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Monday, January 19, 2009

Why We Cherish The 2nd Amendment

The Constitution's guarantee that we have the right to keep and bear arms gained prominence in the years after the Civil War. In a most unusual place. The black South. Why?
The Freedmen's Bureau Act of 1866 promised that "personal liberty, personal security, and the acquisition, enjoyment, and disposition of estate, real and personal, including the constitutional right to bear arms, shall be secured to and enjoyed by all the citizens." This was no theoretical concern. As senators noted during the debate on the bill, many Southern states sought to reimpose legal bans on gun ownership by blacks -- leaving them at the mercy of Klansmen and other white terrorists. [source]
Southern blacks armed themselves out of fear of being murdered by marauding bands of hostile whites who were left unchecked by sympathetic state and local governments. A fear that was well-founded:

The Colfax Massacre or Colfax Riot (as the events are termed on the official state historic marker) occurred on April 13, 1873, in Colfax, Louisiana, the seat of Grant Parish.

In the wake of a contested election for Governor and local offices, whites armed with rifles and a small cannon overpowered freedmen and state militia (also black) trying to control the parish courthouse. Most of the freedmen were killed after they surrendered, and nearly 50 were killed later that night after having been held as prisoners for several hours. Estimates of the dead varied. A military report to Congress in 1875, identified the deaths of three white men and 105 black men by name, and also noted that 15-20 bodies of unidentified black men were recovered from the Red River. A state historical marker from 1950 noted fatalities as three whites and 150 blacks. [source]

This is the most notorious of many, many such instances that occurred in the last decades of the 19th century.

It was in this era that the anti-gun movement began. A movement with the desired goal of disarming - and making completely defenseless -black America. And it was led - openly - by the Klan.

Why do I bring this up?

If I were Jewish, and I lived in the USA, I'd be arming myself to the teeth.

"Get back to the oven."

Yeah, I'd have a lot of guns. Locked and loaded.

If I were Jewish, I would make a vow:

Never again.

And I'd be demanding that those 2nd Amendment protections not be screwed with by an anti-2nd Amendment United States government. Now. Ever.

- - -

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