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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Huckabee's Coming To Town

In some circles, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is the ideal Republican. I thought so too - until I didn't. His fondness for taxes and government growth scared me off. But for those who admire the man and hold out hope for his bright future, you have a chance to get up close and personal:
Former Presidential Candidate Sets Friday Visit To Local Bookstore
By David McGee, Staff Writer, Bristol Herald Courier

Bristol, Va. – Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is scheduled to appear at a local bookstore Friday.

A Fox News television show host and former Arkansas governor, Huckabee is scheduled to sign copies of his new book “Do The Right Thing” during an appearance at Books-A-Million in The Highlands retail center, near Interstate 81’s Exit 7. He is scheduled to sign for an hour, from noon until 1 p.m.

The event is expected to attract hundreds, much like another recent signing by broadcaster Glenn Beck, bookstore Assistant General Manager Drew Chatterton said Tuesday. [link]
I have to tell you, to me Mike Huckabee is one of the brightest, wittiest, most personable politicians in the Republican Party. If only he had Sarah Palin's ability to rouse the base and Fred Thompson's conservative principles. If only ...

The Sky Grows Darker

Would Governor Tim Kaine be foolish enough to raise taxes at a point in time when unemployment is on the rise, mortgage foreclosures have skyrocketed, and the economy has cratered?

Is he a Democrat?

Is the state of Virginia in heap big hurt?
Grim State Budget Forecast Ups Anxiety
By Michael Laris and Kristen Mack, Washington Post Staff Writers

Senate revenue projections show the state's fiscal picture darkening since October, when Gov. Timothy M. Kaine projected a $2.5 billion drop-off in revenue during the two years covered by the state budget. The Senate Finance Committee's staff now forecasts a $3.2 billion shortfall as the full effects of the recession are felt statewide.

Yesterday, Kaine (D) and his financial advisers discussed a projection closer to $2.8 billion, although that remains in flux. [link]
You say there's no way that Tim Kaine would raise taxes in the midst of a recession. That he's not that stupid.

Guess we'll soon see. He needs to do something, and Democrats don't have it in 'em to make the kinds of spending cuts that this deficit demands. Soooo.

Headline Of The Day

Harry Reid: Thank god [sic] I won’t have to smell D.C. tourists’ reeking ‘pits anymore

I Have The Solution

According to the New York Times, Barack Obama is going to have a tough time developing a close relationship with the men and women who run the CIA, after he repeatedly trashed them during his campaign:

After Sharp Words on C.I.A., Obama Faces a Delicate Task

I know exactly what he needs to do. Obama needs to bring in someone who is both an experienced CIA veteran and a good, solid Democrat whom he can trust to run America's intelligence agency. That person?

Valerie Plame.

That'll show them how much he admires and respects them.

Visions Of Janet Reno

This is not a good beginning for our soon-to-be Attorney General.

Mickey Kaus:
Holder's Defense: 'I was played for a sucker by a lobbyist!'

From the NYT today, the lawyer for Attorney General nominee Eric Holder defends him in the Marc Rich Pardon scandal:

"There’s no question that [Marc Rich lobbyist Jack] Quinn played him and it was astute by Quinn because he did catch Eric unawares.”

Creative defense. Unfortunately, the NYT story makes it pretty clear that Holder knew too much about the case to have been unwillingly played. Seems more like the buddy system at work. ...
I'm trying to decide if it's worse to be considered a sleazy, but sly, hack like Rahm Emanuel or an incompetent boob like a previous Democratically appointed Attorney General.

You decide ...

Well, Okay

I don't know that I'd make a whole lot of this since the GOP win is in the deep South and involves an incumbent senator, but still, for a political party that had been trounced in November, one win in December is at least something to tout:
Georgia Sen. Chambliss wins re-election in runoff
By Shannon McCaffrey, My Way.com

Atlanta (AP) - Georgia Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss handed the GOP a firewall against Democrats eager to flex their newfound political muscle in Washington, winning a bruising runoff battle Tuesday night that had captured the national limelight.

Chambliss' victory thwarted Democrats' hopes of winning a 60 seat filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. It came after a bitter month long runoff against Democrat Jim Martin that drew political luminaries from both parties to the state and flooded the airwaves with fresh attack ads weeks after campaigns elsewhere had ended.

With 70 percent of the precincts reporting, Chambliss captured 60 percent to Martin's 40 percent. Chambliss' win is a rare bright spot for Republicans in a year where they lost the White House as well as seats in the House and the Senate. [link]
60-40. That's not just a win; that's a butt-kickin'. This analyst, by the way, credits Sarah Palin's recent visit for the landslide. In conservative areas of the country, she remains wildly popular ...

... much to the Democrats' and the news media's chagrin.