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Friday, September 26, 2008

SW Virginia Is Stunned

If the Obama campaign thought it could make inroads in solidly Republican Southwest Virginia, it can kiss that thought goodbye, what with vice presidential candidate Joe Biden's boneheaded remark in Ohio about his team actually being opposed to clean-coal-fired power plants, just after telling us here that they were pro-clean-coal.

Someone should tell the UMWA leadership that they've hitched their wagon to the wrong horse. First the latest on the reaction of the people of Southwest Virginia to Obama/Biden's subterfuge:
Southwest Virginia Voters Concerned About Biden’s Contradictory Remarks
By Nate Morabito, Reporter, WJHL

A video posted on You Tube of Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden telling an activist he opposes clean coal has people in Southwest Virginia scratching their heads. At a rally in Castlewood, Virginia over the weekend, Biden told his hosts, the United Mine Workers of America, that he supports clean coal in the United States. There he touted a plan that calls for the investment of billions of dollars in clean coal technology. However, days before, he told an activist in Ohio something different.

“No coal plants here in America,” Biden said. “Build them, if they’re going to build them, over there (China). Make them clean because they’re killing you.”

Patty Howard works in Lebanon, Virginia. The self-confessed Obama backer was taken aback by Biden’s comments.

“It kind of made me mad,” Howard said. “They don’t need to tell us one thing one day and tell us another the next day. They need to keep their tails straight.”

Howard says that is especially important when the candidates are talking about coal production in America.

“Coal is our main source around here of living and it’s our income,” Howard said. “If it wasn’t for coal miners, we wouldn’t make much here.”(link)

A feeling shared by many in the coalfield counties of Southwest Virginia.

So how has the United Mine Workers responded? As if they're blind, deaf, and dumb:
United Mine Workers of America Communications Director Phil Smith says Biden’s off-the-cuff remark doesn’t warrant concern. In fact, he says Obama and Biden’s commitment to clean coal is not in doubt. [my emphasis]
That is beyond laughable. It reaches the realm of pitiable. What part of "no coal plants here in America" doesn't warrant concern?

Hat tip to Carl at Spark It Up!!!

While The Gov't Works To End Global Warming ...

... (and flush $700,000,000,000 of our hard-earned income down the Wall Street bailout toilet) ...

... the Earth is on the precipice, with "enormous consequences" in store:
The Day The Earth Cooled
Investor's Business Daily editorial

...[S]cientists involved in NASA's Ulysses project reported that the intensity of the sun's solar wind was at its lowest point since the beginning of the space age — one more indication that the sun, the biggest source of energy affecting the Earth, is getting quiet.

The weaker solar wind appears to be due to changes in the sun's magnetic field, but the cause is unknown. Sunspots, which normally fluctuate in 11-year cycles, are at a virtual standstill. In August, the sun created no visible spots. The last time that happened: June 1913.

The consequences for Earth are enormous. The lack of increased activity could signal the start of what is known as a Maunder Minimum, an event that occurs every couple of centuries and can last as long as a century. It leads to extended periods of severe cooling such as what happened during the Little Ice Age.

It may already be happening. The four major agencies tracking Earth's temperature, including NASA's Goddard Institute, report that the Earth cooled 0.7 degree Celsius in 2007, the fastest decline in the age of instrumentation, putting us back to where the Earth was in 1930. (link) [my emphasis]
While hard data confirm the fact that the Earth is rapidly cooling (as opposed to those infernal computer models that have proven to be wildly unreliable), with, potentially, dire consequences crashing down upon us, both presidential candidates, along with the entire political class in Washington, along with the entire political class on Planet Earth, work to end global warming.

For the love of God.

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

Expect to hear a lot of this from Washington politicians in coming months. "Yeah, I've secured wasteful millions in earmarks for my district but they're nothing compared to that Wall Street bailout":
New Billions in Earmarks Approach Enactment
By Robert Pear, The New York Times

Washington — As Congress tried to cobble together a plan to spend huge sums on a financial bailout, lawmakers also moved Thursday toward final approval of an omnibus spending bill with more than 2,300 pet projects, including a $2 million study of animal hibernation.

Many lawmakers had promised to go on a diet, but their appetite for the pet projects, known as earmarks, has returned as Congress finishes its work for the year and Election Day looms less than six weeks away.

Representative John P. Murtha, Democrat of Pennsylvania, was the apparent winner in the House, with 30 items totaling $111 million, including $24.5 million for the National Drug Intelligence Center in Johnstown, his hometown.

Mr. Murtha told reporters that earmarks were just a tiny fraction of “what the administration wants to bail out those rich guys in New York.”

Other lawmakers said the earmarks were a way of tossing a few bones to Main Street, before the Treasury pours hundreds of billions of dollars onto Wall Street. (link)
Millions here. Hundreds of billions there. And soon ... we have a government and market collapse.

This is all tied together, folks. These people are undisciplined, unscrupulous scoundrels.

Washington is the problem, not the solution. These people need to be stopped if we are going to survive.

How To Go Out Of Business

This grocery store owner in Manhattan (naturally) is trying to make a point to his customers. He's about to find out that his customers will have a point of their own to make in response:
Upscale NYC Market Charges 'Energy Surcharge'
By Carolyn Costello, CBS 2 HD News

New York (CBS) ― The cost of everything seems to be going up lately, making tough times even tougher. Now a supermarket on the Upper East Side is passing an energy surcharge onto customers.

And as CBS 2 HD quickly found out, many shoppers are outraged.

At "Eli's Manhattan" customers are warned with big signs at the checkout counter.

A 1.8 percent surcharge -- for rising energy and fuel costs -- will be added to their grocery bill.

[T]he owner said he wanted to cause controversy with the 1.8 percent surcharge. Instead of burying the cost in the price of groceries, he's pointing it out to get customers thinking and talking.

"To call the public's attention to how much fuel is being used in the food business," owner Eli Zabar said. "In this case, I am making the increase completely transparent to the customer." (link)
So how are Mr. Zabar's customers reacting to his effort? He'd just better hope his is the only grocery in Manhattan:
"I'm really angry about that," one person said. "I won't come back."

"They're a giant rip-off," added another.

"I think it's outrageous," came another reaction. "The prices here are already high, so it doesn't seem fair."
And from Business 101 class:
It's a bad business move according to workplace guru Stephen Viscusi, author of "Bulletproof Your Job."

"It's really not necessary to be charging people extra right now and to be pointing it out to customers," Viscusi said. "At some point consumers feel plain ripped off."
To say the least.

Who does Zabar think he is? The United States government?

Who's To Blame?

If this financial debacle on Wall Street is going to cost me - and every other taxpayer in America - $2,000 to fix, then, by God, I want someone's head on a platter for allowing this to happen.

And I want to start with those most responsible - Washington Democrats Schumer and Frank:

This whole thing is an outrage. Especially when we find out that former Treasury secretaries and former Fed chairmen and even John McCain warned of an impending train wreck and nothing was done to stop the Fannie May/Freddie Mac crash.

These people need to be punished.

- - -

The Roanoke Times this morning, in what can only be considered bad timing and bad luck, with a complete lack of understanding of history, goes after McCain for not having done anything about the problem up until now, and labels his temporary suspension of his campaign as showing that he's "out of touch." The video clip above blows that effort to excuse Obama's feckless behavior all to hell. YouTube provides the proof that McCain tried to bring about reform, but was prevented from doing so by Democrats.

Make Him Squeal

Here's something I didn't know. One of those Marines that Congressman John Murtha defamed during the Haditha mediafest a few years ago is a Murtha constituent!
Exonerated Marine to sue Rep. Murtha