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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Roanoke Times Endorses Tax On The Poor

But, you see, it's for their own good.

From the editorial "Don't choke on taxing smokes":
Cigarettes, while hardly a necessity, are addictive, and people who have the habit but scant money to spare will be hurt in the pocketbook if the General Assembly goes along with raising the tax.

Their pain, though, must be weighed against ...
Anything that comes after "Yeah, poor people will be hurt by this tax, but ..." is insensitive in the extreme.

But when have these guys at the Times let the plight of the people of Southwest Virginia get in the way of their cheerleading the growth of their favorite government?

"They're going to die anyway. Poor wretched bastards. Let's tax 'em on the way out."

Really empathetic, they are.

Worthy role models for all of us.

- - -

Doesn't the publisher of the Roanoke Times sit on the board of Planned Parenthood of the Blue Ridge? Where poor people have their poor children aborted? Is there a pattern here?

Oh, Really?

Our Congressman-for-life, Rick Boucher, thinks it's the responsibility of a governor to "create jobs." Does that mean he favors more prisons being built here in Southwest Virginia? Who knows.

The Ranoke Times provides us with a window into Boucher's world:

"Virginia's next governor must possess the experience and vision to create high paying, 21st century jobs across the commonwealth," Boucher said in a statement ... [link]

This comes to us in a story about Boucher endorsing Creigh Deeds for the office that Tim Kaine currently wastes.

So what "experience" does Deeds have in creating "high paying, 21st century jobs" here or anywhere else?

I'll let you figure that out:

"Creigh Deeds possesses that experience and vision. In the General Assembly, Creigh worked to deliver the largest investment in our public schools in state history, and he is working to expand pre-kindergarten education throughout the commonwealth. For the past two decades, I have considered Creigh a friend, and I am pleased to endorse his candidacy for governor."

Huh? Public schools? Pre-K? Experience in job creation? Did he hire a Mexican lawn mower and you forgot to mention it?

A might short on job creation, there, Rick. But, tellingly, very long on government spending.

Oh, shucks, why read too much of anything into Rick Boucher's pronouncements. Like he's some kind of expert on job creation.

This is the guy, after all, who touts his own ability to "create high-paying jobs" in his district that, as best anyone can tell, involves all those low-wage, no benefit, part-time jobs in the many call centers that have opened in recent years, and all the low-wage, no benefit, seasonal, part-time jobs that have been created in the "tourism" industry here over his three decades in office.

That's 13 jobs and counting. 3 in the canoe livery business, 4 bicycle repair jobs, and 6 sports outfitters. Can we count the many hamburger flippers at McDonald's? Let's.

Anyway, Boucher takes time out from his latest LSD hallucinogenic episode his day job to endorse the candidacy of Creigh Deeds.

The Earth trembles.

On The Agenda

So what is Barack Obama's choice for Education Secretary (Arne Duncan, CEO of Chicago Public Schools) best known for? Besides his jump shot?

Investor's Business Daily:

One notable reform proposal of Duncan's — a separate-but-equal high school for gay, lesbian and transgendered students. "If you look at national studies, you can see gay and lesbian students with high dropout rates . . . I think there is a niche there we need to fill," the Chicago Tribune quoted Duncan as saying in October.

Duncan also had ties to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, founded and financed through the efforts of ex-Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers. Ayers saw the CAC as a chance to radicalize Chicago public school teachers and students.

In a recent Education Week article, Ken Rolling, the executive director of the CAC and a former associate director of the Woods Fund, which Ayers was also involved with, said Duncan relied on the CAC to build the Chicago Public Schools agenda. [link]

IBD calls Duncan's effort at reforming Chicago's failing schools as being "unimpressive."

Maybe. But he's certainly made an impression on me.

This Makes Sense

We've found over the years that the United Nations, when it sends out a "peacekeeping" force, has its greatest success when it sends its warriors into areas where there is no chance they'll be in harm's way. Like Guatemala. That's why they're called peacekeepers and not peacemakers.

So we pay dearly for heavily armed "peacekeepers" to stand around and do nothing in places like New Guinea and Macedonia.

And what about all those hotspots of the world, where they might actually serve some purpose? Forget it:
U.N. Force for Somalia Unlikely
By The Associated Press

United Nations (AP) — There is almost no international support for sending a peacekeeping force to Somalia as the United States has proposed, the United Nations secretary general said Wednesday.

Over the past four months, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said, he has asked at least 50 nations and three international organizations to support the Security Council’s request for a substantial multinational force to stabilize Somalia.

“Not one nation has volunteered to lead,” he said. “The replies have been very lukewarm or negative.” [link]
You may recall, George W. Bush caught 16 kinds of hell for trying to lead efforts like this. But he did it anyway. That's what leaders do. Unfortunately for the planet's peace and stability, he's on his way out. So now no nation is stepping up. Lawlessness prevails.

And what about Obama? Will he fill the void and be the leader of the free world?

If I were a betting man, I'd say places like Okinawa are going to get all kinds of protection over the next four years. They's a lotta peace to be kept there.

Like I Said

Attorney General Bob McDonnell released a statement regarding the Governor's proposed tax increase that he - Kaine - thinks will offset, in part, the looming state budget crisis. A portion:

"The Commonwealth faces a shortfall of at least $3 billion. This significant deficit requires immediate action. The Governor has outlined a series of proposals. Some are sound and I will support them. Others I do not support.

“The Governor has called for some significant reductions in spending. This is the proper course of action to address this shortfall, and I applaud this work. I am disappointed however that the Governor has called for a tax increase. You should not raise taxes in a recession, and you cannot tax your way to prosperity. Another huge increase in the cigarette tax would potentially threaten a Virginia industry at a perilous time, while increasing the tax burden on many Virginia citizens and small businesses when they can least afford it.

“We must work together to guide the Commonwealth through this financial downturn in a responsible manner. By taking the right steps today we can position Virginia to rebound in the economic recovery that will come. This is the time to look at more innovation, prioritization and consolidation to save money. This is the time to revisit every function of government and ask hard questions. Find what works and keep it. Identify what does not and cut it. I urge the Governor and the General Assembly to work together to solve our budgetary deficit in a responsible, and taxpayer friendly, manner.”

Amen to that, Bob.

Just Curious

Have you ever noticed how many times Barack Obama inserts the expression "uh" in his sentences when he speaks extemporaneously? It's often. It's distracting. It's annoying.

And I'm not the only one who's made note of it.