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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Debate Rages

Paula and I have been lifelong Packers fans. At least I thought we were. One of us, as it turns out, was actually, in fact, a Brett Favre fan all these years. That would be former Green Bay Packers, now New York Jets, Brett Favre. I'll not tell you which of us is the turncoat but she is now rooting for the Jets. Big time.

Get this: Paula stayed up till midnight last night to watch the Number One man in her life propel the Jets to victory. Her Number Two guy went to bed early.

As I told her this morning, my hope is that the Packers meet the Jets in the Super Bowl and my team kicks the crap out of hers.


Who Needs An Editorial Section ...

... at the Roanoke Times, when you have commenters to the editorial section of the Roanoke Times?

As one might have predicted, the Times is (or soon will be) calling for universal health care, now that a socialist has been elected president and all monetary wealth in this country is assumed to be federal money unless otherwise designated. Such the surprise.

In response, a commenter, one "Henry," has this simple rejoinder:

"Great. Now we are all going to be on Medicare."

Whole books have been written that can be summed up in those choice words.

Not a Bad Job

I remember from my short stint as a Roanoke Times columnist being quite aggravated by (a number of things including ...) the effort of some nameless, faceless copy editor there to take my weekly columns, with accompanying headers, and change the headline - my headline - to something ridiculously innocuous. That's how "Eat The Rich" became "Rising Tide." "Hurricane Appalachia" became "The Way of Appalachia." (I should have resigned right then). "Chilhowie Royale" became "A Gambling Fix For a Poor Economy." (zzzzzzzzz).

Well, it appears that the Times must have fired that worthless copy editor. Because the following ain't half bad:

Flat Rock is flat broke

It doesn't rank up there with "Where's the Fight in the Fighting 9th?" but it ain't bad.

Barack Obama, Friend of Gun Owners

I want to find that twit who did the Obama campaign commercial on the 2nd Amendment, the one who claimed to be a lifelong hunter, the one who told us that Barack Obama was a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a friend to gun owners, the one who told us that he's going to vote for Obama because Obama would not be taking our guns away from us, if "the hunter" actually exists, and show him that which appears on a questionaire being handed out to all prospective cabinet members, asking them about their past. On page 7, question 59:

"Do you or any members of your immediate family own a gun?"

Now why do you suppose this "friend of gun owners" would want to know that?

Shocking News!

Democrats Benefiting From Post-Election Lobby Boom

So much for "change."

From The Land Of Illusion

VP-elect Biden hopes to be a hands-on No. 2

That's when he's not wishing to be Tinkerbell.

Cabinet Position not interested in Kaine

Kaine not interested in Cabinet position

Hillary Clinton?

Secretary of State?

She's certainly not qualified. But that fact is now a prerequisite for high office, it seems.

Here's my feeling: The Democrats could do a lot worse. Albright. Christopher. Muskie.

A shiver passes down my spine just thinking of how bad it could be ...

A Champion In The Making

I watched Sarah Palin's address to the Republican Governors Association convention yesterday morning. She was fabulous, hitting every conservative note imaginable, and putting a positive spin on that which can be accomplished through free enterprise and the uniquely American entrepreneurial spirit. She also lashed out at the trend in Washington to look more and more for government solutions to our problems, solutions, regrettably, that will never come. Solutions that include the various bailouts that are now being entertained by the Democrats.

Read about her address here.

View the YouTube video of the news conference portion of her appearance here:

I could vote for this woman ...

I Wonder ...

... if the New York Times, were it to take the time to investigate the bewildering maze of hiking trails and bike paths that now exist throughout Southwest Virginia (an effort instigated by our congressman-for-life Rick Boucher to lure tourists to the area ... someday), would write this about us:

Aren’t There Enough Trails?

This, of course, is a denunciation of the snowmobile trails in Yellowstone.

Here's what you need to understand: We all know that New York Times editorialists don't snowmobile (elitist snobs prefer to recreate on the trails slopes around Jackson Hole) so, they want the use of those infernal machines banned (it's a liberal thing). Or, as the open-minded and magnanimous lovers of all economic classes put it, their "number for snowmobiles [allowed] in Yellowstone is zero."

But they do like to come down here to our part of the country to look at our rock formations and marvel at our trees - and pee in our bushes - once a decade. Therefore I'm pretty certain they are supportive of our keeping the area as backward as possible. Big time. Forever.

No, I don't see anything hypocritical about that ...

NY Times Still In Campaign Mode

Someone should tell these nitwits that they can stop ladling the bullshit about Camelot now. Their guy won:

For Obama and Family, a Personal Transition

Please. Stop.

Memo To Bristol Herald Courier Columnist ...

... J. Todd Foster:

You think the Republican base is little more than rabble, leading the party toward its doom. You'd do well to open your eyes - and wrap those powers of superior intellect you refer to as "critical-thinking" - around this:
Politics prompted her assault, Augsburg student says
An Augsburg freshman says four women called her racist and punched her on election night after seeing her McCain-Palin button.
By Paul Walsh, Minneapolis Star Tribune

An Augsburg College student and Sarah Palin supporter from Alaska was beaten on election night while walking to her dorm and was called a racist by a group of four young women because she had on a McCain/Palin presidential campaign button, authorities and the victim said.

Annie Grossmann, a freshman on the Minneapolis college's hockey team, suffered blurred vision and is thought to have had a concussion from a punch in the eye, but declined medical attention, she said. (link)
Todd, you find something revolting, and beyond the pale, about a bumper sticker that refers to Barack Obama as a friend of terrorists. A bumper sticker. A reason to be outraged if there ever was one, right? So how do you feel about students being beaten for holding political views? Ever read about Nazi Germany, circa 1932?

I await your column on this subject, which should appear just any day now.

A Patriotic American

Dennis Miller was smokin' on Wednesday night on The O'Reilly Factor.

Here's what he had to say on the subject of Obama's election:

"You know something? He's my president now. And I am not going to do what the left did to Bush. I find it unbecoming. I hope that Barack Obama does so well that four years hence, I'm salivating to vote for him. I want this all to work because I love my country. At some point I make Lee Greenwood look like the Rosenbergs, and I hope he does great.

But I won't turn my back on George Bush. Today, 2,619 days since the domestic terror attack on this soil.

Thank you to my commander in chief and thank you to the troops for providing us the safety to allow us to have an election."

I love this guy.

More On The Coming Ice Age

That would be this coming ice age.

Scientists are now predicting that the Ice Age that threatens civilization can only be prevented by ...

... well, you're just not going to believe it:

Earth would be heading to a freeze without CO2 emissions

Greenhouse gases. That human activity that we are trying to curtail.

My brain can't take much more of this.

- - -

* Related Note: Our government is marching us toward certain doom.

What Do They Do Now?

Some people are so obsessed with Obama's election that ... well, now that he's actually BEEN elected, they don't know what to do with themselves.

This is hilarious:

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

"I think a lot of people hope these people will just die."

Too funny.