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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Grief

Hey, you people ever heard the word dumpster?
Tri-county program removes 330 tons of trash Since 2004, the Tri-County Illegal Dump Cleanup program has removed nearly 330 tons of old appliances, rusty pieces of metal, old tires and other trash from the region, according to the director of the regional waste authority.

Dickenson, Buchanan and Russell Counties, the three members of the Cumberland Plateau Waste Management Authority, participate in the program. Through the project, counties share resources to clean up illegal dumpsites. Toby Edwards, the authority’s director of waste management services, is delighted with its success. [link requires paid subscription]
Well, Toby may be delighted that 330 tons of debris have been removed from the hollers and hillsides of Buchanan, Russell, and Dickenson Counties, but the people who live there might think otherwise.

How in God's name can the wretched, miserable lowlifes in the area, who obviously have no concern for their fellow man, toss that much refuse along the roadside? Who'd a thought they even owned that much refuse?

330 tons of debris. The stuff John Carpenter movies are made of.

Planet To Have Orgasm Difficulties

Don't blame me. I'm just going by what the Roanoke Times says. The world is going to experience ever greater difficulty experiencing climax.

Isn't that what this says?

The U.S. Geological Survey quietly released a study before the holidays spelling out a dire climactic future for the world.

"A dire climactic future." Hmm.

Maybe it's time for Viagra II.

Quote of the Day

From Investor's Business Daily:
The heavily subsidized ethanol industry is the latest to seek a federal bailout. If there is any industry that deserves to go bankrupt, it's this one. Time has come to stop putting food in our gas tanks.
"Ethanol Bailout? Time To Shuck Corn," December 26, 2008

Despite Her Efforts, She'll Be Appointed

This article in the New York Post is notable for what it doesn't say:
Sweet Caroline: I'm Set To Serve
By Maggie Haberman

Caroline Kennedy broke her silence with the start of a media blitz yesterday, defending her qualifications to replace Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and confidently saying she's up to the job. [link]
The odd thing is, nowhere in the article are we told what those qualifications are that she "defended." This, apparently, is as good as it gets:
The 51-year-old daughter of John F. Kennedy told NY1 last night, "There are many ways to serve. I think I have been serving my community up until now, and I think I'm ready to take the next step."
Beats me what that means.

But no matter. She's going to be appointed anyway. Her name is Kennedy.

I think it would serve her well, though, if she'd at least throw in a bit of "hope and change" babble. it seems to hit home with the weaker of mind among us.

The Government, The Enemy

It's becoming an increasingly popular strategy among Democrats in this country to use the government to punish the American people for their wicked ways. Wicked as in fat. Wicked as in addicted to nicotine. Wicked as in armed for personal protection. Alcohol. Garbage. Incandescent light bulbs. SUV's. Not to mention the savagery that is being wreaked through the use of eminent domain.

They're even salivating these days at the thought that all those young, healthy American males among us who don't want or need health insurance will be punished if they don't accept it - willingly or otherwise.

Today's example, most annoying, the use of taxation to curb our driving habits. Which is at the core of our way of life.

This friends, is exceedingly pernicious:
The Gas Tax
New York Times editorial

President-elect Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress seem to have a clear vision of the auto industry they think the country needs. It must be financially self-sufficient. It also must be capable of producing highly fuel-efficient, next-generation vehicles that can help the nation cope with climate change and finite supplies of oil.

Yet for all the conditions attached to it, the multibillion-dollar aid package for Detroit’s carmakers approved by the White House (with Mr. Obama’s support) fails to address one crucial question: Who will buy all the fuel-efficient cars that Detroit carmakers are supposed to make?

The danger is that too few will, especially if gasoline prices remain low. Therefore, it might be time for the president-elect and Congress to think seriously about imposing a gas tax or similar levy to keep gas prices up after the economy recovers from recession. [link]
A former Secretary of Labor, himself a Democrat, just recently pronounced the nation to be in a state of Depression. Robert Reich:
Today's employment report, showing that employers cut 533,000 jobs in November, 320,000 in October, and 403,000 in September -- for a total of over 1.2 million over the last three months -- begs the question of whether the meltdown we're experiencing should be called a Depression.

We are falling off a cliff. To put these numbers into some perspective, the November losses alone are the worst in 34 years.
Despite this gloomy - and perhaps accurate - assessment, the New York Times calls for a massive increase in gas taxes, so as to influence our behavior. Influence exerted in a sweeping and cataclysmic way. Worst of all, taxes that will affect, disproportionately, the poorest among us.

Depression? So what? Us proles need to be disciplined. The planet needs to be saved. If the drudges out here are thrown out of work, if more factories are shut down, if hungry mouths aren't fed, too bad, for there is the greater good. Fuel consumption will decline. Electric cars will be sold. Live with it.

Enough is enough. These people, and these people, and these people are dangerous to our way of life. They must be stopped, at all costs. America can't survive their evil machinations.

Stop them. Now. Before it's too late.

The Trend Continues Apace

Over time, this is supposed to work in the Republicans' favor. Bu then, Nancy Pelosi being in charge of the House was supposed to work in the GOP's favor too:
Lone Star State to pick up 3 seats
By Josh Kraushaar, Politico

Texas will lose some influence in Washington when President George W. Bush leaves the White House, but a new study finds that the Lone Star state will be the big winner in the upcoming congressional reapportionment.

The study, from the firm Election Data Services, projects that Texas will pick up three seats in Congress. Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada and Utah would gain one seat each. Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania would each lose one.

The study, from the firm Election Data Services, projects that Texas will pick up three seats in Congress. Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada and Utah would gain one seat each. Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania would each lose one. [link]
I see the word Massachusetts in that list and think of Barney Frank. Wouldn't it be ... strange if Elmer Fudd lost his seat due to reapportionment after all he's done for this country?

In any case, the trend continues. Americans are, in large numbers, trying to escape Democratic strongholds and are moving to areas where the heavy hand of government hasn't destroyed their opportunities for personal and economic success. Yet.

Where will Virginia be on that list in coming years? The commonwealth, as they say, is now a bright blue.

You may want to start packing ...

Right Goal, Wrong Reason

In a sane world, this should be a cakewalk for the Republicans. But that crook Murtha managed to get reelected, so so much for sanity ...
Sen. Reid Hits the Ground Running in Uphill Re-Election Bid
By T.W. Farnam, The Wall Street Journal

Sen. Harry Reid will command the biggest party majority of any Senate leader in a quarter century when the new Congress convenes in January. But the Nevada Democrat is already worried about his own re-election fight in 2010.

Sen. Reid ... faces a potentially tough fight. A recent Research 2000 poll of likely voters put his approval rating at 38% and his disapproval rating at 54%, a possible reflection of voters' displeasure with gridlock and partisanship in Washington. And while Nevada broke for President-elect Barack Obama by 12 percentage points in November, the state voted for President George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004.

Sen. Reid "saw what happened to Tom Daschle and Mitch McConnell," said Republican Sen. John Ensign, Nevada's the other senator. "He saw the consequences of being the majority leader or the leader of one of the parties." [link]
With all due respect to Senator Ensign, the reason for Reid's vulnerability has nothing to do with his being a party leader. It's the fact that he's a wiener. A bumbling, feckless wiener. A minor politician with little intellect who's stumbled his way into the big leagues.

And a crooked one to boot.

Will the Republicans in Nevada flub it and allow Harry Reid to return to the Senate for another six years? Why even ask ...

Parody Cuts Like a Knife

On Crazy Al, "The Twelve Days of Global Warming":

Slather it on, fellas. Gore and his untenable ideas deserve derision.

All Too Familiar

There must be some kind of Congressman school made available to the members of the Magic Kingdom. That's the only thing I can figure. Otherwise how do you explain two Washington pork kings providing the identical answer when faced with a question about the indefensible practice of earmarking?

Ray LaHood, a Republican nominated by Barack Obama to be transportation secretary, as quoted in yesterday morning's Wall Street Journal:

"... who knows better how to spend money on worthwhile projects than a community and an individual Congressman?"

Rick Boucher, in the Roanoke Times back in June:

"I frankly think the members of Congress are far better situated to understand the priorities of their districts."


Even Nancy Pelosi once recognized the corrupting nature of earmarks, suggesting at one point that she'd support banning them outright (before she crossed over to the dark side).

Who's to decide what a "worthwhile project" is anyway, Ray? Ted Stevens? Duke Cunningham?

Who's to set those priorities, Rick? John Murtha? Charles Rangel? The political action committee waving the biggest wad of cash in your face?

Earmarks are evil. And those who use them are corrupting the process and are themselves corrupt. And, as for your excuses, a famous American once said, "You can put lipstick on that pig, but it's still a pig."