favor Of The Biden Pick

Why I'm not sure.

The editorialists there write (in "The Democratic Ticket"):
We haven't always agreed with his judgment, such as his advocacy of de facto partition of Iraq when the war was going badly. Mr. Biden stuck to that plan long after it was convincingly debunked as impractical by U.S. military commanders and Iraqi political leaders, and, like Mr. Obama, he wrongly bet against last year's troop surge.

With a knack for self-defeating and insensitive verbosity, Mr. Biden at times has been his own worst enemy. It has been said that, having been lampooned for this filibustering, he became more disciplined. Perhaps, but we saw a glimpse of the old Biden when he met with The Post's editorial board during his short-lived presidential campaign. Asked about failing schools, Mr. Biden seemed to suggest that one reason so many of the District's schools fail is the city's large minority population and contrasted D.C. schools with those in Iowa. "There's less than 1 percent of the population in Iowa that is African American," Mr. Biden said. "There is probably less than 4 or 5 percent that are minorities. What is in Washington? So look, it goes back to what you start off with, what you're dealing with." The Biden campaign quickly issued a statement asserting that the candidate was referring to socioeconomic status, not racial differences. The lesson we took was not to think that Mr. Biden is a racist -- we don't -- but to worry about his tendency to speak too much before he thinks enough.

Still, anyone with as long a record as Mr. Biden's will have made statements and taken positions that he comes to regret. Mr. Obama fairly decided that bringing experience onto the ticket was worth that price.
Biden is a good choice because he's been in Washington a long time. Now there's reason for a ringing endorsement.

Bush To Veto Boucher's Bill?

Powerful members of the news media think they should be considered a special class of American citizen, deserving of rights the rest of us would not be permitted. Congressman Rick Boucher (Democrat, "Fighting 9th," VA), never one to pass up the opportunity to subserve himself to the dinosaur media in return for fawning - and wholly undeserved - press, came through for them with what is being called the "Free Flow of Information Act."

The mainstream media are happy. Congress is therefore happy.

But wait.

Someone is finally asking the right question about this maleficent bit of (obvious) opportunism: Will this new law further jeopardize national security?
Bush aides would recommend veto on media shield
The Associated Press

Washington (AP) - President Bush's top advisers would recommend he veto a Senate bill to protect reporters from having to reveal their sources, Attorney General Michael Mukasey and National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell said Friday.

In a letter to Senate Democrats, Mukasey and McConnell reiterated their stance that a media shield law could harm national security and encourage more leaks of classified information.

The Bush administration's terrorism policies have been dogged by leaks. Newspapers reported that authorities were listening to Americans' phone calls and reading e-mails without warrants and revealed that the CIA was using prisons to hold terrorism suspects on foreign soil. (link)
So that all the liberals here in Southwest Virginia who think this is a swell idea simply because their boy sponsored it, perhaps I can give it a different title so that they can better understand it. Let's call it "The Hated and Despised Karl Rove Protection Act." Now I've got your attention?

Rick Boucher wants to make it easier for reporters to get their stories. And for government employees to spill national secrets with impunity.

In return, Boucher will claim that he's created 40,000 new jobs in his district (wait, that was last time 'round; I'm sure it'll be 60,000 now) and the press will simply pass it along in feature stories and glowing editorials without challenge. A claim that flies in the face of demographic realities here in Southwest Virginia.

That's what this "Free Flow of Information Act" "You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours Act" is really all about. Bush would be wise to stop it.

Quote of the Day

From Mickey Kaus:
Biden: Maybe when I get to Denver I'll find someone who'll explain to me why Biden is an inspired choice. He doesn't have gravitas. He has seniority. We've been waiting for him to mature for decades. Only Chuck Hagel (his chief competitor as Sunday morning gasbag) could make him look wise.

Quote of the Day II

From George Will:

Obama has ... promised that "we will get 1 million 150-mile-per-gallon plug-in hybrids on our roads within six years."

What a tranquilizing verb "get" is. This senator, who has never run so much as a Dairy Queen, is going to get a huge, complex industry to produce, and is going to get a million consumers to buy, these cars. How?
"Little Rhetoric Riding Hood," The Washington Post, August 24, 2008

Ron Paul, Champion Of Big Government

What in God's name was he thinking? Ron Paul has endorsed the pork king of Alaska? The man who singlehandedly cost the Republican Party its majority in 2006? The co-sponsor of the Bridge to Nowhere?

Say it ain't so, Mr. Libertarian:
Ron Paul endorses Don Young; Parnell proposes ANWR land Swap
By R. A. Dillon, newsminer.com

Former Republican presidential contender Ron Paul has endorsed Don Young in his bid to win an 18th term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Paul, the 72-year-old congressman from Texas whose maverick presidential bid drew wide support in Alaska, sent out a letter to his supporters here urging them to vote for Young.

“Don and I have served together in Congress for many years, and I consider him a friend,” Paul wrote in the letter. “Don has been an outspoken voice against environmental extremists over the years and has strongly opposed the types of federal regulatory overreach advocated in the name of environmentalism.” (link)

That may be all well and good. But Young is also in the pack of legislators in Washington who are spending our country into oblivion.

Where are your principles, Ron?


Nobody bothered to ask Bubba what role his wife was going to play in his administration. Next thing we knew, Hillary was nationalizing our health care delivery system. Almost.

Maybe, for that reason, we should be asking Obama what plans he has for his wife, should he get elected. And if he/she will do to poor people in this country what his wife is doing to them now:
U. of C. shunning poor patients?
By Tim Novak and Chris Fusco, Chicago Sun Times Staff Reporters

Sen. Barack Obama's wife and three close advisers have been involved with a program at the University of Chicago Medical Center that steers patients who don't have private insurance -- primarily poor, black people -- to other health care facilities.

Michelle Obama -- currently on unpaid leave from her $317,000-a-year job as a vice president of the prestigious hospital -- helped create the program, which aims to find neighborhood doctors for low-income people who were flooding the emergency room for basic treatment. Hospital officials say such patients hinder their ability to focus on more critically ill patients in need of specialized care, such as cancer treatment and organ transplants.

"I've heard complaints from a handful of constituents, but I've also had calls from people in the health care profession complaining," said Ald. Toni Preckwinkle, whose 4th Ward is just north of the hospital. "The medical professionals who have come to me are accusing the university of dumping patients on its neighboring institutions. ... Whether it's being implemented in the way that's in the best interest of the patient, I can't tell you." (link)

Dumping patients. Isn't that a manifestation of the kind of "corporate self-interest" that prompted liberals to want to nationalize the health care system in the first place?

I think it's time Obama talked to his wife and got back to us. We deserve to know what this pair is going to do to our elderly and infirm.

At Least Biden Has a Record To Run On

And here it is. He ...
• Voted NO on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

• Voted NO on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence.

• Voted YES on background checks at gun shows.

• Voted NO on more penalties for gun & drug violations.

• Voted NO on maintaining current law: guns sold without trigger locks.

Is Rated F by the NRA.

• Intends to keep the assault weapons ban and close gun show loophole.
Thought you might want to know.


Obama's Shrewd Plan ...

... to get us out of Iraq sooner rather than later. Here's why he picked Joe Biden to be his running mate - to infuriate the Iraqis, who'll soon demand our quick exit from their country:
VP choice Biden unpopular in Iraq for autonomy plan
By Peter Graff and Khalid al-Ansary, Reuters

Baghdad (Reuters) - Senator Joe Biden may be one of the only U.S. politicians that can get Iraq's feuding Sunni, Shi'ite and Kurdish politicians to agree. But not in a good way.

Across racial and religious boundaries, Iraqi politicians on Saturday bemoaned Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama's choice of running mate, known in Iraq as the author of a 2006 plan to divide the country into ethnic and sectarian enclaves.

"This choice of Biden is disappointing, because he is the creator of the idea of dividing Iraq," Salih al-Mutlaq, head of National Dialogue, one of the main Sunni Arab blocs in parliament, told Reuters.

"We rejected his proposal when he announced it, and we still reject it." (link)

If left to his own devices, Mr. Biden, acting as vice president, might be able to reunite all the terrorist factions and bring Osama bin Ladin out of his cave to once again lead the jihad against the USA.

Just like old times when Bill Clinton was running things.