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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trivial Pursuit

In an otherwise forgettable story appearing in the Washington Post this morning about Creigh Deeds - the rural candidate - and his uphill battle to win the Democrat nomination for governor ("Rural Roots Offer Benefits, Obstacles To Deeds's Run"), there's this bit of trivia:

"Deeds's home is worlds away from the clogged roads and glass towers of Tysons Corner. Sprawling over 540 square miles in the Allegheny Mountains, Bath County has not a single stoplight."

Hmm. Even Bland County has that beat (we have a total of ... one).

But if that's interesting, this is highly revealing:

"The U.S. Census Bureau put [Bath County's] population at 4,635 two years ago, a drop from 5,048 in 2000."

This explains a lot about why Deeds is running for governor. He's trying to flee the depopulation of Virginia's rural counties that he and his fellow Democrats have brought about in recent decades.

Vote for Creigh Deeds. He's going to do for Virginia what he's done for Bath County.

On the plus side, we'll no longer have to deal with traffic lights anywhere in the commonwealth when he's finished with us.