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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Good Grief

I'm opposed to government-mandated paid holidays (and, yes, that includes Martin Luther King Day). So I'll definitely go on the record and oppose this:
Bill would require paid Confederate holiday in SC
By Jim Davenport, Associated Press Writer

Columbia, S.C. (AP) -- A black state senator is pushing a bill that would require South Carolina cities and counties to give their workers a paid day off for Confederate Memorial Day or lose millions in state funds.

Democratic Sen. Robert Ford's bill won initial approval from a Senate subcommittee Tuesday. It would force county and municipal governments to follow the schedule of holidays used by the state, which gives workers 12 paid days off, including May 10 to honor Confederate war dead. [link]
For the love of God. Were all the world's problems solved last night while I was sleeping? Don't these guys have something more important to deal with? Like global economic catastrophe?

What's More Important?

The next campaign or the office to which your last campaign gave you access to the next campaign?

This isn't praiseworthy:

McDonnell to step down to focus on campaigning

We elected you to fulfill the mission you said you were prepared to launch. So much for that.

Another mission?

Or a perennial campaign?

Who do you think you are, Barack Obama?

Go Ahead. Waste OUR Time.

The Virginia Senate took up the issue of "gun show loopholes" - again - and voted not to deal with it - again:
Gun control bill defeated by Senate
By Michael Sluss and Mason Adams, Roanoke Times

Richmond -- The Virginia Senate defeated legislation Tuesday to require criminal background checks for all firearms sales at gun shows, but used a procedural move to keep the bill alive and allow its sponsor to revamp it.

Senate Bill 1257, aimed at closing the so-called "gun show loophole," failed on a 22-18 floor vote. Five Democrats crossed party lines to vote "no," while two Republicans joined the remaining Democrats in favor of the bill.

Nearly an hour after the vote, however, legislators reconsidered the vote and then postponed further action on the bill. That leaves the measure alive, but its advocates must persuade at least three of the "no" votes to switch in order to get it passed. [link]
Here's how the Senate voted:

YEAS--Barker, Deeds, Herring, Howell, Locke, Lucas, Marsh, McEachin, Miller, J.C., Miller, Y.B., Norment, Northam, Petersen, Puller, Quayle, Saslaw, Ticer, Whipple--18.

NAYS--Blevins, Colgan, Cuccinelli, Edwards, Hanger, Houck, Hurt, Martin, McDougle, Newman, Obenshain, Puckett, Reynolds, Ruff, Smith, Stolle, Stosch, Stuart, Vogel, Wagner, Wampler, Watkins--22.

Thanks goes out to my Senator - Phil Puckett - for standing in favor of our God-given right to firearms ownership (and the free marketing thereof). Bill Wampler and John Edwards - as always - were there for us as well.

By the same token, it is rumored that Creigh Deeds - a Democrat - wants to be Governor. You might want to file this egregious vote of his in the memory banks.

Haven't you got something more important to deal with than this, Creigh? Like global economic catastrophe?

The Scourge That Has Not Gone Away

The father of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl speaks out on our effort to deny the existence of Islamist terrorism these days. He has especially harsh words for former President Carter:
Daniel Pearl and the Normalization of Evil
By Judea Pearl, writing in the Wall Street Journal

Those around the world who mourned for Danny in 2002 genuinely hoped that Danny's murder would be a turning point in the history of man's inhumanity to man, and that the targeting of innocents to transmit political messages would quickly become, like slavery and human sacrifice, an embarrassing relic of a bygone era.

But somehow, barbarism, often cloaked in the language of "resistance," has gained acceptance in the most elite circles of our society. The words "war on terror" cannot be uttered today without fear of offense. Civilized society, so it seems, is so numbed by violence that it has lost its gift to be disgusted by evil.

[T]he clearest endorsement of terror as a legitimate instrument of political bargaining came from former President Jimmy Carter. In his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid," Mr. Carter appeals to the sponsors of suicide bombing. "It is imperative that the general Arab community and all significant Palestinian groups make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals of the Road-map for Peace are accepted by Israel." Acts of terror, according to Mr. Carter, are no longer taboo, but effective tools for terrorists to address perceived injustices. [link]
America got tired of terrorism. And changed the channel. Now terrorism is but a memory.

And we are happy.

When You Sign Over Your Soul To The Devil

You should be asking yourself: Can the government do this?

U.S. Plans to Curb Executive Pay for Bailout Recipients

And your answer must be: Yes, it can.

The lesson to be learned: There's a heavy price to be paid when you do a deal with the Devil.

Who Predicted This?

Unprepared. Unqualified. Inexperienced.

You were warned.

White House Adrift

If the withdrawals of two Obama nominees - after their tax transgressions became known - weren't enough, if the withering criticism of his massive spending plan wasn't enough, if the reversals of many of his campaign pledges weren't enough, the fact that Obama is running from policy positions he took just days ago should be a wake up call. The latest hint that this White House is unsure of what it's doing:
President Obama to water down 'Buy American' plan after EU trade war threat
By David Charter, Rory Watson and Philip Webster, Times of London

The European Union warned the US yesterday against plunging the world into depression by adopting a planned “Buy American” policy, intensifying fears of a trade war.

The EU threatened to retaliate if the US Congress went ahead with sweeping measures in its $800 billion (£554 billion) stimulus plan to restrict spending to American goods and services.

Last night Mr Obama gave a strong signal that he would remove the most provocative passages from the Bill. [link]
And when the unions complain, he'll put it back in the bill.

This is no way to run a country.

- - -

Tom Elia:

"The first couple of weeks of the Obama Administration has simply reinforced my stated belief that the Obama campaign and subsequent election represents the biggest, most successful political con of my lifetime."

Bye Bye

Daschle withdraws as nominee for HHS secretary