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Monday, March 16, 2009

Odd, Perhaps

The Charleston Gazette is on its high horse again:
West Virginia has Stonewall Jackson Lake, Stonewall Jackson Middle School, Stonewall Resort, Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park, a Stonewall Jackson statue on the Capitol lawn, and many others. Is it odd that so many tributes honor a general who fought against the United States in defense of slavery?
Odd? Maybe.

But not to those West Virginians who paid for and erected those monuments that honor one of America's most famous - and successful - generals in its history, one who happened to be a native West Virginian.*

I wonder: Do the holier-than-thou dunderheads at the Gazette find it "odd" that the nation's most profoundly venerated cemetery - Arlington - also has a memorial dedicated to those who fought "in defense of slavery"?

Maybe it would do them well to seek answers to such "odd" historical conundrums before passing judgment.

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* I know. Clarksburg, WV was in Virginia when ol' Stonewall was born.