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Friday, July 03, 2009

The Lies. The Deceptions.

The truth about Obama's cap-and-trade tax: Calling the impetus behind it "dementia" is being too kind.
Cap and Trade Dementia
By Peter Ferrara, The American Spectator

Barack Obama called for House passage of the cap and trade tax bill last Friday by calling it a jobs bill. The bill is designed to raise the price of energy in the U.S. so much that it will reduce the use of fossil fuels by 17% by 2020 and by 83% by 2050. Sentencing the U.S. economy to high cost energy is not a particularly good strategy for creating jobs. The Charles River Associates, a Harvard based economics consulting firm, estimates a net loss of jobs from the bill of about 2.5 million each year.

This is surely a gross underestimate of the net job losses from a bill designed to reduce the use of fossil fuels to the level in 1907. All those soccer moms better get used to riding their horses to the grocery store and back. And their husbands better get used to working the farms again, by hand, as high cost energy will chase remaining American manufacturing out of the country to India and China, which do not suffer from Al Gore's delusions about supposed global warming.

Yet Barack Obama calls it a jobs bill. This reflects a by now well-established pattern of deceptive, misdirection rhetoric, raising broadly appealing ideals in promotion of policies that would do just the opposite. [link] [my emphasis]
It's a pattern, by the way, that has been adopted by a number of Obama lackeys as well. Take our congressman, Rick Boucher. There was once a time - not long ago, in fact - that he was considered to be an honest man. Feckless. Uninspiring. Detached. But at least honest.

No more.

Now he's taken up the Obama method of propaganda dissemination with relish.

From the Coalfield Progress on Tuesday:
Boucher calls for climate bill support

Ninth District U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher was among the House members urging passage Friday of a sweeping climate change and energy bill.

Boucher, D-Abingdon, one of the architects of the legislation, argued in remarks during the floor debate that the bill would meet his two major goals — keeping electricity rates affordable and allowing utilities to keep using coal, which produces 51 percent of electricity nationwide. In fact, the EPA projects that coal use will grow by 2020 to help meet new demand for electricity to power vehicles, he said.

Also, Boucher said, the legislation puts a price on carbon dioxide emissions, which “will unleash investments in clean energy technologies that will create millions of new jobs. These energy technologies will evolve from America’s laboratories. They will be deployed at home. They will be exported around the world. They will be the foundation for our next technology revolution.” [link]
You might chalk this up to being nothing more than double talk. But it is, in fact, more sinister.

The third paragraph above necessarily negates the second.

How is it that his legislation that "puts a price (call it what it is - a tax) on carbon dioxide emissions" will "unleash investments in clean energy technologies"? Here's how: The price of coal will skyrocket and America will be forced to look for alternative fuels once coal is made - by Boucher mandate - prohibitively expensive. Just exactly how will that grow the coal business?

It won't. It will destroy the coal business.

Boucher is lying to you.

Studies are being released each day (here is today's) predicting the widespread devastation that will result from this "climate change" bill. Depression Central will be right here in Southwest Virginia where the economy is highly dependent on the coal industry and the coal industry is slated for termination. (For details on the impact go here.)

And Boucher wants you to believe that his legislation (oh, I forgot this little ditty from the CP article: "Boucher, D-Abingdon, one of the architects of the legislation, argued ...") will be good for us. He wants you to believe that it's going to create jobs and not destroy them.

He's lying.

Through his teeth.

Rick Boucher (a once honest man) and Barack Obama (a former cocaine user). A match made in heaven.