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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hat In Hand. Begging.

It strikes me as appalling that people in positions of influence at local newspapers haven't the first clue as to where that $850,000,000,000 in "stimulus" (plus interest) that Barack Obama is pushing through Congress is going to come from. They assume, I guess, that it's just ... kinda ... there ... and needs to be plucked.

And plucking is what they want a lot of.

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph:

"A rare window of opportunity is opening. It is a time for true leaders in our region to emerge.

Negotiations have been well underway for several weeks on a massive $825 billion federal stimulus plan."

The Galax Gazette:

"If the much-ballyhooed economic stimulus package from the federal government can create jobs, it's hard to imagine a place where that money could be better spent than the Twin Counties [Carroll, Grayson]."

They should be ashamed.

Of all places in the USA that have suffered because of jobs migrating overseas, it's here in Southwest Virginia. Particularly Tazewell County and Galax. Jobs that have disappeared, in part, because the costs of doing business here are too great. A problem that is exacerbated by high corporate taxes. The highest on the planet.

So where do these geniuses think all that money that they crave (cravenly) is going to come from? The government expenditure fairy? Probably. But they'd be mistaken. It'll be coming largely from those corporations and small businesses that we here in Southwest Virginia enjoy fewer and fewer of.

Understand this: Obama's The American taxpayers' largesse will do more harm than good. More jobs here in Southwest Virginia will be lost.



Despite that certainty, these people lick their chops at the thought that an opportunity for the government to throw a few alms to our unemployed here has arisen. And that we might get us a road or two (and, who knows, maybe some more money for hair sheep) out of the deal.

How pathetic.

Haven't we done enough begging over the years? Have we gotten so used to the government providing for our sustenance that we've forgotten how to provide for ourselves and for our loved ones? Have we no self-esteem? Have we no sense of honor? Of dishonor?

Can we not muster the courage to tell the United States government to stick it up its ass and get out of our lives? That it's done enough damage?

The Daily Telegraph: "Simply waiting to see if we will receive money is not an option. We must make a loud, clear and compelling argument for southern West Virginia and Southwest Virginia."

We should hang a sign on southbound I-77 at mile marker 64, just as outsiders enter Southwest Virginia, making that compelling argument:

"Thank you, massa. May I have anutha?"

For the love of God.

The Rats Leave The Sinking Ship

Okay, that's an expression that really doesn't apply here. Roanoke Times columnist - soon to be former columnist - Shanna Flowers is in no way a rat. She's not particularly gifted as a writer either, but "Ungifted Columnist Leaves Sinking Ship" just didn't work.

Anyway, to the point - Shanna Flowers has resigned her post at the Times.

To go to Carilion Clinic?

Seems so. In "Readers became focus of column," we get the news:
[A]s I move into the next phase of my professional life, I write this farewell column with a heavy heart.

This marks my last week with The Roanoke Times. I will appear in this paper twice more before beginning a new job with Carilion Clinic.

I've often joked of having only two skills: the abilities to string a few words together to make a coherent sentence and to interact easily with people. My new job at Carilion, as a member of its Guest Services team, will allow me to use my people skills working with the hospital system's hundreds of volunteers.

(Inmates at Roanoke's Carilion Clinic are called "guests." Who knew?)

So Shanna Flowers is leaving the Times for a job making out work schedules for hospital volunteers. Is that an hourly gig?

To be charitable, it is, at least, a paycheck. Something that the Roanoke Times - a member in good standing of the failing mainstream press - won't have to offer in the not too distant future.

In all seriousness, we wish her well in her new job.

And we turn our attention now to the other members of the Times's op/ed team for similar bailouts. As a famous American once said: "Git while the gittin's good."

The gittin's good, Dan. The Carilion bedpan brigade awaits.

Typical Maureen Dowd

Not only does this show a woeful lack of perspective, this is awful writing:

"W. decided there was no need to be president of the whole country. He could just be president of his base. Obama is determined to be president of as much of the country as possible.

We’re trading a dogmatic president for one who’s shopping for a dog. It feels good."

The puerile kind of stuff for which the editorialist-wannabes at the Charleston Gazette are famous. But the New York Times?

Vapid, thy name is Dowd.

Times Are Tough At The NY Times

You know they're on a glide path to extinction when they can't even afford to send a photographer to Obama's inauguration orgy:
Call for Inauguration Photos
By the New York Times

NYTimes.com wants to publish your photos related to the inauguration of President-elect Obama, from the preparations through the main event and after-parties. Whether you’re in Washington or taking part in inauguration-related events elsewhere, send an e-mail to pix@nyt.com with your full name and the location where the picture was taken, and attach your photograph(s). We will present an online collage of reader photographs beginning on Sunday, Jan. 18. [link]
There's no word on how much the Times is willing to pay for those photographs of yours (... that they used to pay a team of their own photographers to compile). I'm sure it's a bundle. Ask.

Oh, before you get any funny ideas about sending in doctored photos, there is this stipulation:

"Please note: The images must be in the JPEG (*.jpg) format, digitally unaltered, and no larger than 5 MB."

Shucks. Think they'll be able to tell?

Ignoring Tax Obligations ...

... must be okay. Obama says so:
Geithner's failure to pay taxes just an 'honest mistake'?
By Roger Simon, Chicago Sun-Times

Would it be OK if I stopped paying my taxes until Barack Obama names me to be his secretary of the Treasury?

That is a deal I would like to get. That is the deal financial wizard Timothy Geithner got.

He didn't pay all of his federal taxes for years. Then, after Obama decided to name him Treasury secretary, the president-elect's vetting team discovered Geithner's little oversight.

According to an article by Politico's Craig Gordon and Amie Parnes, Obama "decided to push ahead with the nomination anyway because he 'still wanted him.'"

At the end of the day, a source said, "Barack decided that he was the best person for a really important job."

OK, I get it. [link]
I think we all get it. Paying your taxes must be optional. If the guy at the top of the IRS isn't obligated to pay his taxes, well, how can the rest of us be?

So Typical

What to make of such narrow-minded people:
Maddow Bashes Fox News Then Admits Never Seeing One FNC Program
By Noel Sheppard, Newsbusters.org

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow bashed competitor Fox News at a Television Critics Association gathering Thursday before she told a small group of reporters she's "never seen a show on Fox at any time ever.”

I kid you not.

Must be quite a talent to have strong opinions about something you've never actually experienced firsthand, dontcha think? [link]
Yes, I think.