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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Raise 'Em Right

Daughter Jodi sends a message: "Dad, this is what I want for my birthday."

Here she is aboard the U.S.S. North Carolina recently.

So where does a guy go to buy a 20mm anti-aircraft gun for his favorite daughter?

* Note: I'm not sure if the trash can in front of the weapon is a replica of an original or if the Navy was kind enough to provide waste receptacles like this for the North Carolina's sailors for their used Kleenexes after they blew their noses (between kamikaze attacks).

Want To Reduce The Federal Debt?

Cut out unnecessary expenditures. Starting with the office of Surgeon General.

But no:

Sources: CNN's Gupta approached for surgeon general

What's he going to accomplish besides scolding us for our drinking, smoking, and lifestyle habits?

A $2,000,000,000,000 deficit next year and we're hiring Doctor Ruth.

For the love of God.

Another One Bites The Dust

Just at the point in time when Governor Kaine (along with the Roanoke Times) is calling for a tax increase on retailers, retailers are struggling to survive. Here's the latest that wasn't able to make it:
Bad news for Goody's fans
Roanoke Times

The economic slowdown has claimed another retail victim.

Goody's Family Clothing plans to close its stores and liquidate all merchandise, according to this story. The Knoxville, Tenn.-based discount apparel retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June, but it could not successfully restructure terms with creditors, according to the story.

Locally, Goody's has stores at Tanglewood Mall in Roanoke County, on West Main Street in Salem and in Christiansburg at Spradlin Farm Shopping Center. Founded in 1953, Goody's has 287 stores across the country.

Watch for going-out-of-business sales to begin soon at Goody's stores, which sell casual apparel and sportswear. [link]

There are actually a number of Goody's stores around the region. This will hurt a whole lot of people around here. It has been known that Goody's was in big trouble, but Chapter 7 is the final nail in the coffin.

I'm Depressed

Did someone have to come up with this just to ruin my holiday spirit?


Congress may force Americans to drive those little electric cars that only a degenerate would want, but they'll never separate Big Boys from their Butt-kickin' Toys.

If we gotta do it, we'll do it our way.

Meet the next generation of "environmentally friendly" automobiles ...

The Shmorvette:

This whole "green" thing may not be that bad after all.