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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daily Kos Has Nothing On These Nitwits

The children who write for the Charleston Gazette editorial page really need to quit reading all those idiotic liberal blogs. In doing so, they might avoid making themselves look like complete fools.

Take for example:
Alaskan women's groups are irked because [Sarah] Palin's town, Wasilla, during her time as mayor, charged rape victims up to $1,000 for medical examination kits used to collect evidence.
Really? Wasilla actually charged rape victims for their medical examination kits? Can they name one?

Let me save them the time, if not the embarrassment. NO.

This from Newsbusters:

In fact, this whole thing looks like another case where the media has been programmed by the nutroots and Democratic operatives.

Yet, the media still repeatedly bring this false charge up at every possible opportunity. The Old Media and the Obama campaign owes (sic) Palin an apology.

Can we expect an apology from either the nutroots or the nuts at the Charleston Gazette?

I'll certainly be holding my breath.

There Went My Morning Wheaties

Let me pause ... for a moment ... to wipe down my ... keyboard.

Sorry, I had to clean up the puke.

I just got finished reading the letter to the editor of the Roanoke Times written by Kitty Boitnott, the president of the Virginia Education Association ("and an advocate for teachers and students"). In it she tells us (I apologize - again - if this is meant to be a joke and I took it seriously) that she was involved in that decision to have teachers around the state all wear blue to school on a particular day to show support for the Democratic Party and/or the Barack Obama presidential campaign (she's sorry for "passing the information along with an encouragement for VEA members to wear blue"), and ...

By an 80 percent majority, the members of our national Representative Assembly this past summer voted to recommend the election of Barack Obama to our members. We did so because he supports funding for our schools, he opposes diverting public funds to private schools, he supports major changes in the No Child Left Behind Act, he opposes making rash decisions about our schools and teacher salaries based solely upon test scores, he supports improving special education services and college student loans, as well as incentives to improve teacher education and quality.

These are the issues that got lost recently when our internal e-mail helped the Virginia Republican Party divert attention from the candidates and their positions.

So what made me convulse?


My goal as VEA president is to lead an organization that focuses on principle and not partisanship. We need the good people of both parties and those with no political affiliation to put partisanship behind them in support of what is best for our students and our schools.

Principle. Not partisanship.

Let's go back to that "... voted to recommend the election of Barack Obama to our members. We did so because ..." And what was that again? She offered words of " encouragement for VEA members to wear blue ..."?

Seems Ms. Boitnott and I have similar problems with gastric issues. She upchucks demonstrably inane (wholly devoid of intelligence) and completely incongruous comments like that and I spew when I read them.

Oops. Sorry ... There went ... the Wheaties ... again. Where's ... that rag ...

I Have a Question

Considering the fact that the Roanoke Times editorial page - known throughout the region for its virulently leftist anti-war, anti-America fervor - is on record as advocating that we abandon our troops in Iraq to their fate, is the word "combat" used in the headline of one of this morning's editorials a verb or a noun?

Don't shirk our duty to combat vets

You never know about these guys.

Help Me Out Here

Aren't these guys supposed to inspect bridges before they collapse?

VDOT officials investigate Giles County bridge collapse

Yeah, I know. They "inspected" it last year.

Maybe it was this same inspector that had one lane of the East River Mountain Tunnel closed down on Sunday. Should I be fearing for my life?

A Winning Strategy

You know the Republicans are on to something when the Washington Post comes out and launches a vicious attack to try and thwart the effort. What exactly is the Post worried about?

That Obama/terrorist thing:
From Ayers to Osama?

When Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Sen. Barack Obama was "palling around with terrorists," that was offensive -- but not offensive enough, apparently, for Del. Jeffrey M. Frederick, chairman of the Virginia Republican Party. By "terrorists," Ms. Palin was referring to 1960s radical William Ayers, but Mr. Frederick recently went further, linking Mr. Obama to Osama bin Laden, telling McCain campaign volunteers that "both have friends that bombed the Pentagon." "That is scary," Mr. Frederick said, according to a report in Time magazine. Mr. Frederick, a 33-year-old state delegate from Prince William County, is known for his bombast, but his latest rhetorical blast was ill-timed and unnecessarily provocative. As surrogates for the Republican and Democratic nominees trade verbal jabs and riled crowds shout racially loaded lines, the Republican Party chairman in hotly contested Virginia shouldn't up the ante with such an outlandish comparison. (link)
"Outlandish." An interesting choice of words to be used by those who wrote over 100 news articles and editorials about the use of the non-word macaca.

Frederick must have struck a nerve at Obama Election Headquarters located in the Washington Post editorial boardroom. He'd do well to now make them squeal in pain.

- - -

The Roanoke Times editorial page is in a snit about Frederick's comments as well, calling them "despicable." Worried, fellas?

A Tale Of Two Krugmans

Were you as surprised as I was to hear that the New York Times's resident lunatic had been awarded a Nobel Prize in economics yesterday?

Investor's Business Daily explains how that could possibly have come about. Much to my surprise, Krugman wasn't always a nut:
Pity The Prize

Some who hear the Nobel news might be surprised if they only know Krugman from his career as a left-wing columnist, not as an economist. To give him his due, the Princeton professor had a distinguished academic career stretching from the 1970s to the late 1990s — a period when it's fair to say he broke new ground in economics, particularly trade theory and economic geography.

During this time, he wrote three quite good books: "Peddling Prosperity," "The Age of Diminished Expectations," and "Pop Internationalism." He was a very good economist.

But then something happened: He fell off the political deep end, becoming at times an unhinged ranter against all things Bush, Republican and conservative. Nothing wrong with that, except it affected his once-lucid economic thinking.

Starting in 1999, when he began writing regularly for the Times, he started pushing weird, discredited left-wing economic notions in the media for all to see. Many in the economics profession were alarmed, to say the least. (link)

So, you see, we can blame the New York Times for Krugman having gone insane. Helps explain a lot of things.

As for the Nobel selection committee, the one that has decided to confer this once-prestigious honor on the likes of Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and now Crazyman, no credible explanation has been offered up to date for their collective mental illness.

What Was That About Conservative Anger?

Nothing, nothing ever said or done by people on the right compares to this. It is simply frightening. Watch as peaceful marchers walk through the streets of the Upper West Side of Manhattan carrying McCain signs:

This from the crowd that wants to "unite America." Well, unite that part of America that remains after the elimination of everyone who disagrees with them anyway. Or else.

The intolerance - the boos, the cursing, the middle-finger gestures, the taunts, the screaming, the confrontational attitudes - is sobering. Osama bin Ladin wouldn't get this kind of reaction if he were to walk through the streets of Manhattan. Manhattan.

These people (who John McCain once nearly gave his life in defense of) sicken me.

Yeah, But He's a Democrat

So what if a (married) sitting congressman is caught offering up hush money to a former aide with whom he had been doing the horizontal bop, so as to keep the sordid tale from being known by the voting public, is ten times worse than a sitting congressman text-messaging young boys? He's not a Republican. Therefore ... shut up, go about your business, and let him and his fellow Democrats run the planet.

Besides, it's only about sex. Again.

- - -

Oh, sorry. I forgot to include a photo of Congressman Tim Mahoney:

It depends, I guess, on your definition of the word "stand."

What a ...

... beanbrain.