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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Speaks Volumes

A Roanoke Times columnist is finally proud to be an American ... again. I don't need to tell you why.

Odd how these guys change their fealties on a whim.

Not in my foxhole, pal.

My Brain Hurts

Just as Barack Obama prepares to launch a proposal for an array of new taxes to be foisted upon the American people, in the guise of cap-and-trade legislation, and my congressman is working with the coal industry to find a way to bury carbon dioxide in the ground, both efforts intended to halt the purportedly relentless movement toward global warming, scientists are telling us that we need to be frightened of the coming ice age.

Will the Next Ice Age Be Permanent?
By Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times

A new analysis of the dramatic cycles of ice ages and warm intervals over the past million years, published in Nature, concludes that the climatic swings are the gyrations of a system poised to settle into a permanent colder state — with expanded ice sheets at both poles.

[Thomas J. Crowley] and William T. Hyde of the University of Toronto used climate models and other techniques to assess the chances that the world is witnessing the final stages of a 50-million-year transition from a planet with a persistent warm climate and scant polar ice to one with greatly expanded ice sheets at both poles. (link)
So we're all going to die from extreme cold. And our politicians are trying to prevent warmth.

For the love of God.

What Conservative Party?

For those who think the GOP needs to be more "moderate," there are those who argue that the Republican Party is neither that nor anything else. David Harsanyi, Denver Post:

For the past eight years, we have had a Republican Party that was neither excessively conservative nor too moderate, but a party that employed no principles to speak of — unless securing power for power's sake is now a creed.

After all, what exactly did Republican candidate John McCain stand for? The GOP (and independents) conferred the mantle of leadership to a media darling and longtime Senate insider who based his entire campaign on fighting the entrenched establishment and media.

It was almost satirical. McCain was the most "moderate" candidate Republicans could unearth — in effect a non-pick of a lethargic party — and they were thumped, while Democrats nominated their most liberal candidate in history.

That last is the most striking part. The media portrayed Barack Obama as a moderating voice opposed to a shrill, conservative knuckle-dragger. In truth, McCain was far from being a conservative and Obama was - is - as liberal as they come. Odd how that played out.

But leaving our new president out of it, what will the Republican message be going forward? Can that message, such as it is, be any more "moderate"? Should it be? Didn't the Republican leadership learn the lesson - the hard way - that adopting big-government principles and eschewing social issues in an election still get them portrayed as the party of the fat cats and the party of hate? And did the GOP take note of the fact that the effort simply makes the party base want to stay at home on election day?

I'm not a Republican. I'm an independent. And I am as strong a conservative as there is out there. And when I read McCain's platform that called for a host of government interventions into our personal lives, and I heard him tell the electorate that "I will bring prosperity to ALL Americans," I shook my head in wonder. And pity. And shame.

Leaving McCain out of this, we're left with a Republican Party best represented by Ted Stevens. And Duke Cunningham. And a bunch of Washington hangers-on who are playing for time and have gotten far too comfortable with their way of life in the Magic Kingdom.

The bottom line? The Republican Party stands for nothing. The voters have now twice, 2006 and 2008, rejected that nothingness.

2010? Expect the GOP to become even more moderate oblivious.

With Republicans Like Him ...

Well, I suppose it's fair to say that Republicans do believe in something.

Global warming.
Where Have You Gone, Gray Davis?
Investor's Business Daily editorial

California is headed toward fiscal disaster, thanks to the worst performance by any state, ever. So what does Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger do? Convene a big meeting on global warming, of course.

The swaggering governator will host an international summit next week "to discuss and develop strategies aimed at combating climate change."

Meanwhile, California's nonpartisan budget analyst on Tuesday predicted the state will have a $27.8 billion deficit over the next 20 months. This is a mind-boggling gap, equal to roughly 26% of the state's $103.3 billion in annual general-fund spending. And if nothing's done, the deficit will average $22 billion a year for the next five years.

This, not global warming, is California's true disaster in the making. (link)

A Republican. Global warming. Fiscal disaster. Unbelievable.

We Don't Care

The rise of Islamist terror was a George Bush problem. We no longer give a damn about this kind of news:

Islamist Insurgents Take Somali Port City Without a Fight

Expect the Obama administration to turn a blind eye.

Ditto the American people. As long as we lose only a few dozen American lives each year, a la the Clinton years, we're good with it. The recent election signals that loud and clear.

A signal received and duly noted by the hundreds of thousands of Islamists who want us all dead.

Gotta Love Them Gay Guys

Watch as they stomp a Christian cross into the pavement and surround and intimidate an elderly woman who had the audacity to show up carrying it:

The Constitution protects their right to protest freely.

The Constitution protects their right to protest freely.

The Constitution protects their right to ...

The Constitution protects their right ...

- - -

* Remember the concept "hate crime"? Its arbitrary use made it a joke from its inception. These homosexuals are consumed by hate. And were met by the authorities in California with a big yawn.

Maybe when they start lynching Christians, they'll draw someone's attention.