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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is Fox News Running For Office?

Some twit who writes for the Washington Post seems to think so. And he - Harold Meyerson - credits America's Number 1 cable news channel with bringing about Obama's victory. Or darn near.

For the love of God.

Is God Running For Office?

The same genius who told us the other day that socialism is God's Word and can be found in the Bible (Luke, chapter 3: And Jesus said, "O Romans, go and seize the property of the malefactors at the point of the spear and give it to the neediest among us, that they too may reap the rewards of those who toiled for their worldly wealth.") now tells us that the Catholic Church should abandon its position of opposing the slaughter of little babies because ...

... "the region voted 63%-37% for Barack Obama and the Democrats on Nov. 4."

For ... the ... love ... of ... God.

The Floodgates Open

There isn't enough money on the planet to take care of every Tom, Dick, and Democrat who's coming to Washington with hat in hand looking for a "bailout." And coming they are:
Lobbyists Swarm the Treasury for a Helping of the Bailout Pie
By Mark Lnadler and David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times

When the government said it would spend $700 billion to rescue the nation’s financial industry, it seemed to be an ocean of money. But after one of the biggest lobbying free-for-alls in memory, it suddenly looks like a dwindling pool.

Many new supplicants are lining up for an infusion of capital as billions of dollars are channeled to other beneficiaries like the American International Group, and possibly soon American Express. (link)
Why not Circuit City, while you're at it?

Mortgage holders, credit card debt holders, automakers, Ernie's Bait & Tackle ...

What Babies

A commenter over at Althouse reiterates a point I made the other day, with some interesting perspective added:
Isn't it funny and instructive to compare the way that conservatives reacted to getting a thumping at the polls to the way liberals react. After a couple of days of grim horror, conservatives are by-and-large getting over it and moving on. Liberals, by contrast, greet defeat with litigation, ballot-box stuffing, [and] conspiracy theorizing .... I did a blogsearch a couple of days after the election for "election"+"ashamed" and there were lots and lots of hits - but it wasn't conservatives saying they were ashamed of America for electing Obama, it was liberals saying that they were ashamed of California!

Good grief, what a bunch of drama queens! Liberals: put on your big girl panties, deal with the fact that you won on every front last week, and stop throwing your rattle out of the pram because you only got 99% of what you wanted rather than 100%. You won; take it graciously.
Yes. You won. Get over it.

He's Baaaaack

Can't this guy take a hint?
John Edwards -- yes, that John -- starts his PR rehab tonight
L.A. Times blog

John Edwards -- remember him? -- tiptoes back into the public spotlight tonight.

Well, not actually a spotlight. His appearance and remarks at Indiana University are closed to all cameras and media. We'll see how long it takes someone to Twitter from inside.

This could be the first move in the attempted public relations rehab of the man who was once a senator, was once his Democratic Party's candidate for vice president and, this election season, was given a shot at the top nomination -- until Democrats actually started voting. (link)
Funny thing is, as it all turned out, nobody except the media wanted to hear what this joker had to say BEFORE he ruined his "career." Now? Please.

I'm thinking he just doesn't have anything else to do.

The Latest In Fuel Efficient Transportation

Runs on hay, water, a bit of grain ...
We have seen the future ...

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