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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Well, If The Media Say So ...

I'm thinking about going to the "racism conference" over at Marshall University in Huntington on Saturday. It should be a great time. I haven't been called a racist since ... what time is it? ... and the food may be free. Sweet!

Be there and you too can be called a racist for the 4,236,234th time in your life:
Racism conference to be held Saturday
Charleston Gazette

A free, public, statewide conference on racism in West Virginia, as spotlighted in this year's Democratic primary election campaign, will be held Saturday afternoon at Marshall University's Memorial Student Center.

Titled "Race, Politics and Stereotypes in West Virginia," the program is sponsored by Marshall, West Virginia State University and West Virginia Wesleyan College.

The session will begin with lunch for registered participants. Those who wish to attend the luncheon should ...

"The media have determined that racial concerns were the primary explanation for results of the Democratic primary election and that race could affect the outcome of West Virginia's presidential vote in November. To support their claims, some media sources have aired interviews with random West Virginians who claim that race is a key factor in their voting decisions. (link)
"... some media sources have aired interviews with random West Virginians who claim ..." From those random interviews (six? seven?) an indictment of American society issues forth.

That's precious. And if those same media-types went down to Galveston today, they'd find some shopkeepers who are doing a brisk business in bottled water, dry cell batteries, and bread. But their happy fortunes don't mean Hurricane Ike was appreciated by the citizenry of eastern Texas.

Or do they? Maybe to the geniuses who write stupid shit as part of the mainstream press - and high-minded academics who live on a different planet - it means exactly that.

Another racism conference. For the love of God.

Somebody's Got Some 'splainin' To Do

Don't you hate it when this happens? You thought you had taped over that porn that you had recorded for your late night viewing ... pleasure ... and your high school students end up seeing a portion of it?

It's still unclear at the time of this posting who has the dirty thoughts over at Floyd High, but it's fair to say, someone at the high school should be in deep doo-doo:
Floyd students glimpse porn
By David Harrison, The Roanoke Times

Students at Floyd County High School briefly glimpsed a pornographic video instead of the film on drunken driving that they had expected to see Friday morning.

Principal Barry Hollandsworth sent a letter home to parents Friday regretting the "unfortunate incident that occurred during the SADD [Students Against Destructive Decisions] meeting today."

"While trying to start a video, several seconds of a pornographic scene occurred on the screen for your child to see," the letter said.

Hollandsworth also wrote that the school has launched a "complete investigation of how it happened and the source of the video." (link)

Embarrassing? Had to be. Criminal? I can't imagine. A firing offense? In a real-world work environment, you bet. We're talking children, after all.

But this is public school, so expect chuckles and rib-pokes among the faculty and student body. And life as they know it will quickly go back to ... normal.

Which should in itself make us all worry.

Quaking In Their Boots

They're baaaaack. And the boys at the Washington Post are sounding the alarm. The Swiftboat Veterans For Truth are soon to reappear (sorta) Run for your lives!
Group With Swift Boat Alumni Readies Ads Attacking Obama
By Matthew Mosk and Chris Cillizza, Washington Post Staff Writers

A new group financed by a Texas billionaire and organized by some of the same political operatives and donors behind the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign against Sen. John F. Kerry in 2004 plans to begin running television ads attacking Barack Obama, a signal that outside groups may play a larger role than anticipated in the closing days of the presidential race. (link)
For those of you who slept through 2004, you should know that it was the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that single-handedly destroyed the candidacy of the Democrats' "war hero" presidential nominee, John Kerry. They did it in the most marvelous - and effective - way. They told the truth about Kerry's service in Vietnam and how the man was undeserving of all the medals that he had received back then. More importantly, and most devastatingly, They recounted to America for the first time the facts surrounding his "combat wounds" that proved to be nothing close to those described by Kerry over the years (I still enjoy the revelation that he wounded himself in the butt when he tossed a grenade into a pile of rice and a tiny piece of shrapnel lodged in his posterior).

Well, the Swifties are back. And Obama - and the Post - have reason to be very, very afraid.

Quote of the Day

On Obama, "change," and related blather:

His record simply does not correspond to his rhetoric.

Mr. Obama's "new kind of politics" - which was based on telling the truth, being a principled politician and treating one's opponents fairly - collapsed once he secured the nomination in June.

Mr. Obama and his surrogates have spent days attacking Mr. McCain's running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, for her inexperience. Highlighting Mrs. Palin's inexperience is a foolish strategy for one whose level of experience is, at best, equivalent to hers.

Mr. Obama has also assaulted Mrs. Palin for not being a true reformer. Yet it is he who has a record of requesting $936 million in earmarks. Mr. Obama's record reveals that he is part of the Washington problem, rather than its solution.

The Illinois senator no longer represents generational change and the future ...

Many voters and critics are still asking: Who is Mr. Obama? He has told us who he is through his record and deeds: a liberal politician who will abandon all his principles at the drop of a hat in order to be elected. This is not new or fresh: It is precisely the "failed policies of the past" that he brilliantly identified, but cannot surmount.
"A debate Obama cannot win," The Washington Times, September 14, 2008

I'm Frightened

You should be too. These guys are in charge of America's well-being:
At a news conference, Rangel said language difficulties with the Spanish-speaking operators of the beach resort contributed to his confusion about the finances of the beach villa. Equally confusing is his version of the facts.

He and his lawyers repeatedly said the price of the beach villa was $82,750. Yet, in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Rangel cited a price of $88,900. Asked about the discrepancy a day later, aides said they were not sure of the origin of the higher figure.

The villa issue surfaced because some years, Rangel reported income from the property in congressional paperwork. Other years he did not. In recent years, Rangel is usually late filing his financial records to Congress.

Rangel's basic defense is that he paid little or no attention to a building he bought, the mortgage he got to buy it or the rent it earned to pay the mortgage. Or the taxes due on someone else paying his mortgage. He claims to have no idea what the house is even worth.
"Tax expert Rangel mangles facts in ethics mess," The Washington Times, September 13, 2008

We're Missing a Word

The Germans have a word for the opposite of luck. It's ungl├╝ck. Or, translated - sorta - into English, unluck. (Misfortune, if you will). I was wondering why we don't have such a word in our lexicon when I read this headline in the New York Times:

Luck Was Key to Dinosaurs’ Survival, Study Suggests

If one takes history in its totality into account, doesn't it follow that ...

Unluck Was Key to Dinosaurs’ Unsurvival?

The Rest Of The Story

If you're interested in what Sarah Palin had to say to ABC's Charlie Gibson before Obama's supporters at the network edited the dialogue and made her words out to be something totally different from what she actually meant, go here.

There was a day when they could get away with this ...