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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Best Headline Of The Campaign

A portent of things to come:

In Missouri- 18,000 Rally With Palin!... While 400 See Joe Biden

Expect the mainstream press to continue to NewtGingrichDonaldRumsfeldDickCheneyTomDelayRonaldReaganMacaca the woman in the meantime. They'll fight her ascendency with everything they've got.

And they'll probably succeed. Again.

Let 'em Search Me

O yeah?

A reminder for Tuesday: The Virginia State Board of Elections adopted a ban on clothing, hats, buttons or other items that advocate the election or defeat of a specific candidate or issue.

In plain English that means no political clothing or buttons at the polls Tuesday. The ban is effective inside polling places and in a perimeter of 40 feet from polling place entrances.

Well, I'll be wearing my (edible) (see-through) (jasmine-fragranced) Fred Thompson-for-President bikini underwear today. Let them try and take them from me before I vote.

Let Me Try & Picture This

Doesn't this come under the heading of "cruel and unusual punishment"?

Judge sentences man serving life to 37 additional years

37 years to be served after he dies. Won't the guy be all gooey and stinky by the time he's to be set free? Isn't that a bit harsh?

What a Neat Idea!

The Roanoke Times this morning comes out in support of federal investment in America's infrastructure. An effort we should all be willing to endorse. See "A better option for an economic recovery package."

But didn't Congress already provide massive amounts of tax dollars to this project in 2005?

Didn't we call it a "transportation bill"?

And wasn't that transportation bill loaded down with so many pork-barrel projects that roads and bridges became a secondary concern?

And isn't that the transportation bill that made our Congressman famous with his horse trail to nowhere? A horseback riding trail, for God's sake, in a transportation bill?

I still shake my head in wonder when I read this from the New York Times, May 14, 2005:
Don't be discouraged by this week's report that traffic congestion is worse than ever across America. Relief is on the way from Congress, thanks to one of the designated 3,800 "high-priority projects" in the new highway bill. It's a new transit system guaranteed to free you from bumper-to-bumper traffic, as long as you have a horse.

This addition to the nation's transportation infrastructure is the brainchild of Representative Rick Boucher, a Democrat from the southwestern Virginia mountains that Daniel Boone traversed on the way to Kentucky. Mr. Boucher secured $750,000 of highway money for the "construction of horse trails and assorted facilities" in Jefferson National Forest.
So the boys over at the Roanoke Times, in their infinite wisdom, want another "transportation" bill formulated and sent up. I'm not sure my laugh-o-meter can take another one, guys.

How 'bout we just take those dollars and burn them in the fireplace instead? That way we can defray the costs - in a very small way - of our energy bills that are soon to skyrocket, what with Obama becoming president and our sources of reasonably priced energy being forever destroyed.

Ya Think?

Fred Barnes:

We Could Be In for a Lurch to the Left


A Flawed Business Model

Just as Kmart tried to be like Wal-Mart, without the every-day low prices, and a little like Target, in locations where the demographics no longer made it work, so Circuit City tried to be like Best Buy. But without the broad assortments and depth of merchandise, and without the aggressive pricing.

Circuit City Shrinks In Bid to Save Cash
Retailer to Close 155 Stores, Cut 17% of Jobs
By Ylan Q. Mui, Washington Post Staff Writer

Circuit City is shutting down 155 U.S. stores and laying off 17 percent of its workforce as sales continue to slump along with a sharp slowdown in consumer spending, the company said yesterday.

The struggling Richmond-based electronics retailer said it hoped the moves would help cut costs and conserve cash. (link)
Can Circuit City pull itself out of this downward spiral? Yes. But the current business model must be scrapped first, with radical change following closely on.

But, as Kmart has shown, that's easier said than done.

In Answer To Boucher's Lies ...

... Investor's Business Daily provides the truth about Obama's intentions for the coalfields of Southwest Virginia. And for the country:

"So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can," Obama said. "It's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted."

Isolated gaffe? No. On his own Web site, Obama declares:

"Once we make dirty energy expensive, the second step in my plan is to invest $150 billion over the next decade to ensure the development and deployment of clean, affordable energy."

In other words, Obama's plan is confiscatory taxes to first destroy America's domestic energy producers, and once that bridge is burned, force the U.S. to rely on alternative energies that haven't been developed. The big-government plan might make ideologues happy, but in the real world, it won't work. History shows that centrally planned industries fail, and when there's an energy shortage, the private sector works best when it's left alone.

"Centrally planned industries." In the United States of America.

Well, I guess it worked really well for the Soviet Union. Why not?

- - -

* With regard to "Boucher's lies," you can read them here.

A Strange Election

This from the latest Gallup poll best sums up Obama supporters' attitudes on the day we elect the next leader of the free world and the commander-in-chief of the mightiest fighting force the world has ever known. When asked why they are supporting Mr. Wonderful, 2% say it's because he's experienced and/or qualified.


Two percent.

It doesn't reflect in this poll, but if they were to be honest with themselves (and Gallup had the guts to ask), these Obama supporters would answer (85%? 90%?) that question: Because he's black.

How else to explain the fact that a man who is shockingly unqualified, and who is accepted by these geniuses as being unqualified, gets their votes anyway? That "change" thing? Is that really what it's all about? Even though it's Obama's intention - his "change" thing" - to provide an ever-expanding government with more and greater expansion?

No, the only change from the past will be the color of the President's skin.

The color of his skin.

Some will call that ... progress.

- - -

Poll courtesy of the Gallup organization.

Democracy's Weakness Exposed

Jonah Goldberg on today's enlightened voters:

Glory Be to the Brave Undecideds


"Sheen, of Lincoln, Nebraska, says his vote is coming down to one issue: abortion. Sheen says he's 'definitely pro-life' and he's trying to decide whether Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain is more in line with his views.

We can expect Sheen to become fully informed and make a reasoned decision some time in the next few weeks. Before then, though, is there any doubt who's going to get his vote?

- - -

* For those of you who live in this fella's world and who are as informed, Obama is the only politician on the national stage - in the entire history of the United States - who not only promotes abortion actively, but had actually voted against a measure in Illinois that was intended to provide protection (in the way of physician assistance) to babies who were accidentally born (!) in the state's infamous abortion mills. He preferred that the little kids died - as intended.

Yeah, Blame The TV Show

Teens who can't keep it in their pants are more likely to bring about pregnancy:

Teens who watch Sex in the City more likely to get pregnant

Teens who watch Sex in the City are more likely to grow up to be vegetables.

There Can Be No Other Explanation ...

... for the San Francisco Chronicle's silence all these months that Barack Obama has been declaring himself to be a "friend of coal" while plotting to destroy the livelihoods of tens of thousands of coal miners around the country. While the paper sat on the biggest story of the entire election season.

Mark Steyn sums it up:
There is no explanation for the Chronicle's action if they're in the newspaper business (ie, in attracting readers, selling copies, etc.). But it makes perfect sense if they're in the ideological PR business in hopes of electing politicians sufficiently grateful to include them in the next $700 billion bailout.
Shame on them.

They Can Share Mine

Of course they'll have to get permission from the Lutherans and the Presbyterians, who lease the building on all other days when it's not being used as a polling place:

Nudist group wants clothing-optional polling site

Shoot, I might even go and vote twice. And take some popcorn and a lawn chair. A few brewskies. My Nikon ...

A Fair Critique

I have, in the past, called Representative Jack Murtha of Pennsylvania a "fat bastard." One can debate whether I have the right to say such a thing. Propriety, and all.

But there's no arguing the fact that this guy has earned the right. And I'll bet he speaks for a lot of Marines:
Marine vet at Russell rally: Murtha a 'fat little bastard'
By Alex Roarty, PolitickerPA.com Reporter

New Stanton -- Republican congressional candidate Bill Russell's rally on Sunday featured several Iraq war veterans vehemently criticizing U.S. Rep. John Murtha (D-Johnstown), who they say betrayed them when he said troops in Iraq killed innocent civilians in Haditha "in cold blood."

During the rally, Shawn Bryan, a former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps., said Murtha visited his unit in Iraq in 2005. At the time, Murtha told the troops "what a great job we did," Bryan said, only to see him tell his district back home he no longer supported the effort.

Bryan said he didn't put his life on the line for his country "just so some fat little bastard can come back and run his mouth." (link)
Denigrating the troops in the field isn't the main reason why the fat little bastard needs to be defeated. That just makes him another despicable Democrat. But it is a good reason just the same.

Whither My Generation?

Amy Alkon has it right:

We've Come Almost Full Circle

Back in the 60s, it was "question authority" and "never trust anyone over 30." In 2008, the prevailing thinking seems to be "relinquish authority," and "let government do it," along with blind trust that government is good and will do "it" right -- whatever myriad things "it" may be.

At what point will the believers have their naivete yanked? And what happens then? Do people start thinking instead of looking for "hope" and "change" from their big, over-promising Federal nanny?

We were once proud of our fierce independence. And we looked upon government as being a necessary evil. It's what set us apart from the rest of the world. Now we fear independence. We cower. And we look to the government for answers that government is not equipped to provide. Ever.

How did we come to this?

The Quintessential Obama Supporter

What do you suppose prompted this Obama admirer to do this?
Flag-waving gunman closes Calif. highway for hours
By Erica Werner, Associated Press Writer

Santa Barbara, Calif. – A masked gunman waving an American flag and a handgun on a freeway overpass surrendered to police Monday after forcing a traffic shutdown for hours.

The man gave himself up at midmorning west of downtown Santa Barbara at Highway 101, a major route along the California coast. No shots were fired. Traffic was backed at least three miles in each direction.

The man agreed to give up after he was allowed to attach a Barack Obama campaign sign and the flag to the overpass railing, said police Sgt. Jim Pfleging.

Police identified the man as 28-year-old Eddie Van Tassel. Pfleging said the man is believed to be a service veteran and will receive a mental health evaluation.

The man, wearing a ski mask and brown fatigues, had the flag in one hand and the gun in the other when officers arrived on the highway's La Cumbre Avenue overpass just after 7:10 a.m., said police Sgt. Lorenzo Duarte.

As for the man's motive, Duarte said, "The reason appears to be anti-war, but I don't know the specifics." (link)
An Obama-supporting, gun-wielding peacenik. You can't make this stuff up.

So what did this nut find attractive in Barack Obama, we might ask? Probably the same things millions of other nuts out there found in the man. Damned if I know what they might be, though.

I can only guess he wanted ... change.