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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Close The Gun Show Loophole

Student stabbed to death at Va. Tech

Before you call ME cruel, think it through.

Someone Please Explain This

Governor Kaine is "very" supportive of an effort to reduce the number of cigarette smokers in the commonwealth.

At the same time, he's introducing legislation that calls upon cigarette smokers to staunch the flow of red ink in Richmond through higher cigarette taxes.

The more smokers we have, the more success he has.

Now I'm not very bright, but ...

Who Would Have Guessed It?

Debt is villain in Mill Mountain Theatre's demise

Senate Encourages Tax Cheats!

Only in the Magic Kingdom ...

"Senators plan to confirm Tim Geithner [a colossal tax cheat], but they don't want to encourage tax cheats."

The Washington Post, January 22, 2009

Why Does This Ring Hollow?

The vice president of the local abortion slaughterhouse in Roanoke wants us to believe that he sincerely wants to be put out of a very lucrative job.

Show of hands - How many of you believe this horse shit?

Can The Gov't Be Self-Sustaining?

In other words, if we're all soon to be government employees (those who don't end up in a soup line anyway), can the taxes we pay - all of which are returned to us in the form of a paycheck, and then some - keep the government afloat? Even if there are no private sector jobs left?

This (provided by Investor's Business Daily) is a very troubling trend:
President Bill Clinton announced in 1996 that the era of Big Government was over. Yet 13 years later, more Americans are at work in the public sector than in manufacturing and construction combined.

In 2008, government payrolls topped 22 million. At the same time, manufacturing and construction payrolls fell to nearly 20 million. In the latest employment report, government was one of only two major sectors of the economy to show job growth. This is not a healthy trend.

As the nearby chart shows, government payrolls have been on the upswing for decades, save for a brief downward blip during Ronald Reagan's first term. This is an indication that too many resources are being directed to the wrong place. For every additional worker employed by a government at some level, there is one fewer worker who can contribute to real economic growth.

Despite claims to the contrary, governments and their employees cannot force economies to grow by growing themselves.
Here's the chart.

- - -

The upside is this, provided by the Ludwig von Mises Institute:

"'Here’s an easy way to double your salary: Go to work for the U.S. government.' That's right, government employees receive an average compensation twice that of the average private-sector employee."

So we all go to work for the government, our paychecks double, the taxes we pay to the federal government go up even more as a percentage because we all then fall into a higher tax bracket and we all start "paying our fair share," and tax revenue soars, allowing for more government employees to be hired.


It does work that way, right?

- - -

* Before someone mentions it, I know that the numbers involve federal, state, and local government jobs. And that only federal jobs are the juicy ones.

That simply means that I'm now a big Obama supporter. Bring on that hopenchange, man!

- - -

Chart courtesy of Investor's Business Daily

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

On Obama's swift and decisive demand for an end to the Iraq war, now that it's won, a quote from the movie "Patton" comes to mind.

After he raced his army across Sicily (against direct orders) in 1943 and captured the city of Palermo from the nazis and fascists, there is this exchange:

Col. Codman: This is from General Alexander, sir, reminding you that you are not to take Palermo.

Patton: Send him a message, Cod. Ask him if he wants me to give it back.

Obama, on his first day in office, orders America's military commanders to end the war.

Gen. Petraeus, in response: Send President Obama a message: The war in Iraq is over. In order for me to stop it, I need to start it again. His instructions?

It Continues

Headline of the day:

From The People Who Wanted To Run The War: Apologies for bungling the inauguration.

Thank God, though, that we have hopenchange.

The Final Word On Obama's Speech

For those who thought it set the nation on a new course, that it ushered in an era of "change," Jon Stewart asks:

"Isn't that Bush?"

Actually, this time it's different. The media say so.

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

Memo To Democrats In Virginia Legislature

So you're going to push that gun show loophole bill again. Swell. Nothing else going on that might require your attention?

Obviously not.

That being the case, let me pass on a bit of wisdom about those evil guns that get otherwise good, solid citizens in trouble. It's an old saying that still holds true:

If guns kill people then pencils misspell words, cars make people drive drunk, and spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat.

The logic holds.