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Saturday, January 31, 2009

See You There

As a rule, I drink only beers the names of which begin with the letters B-U-D, but I'm prepared to make an exception in this case:
New Blacksburg brew now on tap
By Tonia Moxley, Roanoke Times

After years of anticipation and a few false starts, microbrewing has flooded Blacksburg and the New River Valley.

On New Years' Day, the Bull & Bones Brewhaus and Grill opened on Blacksburg's South Main Street. Next came word that neighbors had dropped a Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control appeal and Shooting Creek Farm Brewery in Floyd County would begin brewing its original recipe ales.

Now comes news that local restaurants are serving Blacksburger Pils, a new microbrew from brewmaster and Virginia Tech alum John Bryce and his Blacksburg Brewing Company.

Blacksburger Pils is "all-malt European style pilsner," Bryce wrote in a news release. The brew is now on tap at The Cellar, Souvlaki and Cabo Fish Taco, all in downtown Blacksburg. [link]
I can't see myself going up to Blacksburg just to drink, and I'm not big on being around a lot of noisy, unwashed, smelly Virginia Tech students, but if Blacksburger Pils ever makes its way down to Bland*, I'll provide a professional review.

Sounds interesting.

* A minor problem: It would have to be served at the Citgo. It's our only source of spirits in the county.

I Think I'd Be Suing Them Too

What is this (from today's Roanoke Times) all about?
According to King's lawsuit, on Sept. 13, 2006, she was summoned to a meeting with then-station manager Dave Bunnell in which a dozen other managers were present, as was Durham, who asked her to lift her shirt so he could examine insect bites on her stomach. Durham looked at the bites, touched her side and declared, "You have scabies," the lawsuit states.
I know I have limited management experience but it is my humble opinion that you're not allowed to do that.

The amount of the settlement wasn't divulged but if it didn't include a lot of zeroes, Ms. King's attorney should be sued for malpractice.

"A dozen managers present."

"...asked her to lift her shirt."

"You have scabies."

Good grief.

The Obama Effect

The Washington Post this morning expresses concern about the total lack of qualifications of a nominee to the office of President of the United States head the D.C. Public Service Commission:
Not Qualified

Last June, the mayor nominated Lori M. Lee to head the board that regulates electric, natural gas and telecommunications companies operating in the District. The nomination to a job that pays nearly $150,000 stalled in the D.C. Council because of concerns about Ms. Lee's qualifications. It's not that Ms. Lee is without accomplishment -- she's been an attorney with the Justice Department, working on immigration issues, for 11 years. Rather, as became embarrassingly apparent at her confirmation hearing, Ms. Lee has no professional experience or academic background in utility regulation or related fields. She has never managed a staff. She said she's never been to a meeting of the PSC. [link]

Barack Obama had no professional experience (in fact, little experience of any kind) and lacked any meaningful management experience - except for a small Senate staff - and the Washington Post enthusiastically supported his election to the highest office in the land.

Maybe this Lee woman isn't black. It's the only thing I can figure.

Have Him Go Stand In The Corner

This should keep the crazy old goat occupied and out of trouble:

Biden to Lead Task Force on Issues of the Middle Class

And he's been told that his mission is critical to our future too. So work hard and report back in four years. See ya.

Are Democrats Exempt From Paying Taxes?

At least until they get appointed to high office?

Daschle Owed Back Taxes That Exceeded $128,000

I think I'm going to be a Democrat. I want to be able to choose which tax laws I'm going to obey.

Checks & Balances

Does anyone find the language used in this New York Times editorial about how the executive branch of our government needs to obey the judicial branch of our government to be a tad askew?
The Next Step on Warming

[W]e were greatly encouraged by President Obama’s swift announcement that he is likely to approve California’s request to regulate greenhouse gases from vehicles — a request the Bush administration denied.

The logical next step would be for Mr. Obama to quickly address the Supreme Court’s 2007 decision ordering the Environmental Protection Agency to examine the effects of greenhouse gases and to regulate them if necessary. Mr. Bush dodged that one, too. [link] [my emphasis]
Ol' George, if he was anything, was the kind of person who saw most matters before him in black and white. That's why I was rather surprised that he deferred to the Supreme Court on issues that he had every right - in my humble opinion - to ignore.

This was one of them.

Where in the Constitution is the judiciary given the power to order the executive branch of government to do anything?

Andrew Jackson had a healthy attitude toward the checks and balances that are built into the Constitution. When Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall's court ruled in 1832 that a Georgia law was unconstitutional,* he famously said:

"John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it."**

It was in the 60's, it seems to me, that the executive branch (as well as the legislative) - with the school desegregation issue and school busing - became subservient to the judicial. Federal courts around the country were ordering school systems to desegregate, appointing overseers to administer the process, providing detailed instruction on how the process was to be implemented, and appointing themselves monitors of the effort. The judiciary wrote the rules (overriding any efforts of legislators) and executed them. And the other two branches acquiesced.

That subservience continues to this day. The Supreme Court decided a few years ago that carbon dioxide was a pollutant (the judiciary is now assuming the role of science commissariat as well). And the executive branch of government is twisting itself in knots to comply with that decision.


There'll come a day when some executive stares these people down and tells the court: You made the decision; now enforce it.

It won't be Obama. Despite his rhetoric about "change," he ain't gonna rock that boat.

But someone someday is going to put those checks and balances back in place and instruct the members of the judiciary to read article III of the Constitution - and comply with the limitations enumerated therein.

And some day the legislative branch is going to advise the judicial that it is given the power to make law - not the handful of insulated, unelected officials who sit on the court.

Some day.

* A power that the judicial branch is given in the Constitution.
** There is some controversy as to whether he ever said it.

What's This?

Hmm. Could it be that the Republicans in the House of Representatives got their message through to the blockheads who feel the need to spend our grandchildren into oblivion?
Stimulus Plan Encounters Stiff Resistance in Senate
By David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times

Washington — Senate Republicans and even some Democrats are pressing for big changes to the $819 billion economic stimulus package the House passed this week, setting the stage for a bruising debate over tax cuts and spending that will test the Obama White House.

The demand for major changes comes amid mounting criticism from some economists that the bill does not focus tightly enough on government programs that will quickly create jobs or tax breaks that will spark spending by consumers and businesses. [link]
As it turns out, there are Democrats - like Kent Conrad of North Dakota - who have decided that there isn't enough spending in the massive pork bill. They're holding out to make it even worse.

All in all, with what we know at this point, Congress would do us a big favor and kill this awful, awful piece of legislation.

Congress won't, of course. So many special interests. So great an opportunity.

The Plain Truth

From the inbox:
This year, taxpayers will receive an Economic Stimulus Payment. This is a very exciting new program that I will explain using the Q and A format:

Q. What is an Economic Stimulus Payment?

A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers.

Q. Where will the government get this money?

A. From taxpayers.

Q. So the government is giving me back my own money?

A. Only a smidgen.

Q. What is the purpose of this payment?

A. The plan is that you will use the money to purchase a high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy.

Q. But isn't that stimulating the economy of China?

A. Shut up.

Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the US economy by spending your stimulus check wisely:

If you spend that money at Wal-Mart, all the money will go to China.

If you spend it on gasoline it will go to the Arabs.

If you purchase a computer it will go to India.

If you purchase fruit and vegetables it will go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala (unless you buy organic).

If you buy a car it will go to Japan.

If you purchase useless crap it will go to Taiwan.

And none of it will help the American economy.

We need to keep that money here in America. You can keep the money in America by spending it at yard sales, going to a baseball game, or spend it on prostitutes, beer (domestic ONLY), or tattoos, since those are the only businesses still in the US.
* Author unknown.