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Saturday, November 08, 2008

I Hadn't Thought Of That

The Roanoke Times is suggesting this morning that now would be a good time to buy - and hide - another Bible. Before Barack Obama's national security force knocks on the door to take them away:

People are scared Obama will redact the Second Amendment.

"He's a gun-snatcher," Jim Pruett, owner of Jim Pruett's Guns and Ammo in northwest Houston, told The Times. "He wants to take our guns from us and create a socialist society policed by his own police force."

No he doesn't, but it sure does work well as a sales pitch. Works even better if folks are reminded that Obama once said some people "cling to guns or religion."

Better stock up on Bibles, too.

He is, after all, a (closet) Muslim. Thanks, RT, for providing us with a warning.

And a Black Guy Wouldn't Hurt

Analysis: Va. GOP seeks strong message, messenger

So What Does It Mean?

We wake up to the joyous news:

Warner enjoys overwhelming win over Gilmore in U.S. Senate race

And what does that bring?

Centrism. "Radical centrism."

Don't even bother to try to figure that one out. You'll just hurt yourself. It's beyond human comprehension.

Warner's enjoying himself. That's the important thing.

Not Without a Permit, Pal

America, 2008:

Bedford Co. to address permits for worship

You Obama fans probably see nothing menacing about this.

The Founding Fathers thought otherwise.

Homosexuals Call For Boycott Of 30 States

Well, no. Only Utah, for some reason.

Why they won't go after the other 29 that have banned gay marriage is known only to them.

Maybe they just hate minorities (see "Radical California Gays Lash Out at Mormons, Catholics & N***ers").

When The Party Machine Fails The People

Don't let the presidential election results from the state of West Virginia fool you. The Mountaineer state is solidly Democratic, top to bottom. And votes accordingly. (Folks there are still the kind of conservative Democrats that Ronald Reagan sought and won over many years ago). You want to get elected in West Virginia, you have to go through the party apparatus.

But that apparatus has its flaws, and the people there know it. This guy should never have been reelected in 2006, for reasons made painfully obvious in this photo below, but the Party offered no alternative. So ...

It's almost tragic. And certainly pathetic.

But what was the alternative?

This was the choice the people were given.

* Yeah, I'm sure there was a Republican challenger. But he or she was doomed from the git-go.
** See a related article here.
*** Photo courtesy of the Washington Post.

Why Didn't I Think Of That?

When I entered the "voting booth" on Tuesday and came to the Congressional contest between Democrat Rick Boucher and A BIG BLANK, EMPTY SPACE WHERE A REPUBLICAN CHALLENGER'S NAME SHOULD HAVE BEEN, I thought for a moment that I'd write in a candidate's name, rather than skip that contest all together. But I decided against it and left.

It was a day later, in talking to someone from the area who faced the same aggravating dilemma, that I was told that he did indeed take the time to place a write-in candidate's name on the ballot. His vote went to ...

Joe the Plumber.

What a neat idea.

- - -

By the way, here are the election results for Bland County:

There is a county-wide search under way at this writing to track down and bring to justice those few malcontents here in Bland who voted for Mr. Wonderful. As soon as they're caught, I'll bring you an update.

Those five write-in votes? To think, 860 more write-ins and ol' Joe The Plumber would have beaten Obama. A missed opportunity. ... Sigh ...

Judge a Man By The Friends He ... Makes

Obama's victory is being celebrated in the expected places:
Jihadi Leader Says Radicals Share Obama Victory
By Michael Slackman and Souad Mekhennet, The New York Times

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — The leader of a jihadi group in Iraq argued Friday that the election of Barack Obama as president represented a victory for radical Islamic groups that had battled American forces since the invasion of Iraq. (link)
We of course have decided that radical Islam no longer exists and have moved on to a happier place. Back into Mr. Rogers' neighborhood pre-9/11.

If I were a member of al Qaeda, I'd be celebrating too. And plotting ...

It Meant No Such Thing

I'll wait for the final data to come in to provide final judgment, but my guess is, the Associated Press is wrong about America turning a bright shade of blue as a result of last week's election. The AP:
Exit Poll Survey Confirms Partisan Shift
By The Associated Press

The 2008 presidential election saw the biggest partisan shift in a generation -- more of a rejection of Republicans than an embrace of Democrats -- but voter surveys find no broad ideological realignment behind that shift.

Democrats made up 39 percent of the electorate and Republicans 32 percent in a national exit poll for The Associated Press and television networks. That left the share of voters considering themselves members of the GOP lower than in any presidential election since 1980 and was a sharp contrast with the 37-37 split between the two parties in the 2004 election. (link)
There was indeed a partisan shift among those who turned out to vote Tuesday. Toward the Democrats. There is no arguing that. But preliminary data are showing that the devil in those numbers has to do with turnout. Democratic strongholds around the country had huge turnout. Those leaning Republican didn't.

Obama did what McCain couldn't. The Democrat got more people interested in his cause. They brought that enthusiasm to the polls. In large numbers.

Why not leave it at that and not draw conclusions about America as a whole?

NOW They Become Concerned

Wisconsin Attorney General Seeks To Reverify Voter Registrations

But What Do We Get In Return?

This bailout of the auto industry that Obama is enthusiastically supporting is starting to get under my skin. Now it's up to $50 billion, and climbing. See "G.M. Says U.S. Cash Is Its Best Hope." The title of the article conveys the seeming futility of the gesture on the part of our government. What good will it do? Think of the Titanic and the order to man the lifeboats.

The unsinkable boat sank.

And America's automakers are indeed sinking. They have lost tremendous amounts of market share, they have too many plants turning out too few cars, their vehicles still don't stack up well against the competition, and their employees - from top to bottom - are being paid wages and benefits far above those of their foreign competitors. And there are the horrendous losses.

So the government is going to pay the paychecks for a time. Then what?

- - -

Here's how Investor's Business Daily puts it:
Unions are at the center of every problem affecting industry competitiveness. It's not only the United Auto Workers' lavish pensions, generous health care and leaden bureaucracies, it's unions' reflexive hostility to free trade.

As the financial crisis spreads to the automotive industry, a $50 billion taxpayer-funded bailout is likely. Its message: a big reward for failure. But if this happens, the rest of us are owed new models on labor and trade.

- - -

Oh, by the way, it was announced that Obama is now seeking another economic stimulus package, to bailout the rest of us too, like the one that Bush launched a few months ago. The one that did so much to stimulate the economy. He can be forgiven, though, for doing something that meets the definition of insanity. Obama was out campaigning for the last two years and missed the history lesson that Bush just provided.

So Obama's going to beat that dead horse again.

If only he'd been paying attention.

1 Down, 299 Million to Go

My guess is, he'll be doing a lot of this over the next four years:

Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for 'careless' joke

Who told you the guy is an empty suit? Me. But you just wouldn't listen.