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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Boucher Should Be Very Afraid

For the first time in history, the coal counties of Southwest Virginia, without exception , went for the Republican candidate for president. This after once-revered Congressman Rick Boucher stuck his neck out and tried to smear lipstick on Obama's "I'm going to destroy the coal industry" porker. This despite the fact that Boucher thought he could scam the people into thinking Obama didn't say what he clearly said about the future of their way of life .

The truth hit home and the people of the coalfields have been heard loud and clear.

But did Boucher listen?

The election results* by county:

Obama even lost Dickenson County. No small feat.

Was that an earthquake I felt yesterday? A tectonic shift in political attitudes? Did Ralph Stanley finally get the message?

Though not a "coal county," it's worth noting that Obama was trounced as well in Boucher's own back yard - Washington County:

Does this mean that the Democratic reign of terror that has held the area in its party's grip since the Civil War is finally over here in Southwest Virginia? Is the writing on the wall for Rick Boucher?

On that point - we'll never know if the Republican Party never fields a challenger to the man.

- - -

It should be noted, proudly, that Obama lost BIG in every county in Southwest Virginia except that liberal enclave of clueless Virginia Tech students and faculty - Montgomery.

You guys rock!

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* Data source Virginia State Board of Elections
** Click on the images to enlarge.

The Data ARE In, Fools

The Roanoke Times this morning wants you to believe that global warming is occurring. And that Barack Obama was merely stating the obvious when he said he was going to bankrupt coal companies that try to build coal-fired power plants.

Global warming? Been reading the newspapers lately, fellas?
Traditional coal plants have no future

Nearly a year ago, Barack Obama mentioned that a cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions, like the one he favors, would make traditional coal power plants too costly to run. Contrary to the spin in the final days of the campaign, this is no great scandal. Rather it is a realistic view of things to come.

The science is in, and the world must significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent the worst consequences of a warmer planet. America, as one of the largest emitters, will have one of the hardest, most expensive roads to tread.

Coal and fossil fuels will remain part of the nation's energy portfolio for the foreseeable future, but not in their current form. (link)
A few points:

1) It's easy to dismiss Obama's comments as being "a realistic view of things to come." I'm guessing we'll get a whole lot of that kind of apologia and farfetched rationalization over the next four years. Strap yourselves in.

2) Cap-and-Trade is a tax. A massive shift of wealth from those who produce to the government. Nothing more. It has nothing to do with global warming. Ask the Europeans.

3) The editorialist is right about one thing. The science is in. And unlike all those flawed computer models that can be programed to produce any and all results, actual global temperature data show the earth to be cooling, not warming.

So much for the underlying argument that something must be done.

4) As for that "Coal and fossil fuels will remain part of the nation's energy portfolio for the foreseeable future, but not in their current form," what other form are they going to take, genius? Are you referring to that silly carbon sequestration technology that doesn't exist and will never get off the ground? Is there some kind of technology that is going to transform existing plants - which burn extremely clean now - to something not yet discovered (except in liberal gagglefests?)

There is no alternative to existing coal technology except nuclear, dude. And we ain't goin' there.

So, got a rabbit in that hat?

Is Obama going to invent new technology in January that's going to replace the only viable technology that exists at the present time?

5) Expect Congress to pass sweeping - and economically devastating legislation despite (1) through (4) - first thing next year.

Obama Wins

McCain second.

Boucher Wins

Two more years.

Warner Wins

In a way, I'm not overly disappointed in this outcome. We've replaced one liberal Warner with another, so it's hard to see the sky falling in the loss of this seat to the Democrats.

Besides, it's not as if Mark Warner really has any kind of agenda he'll be taking with him to Washington. Does anyone remember anything he said during the campaign?

I didn't think so.

He'll vote the way he's told to vote, as Jim Webb does. And life will go on.

Goodlatte Wins Big

As expected.

Well, We Got That Over With

... the color of his skin.

Obama Wins Election as First African-American President of U.S.

Barack Obama elected nation's first black president; McCain concedes

Obama sweeps to victory as first black president

Obama first black President of US

Fine. Now can we go back to choosing our presidents based upon their experience and qualifications?

Where It All Began

Rick Boucher has attempting to credit John McCain for having brought up that clip of Obama declaring war on the coal industry. A disingenuous effort. But then Boucher is a slimy Democrat.

In fact, the credit goes to something called Naked Emperor News. It was these guys who found the clip on the San Francisco Chronicle website and published it for all the world to see - on YouTube.

As has been the case in recent years, the web leads; the dinosaur press follows ... ever ... so ... slowly.

Hey, This Could Make For a Fun Fall Festival

Look closely.

You're probably wondering what's going on in this photo.

Trust me, you really don't want to know ...

Not really.

But if you must ... click here.