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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Puckett Comes Out In Favor Of Coal

He being a Democrat, you can never be too sure whether Senator Phil Puckett (D-Russell County) will side with his constituents or with his bosses in Washington, but credit is earned, and credit due, for his having come out in support of the coal industry:
Coalfield legislator reacts to Virginia commission on climate change
By Bill Archer, Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Bluefield, Va. — Virginia State Senator Phillip P. Puckett, D-Russell, whose 38th senatorial district covers a large part of Southwest Virginia coal country, said Friday that he was pleased by Gov. Tim Kaine’s Commission on Climate Change’s decision to remove language from its proposed policy statement that would have put a halt to the construction of new coal-fired power plants until carbon-capturing technology has been perfected.

“That would have killed the Dominion Power plant out here,” Puckett said during a telephone interview from his district office in Lebanon, Va.
Of course, Phil's a Democrat, so he has to believe in all that silly global warming idiocy too:
“We’ve tried to look at a balanced approach to addressing the climate change issue,” Puckett said. Puckett is a member of the Virginia Coal & Energy Commission. “I don’t see how this country will keep moving if you shut down coal. It’s the best hope we have to meet our future economic challenges.”
The climate change issue.

The climate change issue that politicians are now fighting scientists over: As more and more scientists are finding - with actual empirical data - that it isn't occurring, Democrats are fighting mightily to stop it. (Can't they declare victory and come out of the wilderness?)

In any case, Mr. Puckett supports the coal industry. No word, though, on whether he supports Obama and his anti-coal administration. Any bets?

Put Down That Bottle

Here's a headline in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph that I defy anyone to decipher:

Fewer deer bans firearm season in area counties

Fewer deer bans do what?

Is firearms a legitimate verb?

What do they firearm?

Why The GOP Lost

George Will:
Conservatism's current intellectual chaos reverberated in the Republican ticket's end-of-campaign crescendo of surreal warnings that big government -- verily, "socialism" -- would impend were Democrats elected. John McCain and Sarah Palin experienced this epiphany when Barack Obama told a Toledo plumber that he would "spread the wealth around."

America can't have that, exclaimed the Republican ticket while Republicans -- whose prescription drug entitlement is the largest expansion of the welfare state since President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society gave birth to Medicare in 1965; and a majority of whom in Congress supported a lavish farm bill at a time of record profits for the less than 2 percent of the American people-cum-corporations who farm -- and their administration were partially nationalizing the banking system, putting Detroit on the dole and looking around to see if some bit of what is smilingly called "the private sector" has been inadvertently left off the ever-expanding list of entities eligible for a bailout from the $1 trillion or so that is to be "spread around." (link)
Memo from God to Republicans: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

- - -

There are Republicans who now blame their many defeats on conservatives. I just wish there was one to be found in any of those contests. McCain? Please.

Dems Scale Back Promises

Dems Scale Back Stimulus Plan

Go Ahead. Waste That Money.

It's a good thing it's not needed back here on Earth:


So does the federal budget deficit.

Isn't This What People Accused Bush Of Doing?

I think we should all be very afraid:
Joe the Plumber case still dripping
Half-dozen agencies access records of Ohio man
By Dennis J. Willard, Akron Beacon Journal staff writer

Ohio Inspector General Tom Charles said his office is now looking at a half-dozen agencies that accessed state records on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.

The Beacon Journal has learned that, in addition to the Department of Job and Family Services, two other state offices — the Ohio Department of Taxation and Ohio Attorney General Nancy Rogers — conducted database searches of Joe the Plumber.

Rick Anthony, deputy tax commissioner ... said the database searches on both days were conducted to ensure that the information in Lucas County was being properly reported by the media. (link)
All the whining from the left over the potential abuse of intercepted calls going overseas by the Bush administration, and you can bet the same whiners will be conspicuously silent on this actual - and very troubling - invasion of a citizen's privacy. The hypocrites.

And what's up with that "I wanted to make sure the information was being reported right" crap?

Right Call, Wrong Reason

Talk about missing the forest for the trees ...

Or is it intentional?

The New York Times comes out this morning with a scathing attack on the (no longer so) Big Three auto makers for putting themselves in a position requiring a massive federal bailout. Funny thing is, nowhere in the editorial ("Saving Detroit From Itself") is the number one reason for their downfall mentioned - non-competitiveness brought on by astronomical wage, benefit, and retirement packages now being paid out to their current and retired workers (estimated to be upwards of 70% higher than some of their major foreign competitors*, paid out to one and a quarter million individuals).

The Times blames the problem, predictably, on gas-guzzlers.

They just don't have it in themselves to deal with the harsh realities ...

- - -

* Investor's Business Daily: "The average hourly costs were over $70 at all three of the domestic automakers, compared to about $48 for Toyota."

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Obama is bringing change to Washington.

Or not:
In Transition, Tangle of Ties to Lobbying
By David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times

Washington — President-elect Barack Obama has imposed stricter conflict-of-interest restrictions on his White House transition team than any president before him. But a list of transition team members that his office made public on Friday includes a complicated tangle of ties to private influence-seekers.

Among the full roster of about 150 staff members being assigned to government agencies between now and Inauguration Day are dozens of former lobbyists and some who were registered as recently as this year. Many more are executives and partners at firms that pay lobbyists, and former government officials who work as consultants or advisers to those seeking influence. (link)
Looks to me like the fox-in-the-henhouse scenario that McCain was criticized for.

Any second thoughts yet? It's not too late for a do-over.

- - -

Even the New York Times editorial page editor is wondering what's going on with Obama's staffing choices, asking "What happened to the transformative change?"

Mayors Line Up At Trough

Three more Democratic mayors have requested a bailout from the federal goverment. In addition to that of Detroit:
Mayors of Philadelphia, Phoenix seek bailout share
By Kimberly Hefling, Associated Press Writer

Washington (AP) - Three big city mayors asked the federal government Friday to use a portion of the $700 billion financial bailout to assist struggling cities.

The mayors sought help with their pension costs, infrastructure investment and cash-flow problems stemming from the global financial crisis.

The mayors—Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, Shirley Franklin of Atlanta and Phil Gordon of Phoenix—made their request in a letter to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

Nutter said cities are facing an economic crisis not seen since the Depression and need help just like financial institutions. (link)

This all goes back to the employee pension fund scandal, though you'll not read that here. Nor will you read the fact that all three of these mayors who can't balance their budgets are Democrats.

As for their requests, it's a good thing the government has all the money in the world ...

It Begins

The first shot across the bow. This from Stephen Green:

Obama vs. Southern Democrats on Guns

Obama is ... gearing up for a fight with southern Democrats. After being mostly silent on guns during the campaign, Obama’s Web site has recently added or restored language indicating the return of the “assault weapons ban” on scary-looking rifles. Southern Democrats paid with their jobs for Clinton’s ban back in 1994. You might expect the new Blue Dog Dems to join hands and sing Kumbaya with House and Senate Republicans to block a new Scary Looking Rifles Law.

As a famous American once said, "Out of my cold, dead hands." You want the fight of your life? Try going down that road again, Mr. Uniter.