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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hold The Presses.

Now Obama and his sidekick Barney Fyfe are in favor of coal-fired power plants again.


That's right. And they mean it this time:
Obama unveils ad touting coal support
By Michael Sluss, The Roanoke Times

Richmond -- With the presidential race heating up in Virginia, coal is becoming a major issue in the fight between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama.

Obama's campaign unveiled a new television ad Wednesday touting the Democrat's support for so-called "clean coal" technologies, pushing back at Republican charges that Obama and running mate Joe Biden would hurt an industry that is critical to the economy of far Southwest Virginia. (link)

The most ludicrous part of this story? Rick Boucher. Who can always be counted upon for a ludicrous quote or two:

"U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Abingdon, also talked up the Democratic ticket's support for coal Wednesday and accused Republican John McCain's camp of airing "misleading" ads on the issue."

Uh, Rick. America didn't need the Republicans to air Biden's "No coal plants her in America" declaration. They simply need access to YouTube.

Misleading? Only if "We're not supporting clean coal" means something other than "We're not supporting clean coal," because that's what spilled from the man's mouth.

Oh, and get this:

Boucher said Biden affirmed his support for coal during a visit last month to the United Mine Workers of America picnic in Castlewood.

"It was a very successful appearance during which he spent a long time talking about the need for the use of clean coal technology," Boucher said. "He talked about his heritage, where he grew up in a coal-mining community in Scranton, Pa. .
Uh, no, again, Rick. Biden did not talk about his coal-mining community heritage when he came down to Castlewood to gull the gullible members of the United Mine Workers assembled at their annual fish fry. You're being misleading. Biden claimed, laughably, that he was a "hard coal miner," something that came as breaking news to the entire western world.

Anyway, leaving Boucher to his delusions, be forewarned that Obama is for clean coal again.

But stay tuned ...

When Will They Learn?

It's been tried. It failed.
Ballistics tracking urged to ID guns
By Christopher Shaver, The Washington Times

A gun-control advocate told the D.C. Council's public safety committee Wednesday that officials should consider adopting a complex method of ballistics tracking to help identify guns used in the city.

"In crime scenes, what we find are cartridges and no guns," said Joshua Horwitz, executive director of the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. "Microstamping can provide the link between the gun and cartridge."

Microstamping is a process by which a microscopic marking is transferred from the firearm to a cartridge when a gun is fired.

During Wednesday's hearing, Mr. Horwitz said the stamp could then be matched to a manufacturer and the cartridge traced back to the person who bought the weapon.

In California, microstamping of all new models of semiautomatic handguns will be required by 2010. (link)
It probably says enough that the beanbrains who run California have adopted this silly measure. This is the same bunch that has banned obesity, for God's sake.

But why look to California, where microstamping hasn't yet begun? Why didn't the reporter cite the state of Maryland where, at great taxpayer expense, it's been found that ballistic fingerprinting* has been found over time to be a complete waste of effort - and a waste of precious taxpayer money. From the September, 2004 progress report on the state's Integrated Ballistics Identification System:

"The program has simply not met expectations and does not aid the Mission statement of the Department of State Police."

"It is recommended that the Program be suspended ..."

It hasn't worked. Therefore expect the D.C. city council to adopt it with great fanfare.

* Microstamping is not exactly the same as ballistic fingerprinting, but both practices essentially involve the tracing of physical elements that can never be put to practical use.

'The most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history'

Looks like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi learned nothing from the Jack Abramoff and Duke Cunningham scandals:
Congress Needs An Ethics Bailout
Investor's Business Daily editorial

The Washington Times reports that over the past decade, the speaker funneled $99,000 in rent, utilities and accounting charges from her political action committee to Financial Leasing Services, a real estate and investment firm owned by her husband, Paul Pelosi — a practice the House voted to ban last year with Pelosi's support (after which the bill failed in the Senate).

Placing spouses on their campaign and PAC payrolls was one of the key attacks Democrats made against Republicans in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal, most notably during their successful 2006 campaign.

Pumping cash from your own campaign to your husband's firm is a strange way of trying to turn the institution over which Pelosi presides into the "most ethical Congress in history." (link)

Will we soon see Pelosi doing the perp walk? Not likely. She's a Democrat. It's different when Democrats are revealed as being crooks.

What Financial Crisis?

This tells me Congress isn't yet serious about the credit crisis that worsens with each day and threatens to bring the global economy to its knees. The front page of the New York Post says it all:

So you know, both our Senators Warner and Webb voted - without objection - for the "Rescue Plan Package Full of Pork."

The waste includes handouts to -

* Manufacturers of kids' wooden arrows - $6 million.

* Puerto Rican and Virgin Islands rum producers - $192 million.

* Wool research.

* Auto-racing tracks - $128 million.

* Corporations operating in American Samoa - $33 million.

* Small- to medium-budget film and television productions - $10 million.

* Package of tax benefits for fishermen and others whose livelihoods suffered as a result of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill - $223 million.

While Rome burns, these jokers are playing their regular games. Shameful. Just shameful.

* Click on the image to enlarge it.

How'd The Dems Let Her Get Away?

We've gotten so involved in the presidential mud wrestling contest between Obama and McCain that we've completely ignored the other candidates vying for that venerable position. Let's correct that error, shall we?

What's former Democrat - now Green Party candidate for president - Cynthia McKinney up to these days?

Looks like the same old, same old. She's still as batty as ever. Check this out:

Don't laugh when I suggest that the Democrats should consider making her their next Speaker of the House. She is, without doubt, an improvement over the ditze they've got "running things" right now. And she'd be soooo entertaining ...