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Friday, February 20, 2009

This Must Be Disappointing

The Roanoke Times editorial team has been trying to arouse opposition to that coal ash project over in Giles County, claiming that the ash being used as fill contains heavy metals (which it does; in trace quantities barely detectable; as does the flower bed in your back yard) and conjecturing that it will enter the area's drinking water and two-headed children will result. To them this report must be a crushing blow. How awful, nobody's going to die:
Report: Water at Narrows coal ash site OK
By Tim Thornton, Roanoke Times

So far, the coal ash project in Narrows hasn't done any harm to the groundwater beneath it.

That's according to a report released by the Giles County Partnership for Excellence and American Electric Power, parent company of Appalachian Power Company.

The project, called Cumberland Park, has been controversial since it became public in the fall of 2007. The plan is to put 254,000 cubic yards of ash in the 100-year flood plain along the New River.

"The groundwater monitoring results indicate no mobilization or leaching of pollutants attributable to the CCB Placement project," Robin Reash, AEP's principal environmental scientist, Certified Fisheries Scientist, said in a news release. "Groundwater science is complicated, but these results show no inherent risks from the project." [link]
Guess this ends the debate, right?

Please. The report was released by America's version of the Taliban - a corporation. Specifically the corporation that owns the property. So expect the report to be attacked.

Who needs carefully controlled tests and subsequent reports when we have easily excitable editorialists to turn to for scientific guidance?

Ol' Virgil Got Too Comfy With His Surroundings

Is it unkind of me to beat poor Virgil Goode's dead horse now that he's been defeated in his reelection bid over in the 5th Congressional District?


You may have been reading about the latest trouble that Rep. John Murtha (D-Corleone) is in over his cozy quid pro quo relationship with lobbying firm The PMA Group. If you've not, take a moment and catch up by going here - "FBI Raided Lobbying Firm Connected to Murtha." For those not wanting to spend the time, suffice it to say, Murtha's butt is in a sling over this one. Finally.

So what does that have to do with ol' Virge?

Well, guess who secured earmark money for a client of Murtha's preferred money laundering PAC (PMA) - before he got bounced - and who got a campaign donation from PMA (allegedly) in return?


Scroll down the long, long list of Congresspersons who provided benefit to PMA clients, and who got benefited in return, and you'll come to Goode's involvement.

I wish his name weren't there. We expect this kind of thing from Democrats (northern Virginia kook James Moran's name is there as well and his efforts make Goode's seem tiny by comparison, ho hum) but we demand more from our Republican representatives.

Maybe Mr. Goode, a nice guy, had been in Washington too long. Who knows?

Will we get a better showing from his replacement, this Periello character? It's doubtful. He, like James Webb, knows what it takes to get along, and he'll fit right in in the Magic Kingdom in no time, I'm quite sure. No ... questions ... asked.

Such the shame. Maybe someday ...

That Pretty Much Sums It Up

A short and sweet editorial headline in the New York Times says it all about Obama's quarter trillion dollar mortgage bailout plan:

Money for Idiots

Thank God we have all the money in the world. Because we certainly have our share of idiots.

Suppose They'll Ever Stop Campaigning?

Biden Says Bush Gave Al Qaeda Recruiting Tool

Like I Said

Apparently I'm not the only whitey who felt offended by Attorney General The Right Reverend Eric Holder's lecturing us and calling us cowards because we refuse to participate in a frank dialogue about race refuse to continue a forty-year discussion that seemingly has no end about how poorly millions of nameless, faceless people nobody knows were treated by countless other nameless, faceless people that none of us knows and most of us have no relationship with or connection to, who all lived and died two freaking centuries ago, but who's rotting corpses continue to be pulled from their dank and worm-infested tombs over and over again, and propped up in order to make the unremitting point that we're all a bunch of racists and an apology - scratch that - lots of apologies are in order.

Heather Mac Donald:
Nation of Cowards?
So says Eric Holder, but what’s really cowardly is racial dishonesty.
City Journal

Attorney General Eric Holder, a Clinton administration retread, wants to revive Bill Clinton’s National Conversation on Race. (What’s next? Hillarycare?) Holder recently told his Justice Department employees that the United States was a “nation of cowards” for not talking more about race. “It is an issue we have never been at ease with and, given our nation’s history, this is in some ways understandable,” Holder said. “If we are to make progress in this area, we must feel comfortable enough with one another and tolerant enough of each other to have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us.”

Is he nuts? Leave aside for a moment Holder’s purely decorative call for a “frank” conversation about race. The Clinton-era Conversation also purported to be frank, and we know what that meant: a one-sided litany of white injustices. Please raise your hand if you haven’t heard the following bromides about “the racial matters that continue to divide us” more times than you can count: Police stop and arrest blacks at disproportionate rates because of racism; blacks are disproportionately in prison because of racism; blacks are failing in school because of racist inequities in school funding; the black poverty rate is the highest in the country because of racism; blacks were given mortgages that they couldn’t afford because of racism. I will stop there.

Not only do colleges, law schools, almost all of the nation’s elite public and private high schools, and the mainstream media, among others, have “conversations about . . . racial matters”; they never stop talking about them. Any student who graduates from a moderately selective college without hearing that its black students are victims of institutional racism—notwithstanding the fact that the vast majority of black students there will have been deliberately admitted with radically lower SAT scores than their white and Asian comrades—has been in a coma throughout his time there.

Education bureaucrats maintain an incessant harangue on white racism because they see the writing on the wall: most students are indifferent to race and just want to get along. If left to themselves, they would go about their business perfectly happily and color-blindly, and the race industry would wither on the vine. Thus the institutional imperative to remind black students constantly about their victimization and the white students about their guilt. Last month, the elite Phillips Academy at Andover proudly announced a student presentation on White Privilege: A History and Its Role in Education. Would the student have come up with such a topic on her own without the school’s educators deliberately immersing her in such trivial matters? Of course not. [link]

That last is the point that I'll continue to make until the day I die. I have moved beyond race. If left to myself, I "would go about [my] business perfectly happily and color-blindly." It's people like Holder and his ilk who won't let it go.

Cowards, pal, are those who speak words that the mainstream expects to be spoken. We don't have an open dialogue about race? Where have I heard that before? Oh, I remember. It's been in every speech every liberal politician has given over the last four decades.

Want bravery? Repeat the words spoken by Bill Cosby about the plight of black youth in this country. And watch 16 kinds of hell rain down on you.

Cowardice. This chump surely knows of that which he speaks.

The Alternative To Growth?

For those who advocate a host of taxes and regulations to be placed on the American people in order to change their behavior (pick one: cigarette smoking, drinking, hunting, carbon footprinting, SUV'ing, incandescent lighbulbing, gasolining, plastic trash bagging, wealthing ...) and who don't seem to realize the consequences of it all, look to California. It comes at a wretched cost. That cost? A lack of growth. The result?
In Budget Deal, California Shuts $41 Billion Gap
By Jennifer Steinhauer, New York Times

Los Angeles — Take-home pay for Californians is about to shrink. Jeans, hammers, burgers and fries will cost more. Public school children will make do with old textbooks and find more classmates sitting next to them. Parents will receive fewer tax benefits, and state university students will pay 9 percent more in tuition.

As the sun rose in Sacramento on Thursday, state lawmakers ended months of political gridlock and agreed on a series of budget measures that included something for most everyone in California to despise. The $143 billion budget closes a $41 billion deficit through 2010 with tax increases, deep cuts in services and extensive borrowing.

The pact contains $14.8 billion in spending cuts, including to public transit, health care, schools and the courts; $12.5 billion in tax increases; $5.4 billion in new borrowing; and the creation of a $1 billion reserve fund.

Personal income tax rates will rise by one-quarter of a percent, and the state sales tax will climb by 1 percentage point, to 6 percent, though each county will have different rates and the average will be 8.9 percent. The state’s vehicle license fee — which Mr. Schwarzenegger abolished with great theatrics when he took office in 2003 — will nearly double, to 1.15 percent of the value of the vehicle. [link]
Tax increases. A reduction in services. Heavy borrowing. Why?

Those to whom the government tried (and is still trying) to provide a wealth of free goods and services are growing in numbers while those who had to pay for it all, and are treated as evil consumer animals needing to be punished, are fleeing in great numbers (901,426 more citizens have fled Los Angeles County for other states than arrived from other states just since 2001). A formula for disaster.

A spreading disaster.

Now, let's turn to Obama's stimulus plan ...

The Upshot?

So how does California's nanny state approach to governing play out on the ground?
Fool's Golden State
Investors Business Daily Editorial

When Silicon Valley-based Intel said this week that it would invest $7 billion to expand, it should have been a time of rejoicing for California. But it isn't. Indeed, it only underscores the state's problems.

The world's leading maker of microprocessors plans to create 7,000 jobs in new and expanded plants that will churn out computer chips 30% more powerful than the current generation of chips.

But California-based Intel won't make them in California.

Instead, the company is expanding in Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico. Anywhere but California, which is now so unfriendly to business, even its home-grown firms don't want to expand there.

This is bad news for the Golden State, which has one of the worst business environments in the country. [link]
And the situation there will now only get worse. More taxes. Further reduced spending on basic services. Lots and lots of borrowing from the grandchildren's piggy bank.

The "Golden" State. In the toilet.

Strap Yourselves In

To think, Obama's massive multi-trillion dollar spending hasn't even kicked in yet and ...

Wholesale inflation takes biggest jump in 6 months

You think we've got problems now? Sustained growth in inflation is the worst of all worlds.