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Friday, October 03, 2008

The Verdict ...

... comes from Roger L. Simon:
Tonight, Sarah Palin drove another stake in the heart of those fuddy-duddy reactionaries that constitute our mainstream media. Going toe-to-toe with a senator with decades of experience, she more than held her own, giving lie to the media constructed narrative that she was an inexperienced hick from nowheresville Alaska. It demonstrates once again why the media is held in such contempt. For economic and ego reasons, they consider themselves to be our gatekeepers, but frankly they are not that smart. They are not rocket scientists – figuratively or literally. They are certainly no smarter than Sarah Palin. I would be willing to bet that in a free debate with Katie Couric, Palin would come out the victor. (Frank Luntz’s focus group saw her winning literally by acclamation over Biden.) (link)
Expect the mainstream press to tell us otherwise tomorrow. And the next day. And ...

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Michelle Malkin: Sarah Rocks

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New York Times declares Sarah the winner!

Well, not exactly. But this is as close as we'll ever see the ultra-partisan liberals there admit it anyway:

In Debate, Republican Ticket Survives One Test

It must have pained them to write that.

- - -

David Brooks, New York Times, forgetting that the networks can edit their lengthy sit-down taped interviews to make the most sane person look like a blithering idiot - when they want to:

"Where was this woman was (sic) during her interview with Katie Couric?"

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Front page, New York Post:

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Rich Lowry: "She's Back!"

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Dick Morris: "Last night was a big, big win for Sarah Palin."

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Roanoke Times declares Sarah the winner!

See if you can figure this out. On Thursday (see "Stakes are high for veep debate") we were treated to this declaration from the Times editorialists:

"Vice presidential debates are rarely as anticipated -- or as important -- as the one this evening between Delaware Sen. Joe Biden and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin."

And now, after Sarah Palin's performance at the debate? Dan Radmacher, editorial page editor of the same Times:

"I think, in the end, we're back to where we ought to be: The vice presidential candidates really don't matter."

It hurts, doesn't it, Dan?

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From the in-the-Obama-tank loons at the Charleston Gazette yesterday:

"... America's second-highest elective post is just "a heartbeat away from the presidency." Therefore, it's vital that the vice president be a leader of deep wisdom, thorough experience and sound judgment.

Keep this concern in mind as you watch tonight's vice presidential debate - and when you vote, either in early balloting or on Nov. 4."

This morning?

Nothing. Absolute silence.

This Is Probably Right

A new poll is out showing public attitudes here in Southwest Virginia toward the two presidential candidates pre-Palin debate:
Latest Mason-Dixon Poll Shows Southwest Virginia Favors McCain Over Obama
By Gary Gray, Reporter, Bristol Herald Courier

One month before the nation elects its new commander-in-chief, Southwest Virginia voters continue to favor Republican John McCain over Democrat Barack Obama by a healthy margin, according to the latest Mason-Dixon poll.

Voters in the Roanoke/Southwest region of the battleground state say they favor McCain by a margin of 54 percent to 39 percent for Obama, with 7 percent undecided, according to the poll conducted for the Bristol Herald Courier and other Media General newspapers in Virginia. (link)

54 - 39. Looks like it's time for Obama to send his coal-mining running mate down here again. Quick!

What If It Had Been Sarah Palin ...

... who had made this boneheaded remark about the Constitution, rather than the Constitutional law professor.

Boucher Needs To Leave Well Enough Alone

Our illustrious congressperson is on the verge of making himself out to be a bigger jackass than the man he feels the need to defend. I made mention yesterday of a bizarre quote or two that Rick Boucher (D-9th) had uttered regarding Joe Biden's "We're not supporting clean coal" statement of a week or so ago up in Ohio. According to Rick, the McCain campaign has released "misleading ads" about Biden's statement - a statement that a growing percentage of the civilized world has viewed without editing or editorial comment on YouTube (152,065 times,) and counting. Nothing misleading about a video showing lips moving and audio accompaniment. But Rick would have it otherwise.

Well, if Mr. Boucher's statements weren't peculiar beyond comprehension yesterday, we have more today that can best be described as being downright freaky. On the same subject, as reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch:
Rep. Rick Boucher, D-9th, vouched for Sen. Barack Obama's support for clean coal technology and coal's role in the country's energy future, in a conference call with reporters today.

He said Biden "was talking about how dirty Chinese coal plants are and how the only way we're ever going to get those cleaned up and make a contribution that is meaningful globally to addressing the challenge of climate change and rising global temperatures is if we develop here in the United States clean coal technology and then sell them for use in China."
Say what? Biden said what?

That may be what ol' Rick wanted Biden to say when he was blubbering "No coal plants here in America" to that chick in the reception line. Or maybe it's what Joe Coal Miner said to Rick over beers at the local chug-n-puke. But that is nowhere near to being an accurate description of what the man said or meant to say at that rally in Ohio. It's not even a nice try.

Rick does himself no favors by offering up such a ridiculous excuse for Biden's two-faced actions. And beyond that, he's starting to frighten his constituents back home. Quit it, Rick. We're getting worried about you, man.

Hat tip to Boss Hogg.

Probably Didn't Require a Whole Lotta Searching

This is Southwest Virginia after all:

Search turns up moonshine, pot in Carroll [County]

After years of exhaustive investigation and thousands of man hours, law enforcement officers were able to ... knock on any Carroll County door at random and find moonshine and pot in abundance.

Not meaning to impugn the integrity of the good people of Carroll County or anything ...

A Mystery No More

I had always thought there might be a different ending to this tale. But no ...
Remains Are Found at Site of Fossett Plane Crash
By Jesse McKinley and Steve Friess, The New York Times

Mammoth Lakes, Calif. — A day after discovering the wreckage of the plane flown by the millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett when he disappeared 13 months ago, investigators said Thursday that they had found remains at the crash site, a rugged and lonely mountainside in the Sierra Nevada of east-central California.

Mark V. Rosenker, the acting chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, confirmed the finding, saying that while the remains were “very little,” he believed that Mr. Fossett’s identity could be confirmed genetically. (link)

A Mystery No More II

Closure after all these years:
Navy Confirms Lost WWII Sub Has Been Found
The Associated Press

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (AP) -- The Navy has confirmed the wreckage of a sunken vessel found last year off the Aleutians Islands is that of the USS Grunion, which disappeared during World War II.

Underwater video footage and pictures captured by an expedition hired by sons of the commanding officer, Lt. Cmdr. Mannert L. Abele, allowed the Navy to confirm the discovery, Rear Adm. Douglas McAneny said Thursday in a news release.

The Grunion was last heard from July 30, 1942. The submarine reported heavy anti-submarine activity at the entrance to Kiska, and that it had 10 torpedoes remaining forward. On the same day, the Grunion was directed to return to Dutch Harbor Naval Operating Base. The submarine was reported lost Aug. 16, 1942. (link)
There are 74,384 Americans listed as missing from World War II. How many more stories like this one are yet to be told ...

Mickey Kaus Has a Good Point

I think it's clear to most people (Democrats being the exception) that the financial crisis we're battling right now has resulted - in part - from federal largesse being extended to Americans unworthy of government cash contributions efforts. So how does the Senate propose to solve this monumental problem? In part, by including in Bailout Bill II largesse to be extended to the mentally ill in the form of "mental health parity" language.

What's with these people?

See Kaus's comments here (scroll down).