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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama Vows To Decimate The Coal Fields

Yesterday we heard Southwest Virginia Democrats (and D.C. resident Rick Boucher) try to make us believe Barack Obama is a friend of the 2nd Amendment. An offering that is laughable to those concerned about their Constitutional rights on its face.

And today? How about him bragging (in San Fransisco, naturally) that the energy policies that he's going to put in place include one that is intended to bankrupt any company that attempts to build a coal-fired power plant. Ever again.

Don't believe me?

From a transcript of an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle this past January:
Let me sort of describe my overall policy.

What I've said is that we would put a cap and trade system in place that is as aggressive, if not more aggressive, than anybody else's out there.

I was the first to call for a 100% auction on the cap and trade system, which means that every unit of carbon or greenhouse gases emitted would be charged to the polluter. That will create a market in which whatever technologies are out there that are being presented, whatever power plants that are being built, that they would have to meet the rigors of that market and the ratcheted down caps that are being placed, imposed every year.

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted. (link) [emphasis in the original]

But, you say, Obama and Biden have come here in recent weeks and declared themselves to be friends of the coal industry. There's no way Obama said this.

Well, here's the audio:

Barack Obama is hereby banned from ever visiting Southwest Virginia again. What a weasel.

And any adult male or female living in Buchanan, Wise, Dickenson, Tazewell, and Russell Counties who votes for this guy deserves to lose his or her job.

- - -

A tip of the hat to all my comment and email buddies.

Liars Club Meets In Abingdon

When it comes to Barack Obama and the 2nd Amendment, we can either believe Barack Obama or we can believe the Democrats who gathered in Abingdon yesterday to tell us what Barack Obama really means but hasn't said:
Democrats Urge Voters To Disregard NRA Attack On Obama On Gun Rights
By Amy Hunter, Reporter, Bristol Herald Courier

Abingdon, Va. – Virginia will play a major role in Tuesday’s election, every vote is vital and Barack Obama supporters should not believe a last-minute campaign attack by the National Rifle Association, local Democratic leaders said Saturday while rallying the faithful.

Speakers urged voters to disregard the NRA’s advertising campaign, which on Friday included an ad in the Herald Courier stating that Obama, if elected, would wage an assault against the Second Amendment. In addition, speakers told the crowd that Tuesday’s edition of the newspaper will be tucked inside an NRA bag, which will be distributed to the newspaper’s home-delivery customers.

“Barack Obama is going to protect our right to bear arms,” Mary Lynn Tate, chairwoman of the Washington County Democrat Committee, told a crowd of more than 350 at E.B. Stanley Middle School. “Don’t believe a word of it.”

U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va., echoed Tate’s message.

“Barack Obama is a friend of gun owners,” Boucher, who represents Southwest Virginia, told the crowd. “He respects the Second Amendment ... . He’s had that position for a long time.”(link)

Rick Boucher learned the English language from Bill Clinton. The key words in that whopper are "a long time." How long is long?

In 1996 the man was about as anti-2nd Amendment as one can get, this side of communist Cuba.

But that was then. Before that "long time" set in, one must imagine.

Either that, or Boucher and company are lying through their teeth.

You decide. See you Tuesday.

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* Special note to my NRA: It infuriates me that you continue to support Congressman Rick Boucher year after year. This, genius, is what you get.

This The Best You Can Do?

Sam Rasoul, the Rodney Dangerfield of American politics.

With great fanfare, John Conyers showed up at some point in time recently (why no date?) in Roanoke to support the candidacy of poor Sam Rasoul.

Who? For whom, you ask?

That would be the demented (literally) old man who chairs the House Judiciary Committee and some kid who decided to run as a Democrat against sitting Congressman Bob Goodlatte in the 6th District because nobody else was foolish enough to waste his time and money.

This was such a momentous event that, as best I can tell, the signature newspaper in Roanoke didn't even bother to report on the Michigan congressman's visit. It was that ... eventful.

I suppose it says something too that Star City Harbinger "broke the news" by simply reprinting, seemingly verbatim, a Rasoul press release.

What's that saying about a tree falling in the forest with no one around?

Trejbal Makes Me Laugh

I have a suggestion, after reading Roanoke Times columnist Christian Trejbal's silly editorial piece about the influence that churches-as-polling-places have, subconsciously, on voters. First, a snippet from this gem:

The peaceful moment alone with the voting machine is an illusion. Take a minute to look at your surroundings on Tuesday; your subconscious is.

Researchers have found that where we vote affects how we vote, even if we do not realize it.

People in half of Montgomery County's precincts must vote somewhere that could have a much greater subliminal influence on them, a place where contextual priming and construct activation -- in the research lingo -- shape what people do every day.

Half of the precincts vote in churches.

Pulling up to the polling place, crosses -- all of the churches used for elections around here are Christian -- create a church mindset. The devout feel the pressure of their faith community as they pass icons and inspirational posters that promote religious causes.

No matter how rationally they studied the ballot at home, it's difficult to vote against the candidate who supposedly aligns better with the pulpit or against the ballot measure that condemns abortion or gays when you believe Jesus is looking over your shoulder on holy ground.

I'm tempted to ask this kid what a "church mindset" is. But I'm afraid he'd have an answer.

But to his point about stupid people wandering into America's voting places, not knowing for sure why they came there, or what they intended to do once they got there, and whose opinions can be easily affected by the sight of church pews lurking all around them, may I suggest:

We ban stupid people from voting?

That way, Obama's followers will be assured victory and we don't have to worry about undue "church mindset" influences on elections ever again.

A happy world we'd then live in, eh, Christian?

Hey, I Was Only Trying To Get Elected

All that bluster about giving tax breaks to 95% of America and improving our schools and fixing health care and making the USA energy-independent in five years and uniting all Americans and helping the poor and healing the sick ... well, come on. Don't take all that literally:

Barack Obama lays plans to deaden expectation after election victory

He'll pull it off too. Like Clinton before him, Obama will accomplish nothing in office and will be lauded for it. The media will see to that.

Déjà vu all over again.

Gotta Love Them Muslims

Girl Is Stoned to Death in Somalia After Reporting Rape

Obama is going to change the world? He might start with those who practice his father's religion.

For the love of God.

No, No Bias Here

We go from New York Times articles on John McCain's self-absorbed, standoffish, drugged-up, spiteful, loser of a wife to this:

Michelle Obama wears it well

Christ almighty.

What Matters

I know there aren't any skyscrapers collapsing into the streets of New York or Americans having their heads separated from their shoulders in Karachi, so foreign policy is - for now - unimportant to those who intend to simply vote for the guy who promises to have their government tax them less and pay them more, but this analysis - to the non-simpleminded - will hit home:
On Foreign Policy, It's Ace Vs. Amateur
Investor's Business Daily editorial

In foreign policy, John McCain talks experience, and Barack Obama promises change. The latter gets support abroad, but his old and amateurish ideas are less likely to effect change than his cutting-edge rival's.

McCain is the ace in foreign policy, not the much-applauded Obama. McCain has played pivotal roles in opening Vietnam to trade, passing the North American Free Trade Agreement and encouraging the color revolutions of Eastern Europe. He's visited most countries and knows that foreign policy works by keeping one's word first, not by projecting an ideology or personality. It will work.

Obama, by contrast, shows neither interest nor experience in foreign affairs, and defers to 300 advisers, mostly from left-wing think tanks. In the Senate, he's done nothing. He's recently traveled only to the warhorse trails of foreign policy in Europe and the Middle East, and not the emerging new democracies visited by McCain. It's inadequate and won't work. (link)

Obama intends to change the world. As soon as he finds it.

It's time to reflect on that which brought about 9/11.

And It'll Only Get Worse

Obama may consider us selfish for not wanting to fork over any more of our hard-earned income to that government that he loves so much, but there's a reason why we've had enough of it. It's because they're getting enough of it.

And then some:
Out-Taxing Europe
New York Post editorial

Question: What do welfare-state behemoths France, Sweden and Germany have in common?

Answer: A national tax code significantly less redistributive than that in the United States.

This surprising fact is hidden in a recent report from the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: America leads the developed world in the proportion of its tax burden borne by its top earners.

The finding lends unsettling context to Barack Obama's promise to "spread the wealth around."

Clearly, the country already does that just fine, thank you very much. (link)

A tax code that is more redistributive than socialist Europe's.

For the love of God.

- - -

The Washington Post, which has endorsed Obama, also endorses the idea of more redistribution this morning:
"I don't know when we decided to make a virtue out of selfishness," Mr. Obama said in Missouri on Friday. Not quite "ask not what your country can do for you" lyricism. But a start, perhaps, in explaining to the country the essential common sense of supposed gaffes: It is patriotic, as Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. said, for the rich to pay more for a country that has helped them gain more; it is"good for everybody," as Mr. Obama told Joe Wurzelbacher, when you spread the wealth around. These represent, in fact, a rather mainstream view -- and not a bad governing philosophy for the country in its current straits.
They've got it. We want it. Seize it.

America, 2008.

Cut Us Some Slack

I wish this guy would get over himself:

Obama: 'I Will Change The World'

Like he changed the city of Chicago:

Hudson Deaths Latest Chapter in South Side Chicago Violence

Gimme a break.

The worst part, there are millions of people in this country who are buying into the man's schtick.